Fourteen Rivers

Tonight I finished off my river collection, the more numerically astute of you will no doubt notice that there are in fact fifteen. This is because the undercoated one has a repeat.

I will need to print a good number of straights and gentle bends, this will allow me to make a nice river system. This evening I have started printing the first six road tiles.

All of these are before the stretch goals are available. This is going to be one mighty map!

A bit of a short one tonight as I am a bit pooped. Hopefully something will happen Paint wise, sadly I got drawn into a) watching the various antics of the slo mo guys and secondly started watching YouTube… never a good idea for productivity.

Slicing a Few Rivers, Roads and Mountains

I have been working on the building project all day today and what with the physical workout and mental workout too I am knackered. So instead of even attempting to paint anything I used the time instead to slice the rest of the Hexon Hills tiles. There are actually 14 river Tiles. I already printed six so tonight I printed a couple (13 and 14) and started printing 7 to 12. Hopefully they will be ready when I get up tomorrow morning.

There are fourteen roads to print out. A few of them have trees so will take a long time to print. I reckon a few more days and I will have all of the ones I want to have. Some of the location tiles don’t interest me at all, so apart from the volcano I haven’t bothered slicing them.

Further World Building

The filament printer has been a bit busy of late, whilst the resin one sits idle. I have pretty much been printing the hex tiles. I am doing one of each, as I said in an earlier post. Once I have got them all done then I will have a useable reference point to work from. As with all of my prints I keep a record in my little grey book. This allows me to work out how long things are going to roughly take.

Now as you can see, I have used a 5% infil. And printed them all at 100% size. Quite a few people are dropping to 75% or lower and some even going beyond 100%. Now some I think I am going to have to bump up the infil a bit, maybe 10 or 15%. So far it is the woods and the mountains that could do with a bit of strengthening.

So I showed the rivers and plains last time, so we have the woods and towns/villages…

And then the mountains…

The built up areas are pretty funky…

So next up will be the rest of the mountains and the roads I think.

I never got anything painted tonight as my friends came over for a barbecue and I have been working on the building project…

It is getting there…

Back to work on Monday, the kids start returning on Thursday, so hopefully things up here keep on heading in the right direction Covid wise. Unfortunately Aberdeen has locked down, and guess where the ferry loads of tourists are coming from? On the up side we can lock down a hell of a lot easier than some places, if you cannot swim all the way then you have to use the ferry or planes… if they stop then we can keep people out 😂. I do however, know some kayaker’s who paddled from the North coast of Scotland to Shetland. They basically island hopped all of the way up and then all of the way back down.

Painting Walls

Tonight I decided that my printed Japanese Walls had sat long enough, so I sat down to give them a lick of paint. As I had the paint out anyway I set about the houses too.

These were painted in Artist’s Acrylics, still a fair old bit to go, but. They are definitely beyond thee grey undercoat. I will get washes. On them as well as paint in all of the timbers on the buildings.

I am rather pleased with the way they they have turned out so far.

World Building in Plastic

So after owning these tiles for about 3 months I eventually decided to make a start on them. I am going to do one of each (I think) I will then write the tile number in the back with Sharpies and the. I will have a reference to work to as well as having something to play with.

So here we have six river tiles and six plains tiles (plus the three original test ones). I stuck some stuff 6mm miniatures on to give you a sense of scale. I am quite pleased with them. These are not a quick print. Each of these sets of six took about 8 hours 40 minutes to print. The woods are going to be over 12 and the mountains 14.

Here we have a close up…

Still not sure what I am going to use these for, but based on the 6mm miniatures then I think I have found my counters for whatever campaigns I use. If a desert version ever comes out it will be used for my Sudan campaigns.

I think I will print all I need and then paint them so that they all look similar rather than having mix and match. The upside is that they will look the same, the down side is it will be a mammoth painting mountain…

Blogging Milestone

Yesterday I managed to get to a year (365 days) of posting every day. In the past year I have managed to post about 380 times. So much for my blog not lasting more than a couple of weeks.

It has now become a habit, sometimes I don’t have much to say but on the whole I can find something to witter on about. So where do I go from here, you may or not be happy to know that I intend to rabbit on for a bit longer yet.

So in my excitement I decided to purchase a new vehicle… it does need some parts, but I reckon I will get there eventually…

On a totally different note… someone has stolen the golden orb in the sky… yes it’s only 23.30 and it has gone dark outside, what the heck is going on!

Final Party member

Allow me to introduce mistress Celandine. The final miniature for my players…

My friend, Maggie, likes purple hence the dress colour. Yellow and purple do go quite nicely together. I found this out ages ago when I painted up my vampire for Witchlands.

