3D Printing, more dungeon bits

I am printing every evening and I think it is because I am so pleased to get my printer back up and running.

Last night this came off the bed…

I have a spider somewhere to print off too.

Tonight it was test printing bits and bobs…

Still a whole host of things that I have ready to print.

This weekend I am going to get some more floor tiles done, as well as some more miniatures. I might even get something painted!

So we have some more rickety platforms, two skull pillars, two dwarves pillars an oven, a coffin and an open skeleton casket.

The pillars could be printed in more than a pair, but I worked on the principle that if something went wrong on the printer then I would lose two rather than half a dozen. Plus it means I only have to wait about 50 minutes before I can go and get them.

3D Printer again

I got home a bit earlier for the kids tonight so set the printer running straight away.

I did half a dozen guards as well as a halfling and an elf. The spider webs I did yesterday came out ok too…

Just off the plate right now is a demon idol as befits a scary dungeon…it took 2 hours 37 minutes, but I am really pleased with it…

I am printing a full spider web at the moment. We will have to see how it comes off the printer.

Printer Shenanigans… Again!

Things still weren’t right with the old printer and it was annoying me.

Last night I printed off these (accidentally) and they were okayish…

They were better than the first lot, but could be better.

Tonight I decided to print the wardens again.

After an hour and 20 minutes I came back to poorly extruded plastic.

I cranked up the heat on the nozzle a bit as well as ‘dialled in’ the screws in the spring and then started them again.

I had put the wardens on a raft to see if it would stop them sticking like superglue to the base plate. I was quite pleased with the second printing.

On the left we have a bit of the raft from where the standard bearer is. I think you may notice the difference…

These were printed in exactly the same position as the first. This shows the stark reality of poor extrusion.

As mentioned above the only difference was a 4 degree increase in temperature and a tightening of the spring.

So after this success, I have spent most of the evening slicing extra bits and pieces for the dungeon. Right now we have large rocks on the printer. These will go on the water tiles and will be crossed by planks, ropes or some other deadly looking method.

They have come out rather nicely too…

They came from exactly the same individual stone. All I did was shrunk or expanded thy x,y or z axis to make them all different sizes.

I am printing some spider webs right now, so we shall see how they come out. I will probably mention them tomorrow as I want this published before bed.

The other good thing about using rafts is that it pulls up the crap left on the plate from the prints that went wrong. The downside is that I use more filament.

Printed Meeple Dungeon

My ickle dungeon is starting to get somewhere…

Still a fair few more rooms and corridors to print. I am going to make double sized rooms as well as T junctions etc. I am having a go at reprinting the caskets and windlass, seen above. Actually I was meant to be printing something else but got confused!

The rickety platforms worked a whole lot better when the extrusion was more like it should be.

They were a bit ‘hairy’ though…

the legs on the smaller ones were really well fastened on. The two longer ones had problems as the two ends fell off as soon as I looked at them. These have now been superglued in place. I might run something along the outside to strengthen them a bit more.

The other thing I will do is to get some more rickety platforms and then add some planks to place across gaps.

I also want to add some raised levels to join the rickety platforms to.

We shall see how I get on.

Posting early today as I am knackered and am going for an early night.

Undead Thingies

As the Printer has taken up a bit of my time recently then I haven’t got much done painting wise. However last night, whilst watching the Golden Compass I got the Chainrasps built.

As there was a spare one (all the bits were not on the sprue).I raided my bits box and Greenstuff store and made a rather naff one. The hand I used from the original GW zombie set is about three times the size of the other hand.

Anyway after kicking off the printing tonight, I got them sprayed white…

The one I built is centre foreground. I am still undecided on the colours of these. I will have a think whilst watching the next episode of the Golden Compass.

Printer Shenanigans IV

Today, was the club day and with my father in Laws birthday today Time was a bit short on the old printer time.

I therefore watched the Fat Dragon Games video on bed levelling, I followed the instructions ( well sort of – I just needed a bit of a confidence boost) it was really useful as it categorically states that turn clockwise to raise and anti clockwise to lower. It also reminded me to level it twice as raising one corner will lower the opposite one.

So I levelled the bed and then tried printing the square floor again as it was one that I had run into issues over. I started printing the raft and noticed that the idler wheel wasn’t turning. I unscrewed it a smidge and it made no difference, so then I screwed it up a smidge and it made no difference. I then, by accident, pushed the arm outwards and the wheel instantly started turning. I let go and, Lo and behold, it stopped turning again. I grabbed a screws and pushed it into the spring and turned it to change the spring length. Still nothing so I shoved another one in and it started turning.

The one that wasn’t turning is the silver one at the front you can see the screws embedded in the springs in the background.

This was how it was starting to look as the wheel began turn…

To be honest, the bed is a smidge low, but it is working and is making a nice raft.

I scrubbed and scrubbed the bed but I couldn’t get the shapes off. Once they get covered over with rafts etc then they should eventually disappear.

So as for why the spring was too short… I don’t want to blame anyone in particular, but someone, who shall remain nameless, forgot to add a small item that makes all the difference!

So, once the print on the bed is finished, I will nip out and add it to the extruder spring. I will then be able to remove the springs.

Soooooo after holding my breath for ages…..Two hours and fifteen minutes later we have this…..


I am now printing some rickety platforms…. wish me luck.

Printer Shenanigans III

As I was fiddling about with printer and had it pulled out, I thought I might as well change the extruder as I