Here she is with the rest of the party…

Tomorrow I will print up some bases (or find some GW ones) and base these up.

What’s in the Box?

So a small, but heavy parcel arrived this morning…

I wonder what has come from Baccus?

So inside the box were a whole host of 6mm Samurai miniatures…

So what do we have?

Enough forces to keep me busy for a while, Cavalry, Yumi and Teppo armed Ashigaru, as well as pavaises to hide behind. Yari armed samurai and Ashigaru as well as mounted generals (not shown) and a seated general with his retainers (and the odd head or three) inside Maku screens. They do look really nice.

I think I am going to base them for the Banzai ruleset, which also means they will match in with the ones already done in 6mm. They state that the miniatures must be on a base that is twice the depth of the base so basically a 20 x 40 or 30 x 60 etc.

On a totally different note, we had our One Ring Campaign tonight and the participants liked their miniatures. Highlight of the evening was when the hobbit took down a bear almost single handed!

Hero Forge.. thoughts and considerations

The other day I decided to treat my players to their own miniatures of their characters. I got these of Hero Forge. I actually had great fun playing with the software, but in the end I came up with the four characters. Two hobbits, a Mirkwood Elf and a ranger.

I bought the STL’s as I can print in both resin and filament (still cost over $7.00 each. But it was a present so I was willing to spurge in my mate’s and my eldest.

So I posted a picture of them yesterday in their raw state…

Sadly one of the hobbits failed to print properly, but the rest came out okay (ish). I reprinted them all today as the ranger had lost half of his shield and the elf lost their scabbard. Unfortunately on today’s print the ranger lost a different bit of their shield as did the hobbit, the elf still lost the scabbard, but luckily the other hobbit printed (even if she does seem to have very thin arms.

I decided to give the original ones a lick of paint tonight and here we are…

So left to right we have Tauriel, an elf of the woodland realm. Arador a ranger of the north and finally Hoban Underhill a hobbit of the Shire.

The poses were funky and as I said I enjoyed playing with all the different poses and equipment. I spent a couple of hours at least on the four of them. This is where it gets a bit interesting. There are some poses and equipment that do not work at all together. I decided to make a Samurai and Ninja. I felt the urge to make a diorama… I blame Dave and Pete for that! The Ninja was in a three point landing and the samurai was rushing forward with a spear. Whatever weapon I tried to put on the belt of the Samurai actually went through the armour. It would go on the right side of the body fine, but not the left. I then decided to do some experimenting with different figures and found similar things. The elf above has her hair in a bun, simply because if it was long it would go through her back quiver.

The other thing I found was that the resin actually has ridges on it as if it were done on a filament printer. They are faint, but they are there. At the distance you would normally see them on the table they are invisible, but they are definitely there. Now this is different resin, but the civilians I did a while back do not have these ridges. It makes me think that it could be the actual miniature itself. I have seen pictures of the Hero Forge stuff that people have bought as a miniature having them too.

Will I be rushing out to get any more, probably not. This was a one off experiment. I might fork out $16.00 for the two Japanese minis I built, but before I do I might see if I can find something from the various mini manufacturers out there.. to be honest it would probably be cheaper.

Talking of cheaper, the Up and coming Patreon that I said I was likely to follow, is more like definite now, but interestingly enough he shared a Link to a MyMiniFactory page, where I could make a ranger… okay I cannot have him doing back flips or other things like I could on Hero Forge, but it is really a nice miniature and I could have some weapon options etc. Plus they come with a full sized base, not a really thin one like the ones I just did.Price $4.00 just over half the price of the one above…

Kickstarter v Patreon…an Update

A bit of a rambling post, but I think I might have found something to change my mind.

So around about time I was writing the original post I was on YouTube and randomly came across Tyler’s YouTube channel. He was doing a video on testing the printer resolution through a resin exposure finder…

Anyway, Tyler also has a Facebook group which I joined and the other day he shared an upcoming Patreon. Unfortunately I missed the post, but caught up with it yesterday.

So this is what I am talking about…

I blagged these photos from the website to show you what they are up to.

I am well into my ‘One Ring’ RPG and this looks like it is going to be very useful as it is Tolkien inspired, rather than D&D inspired ones. I am definitely going to look into this. It depends totally on price per month. If it is the $5 -10 bracket then It will pretty much a definite yes. Anything above that I will have to think about it a bit more. Luckily there will be an online shop if I decide not to jump in with both feet.

I will find out on 8th August… watch this space 😉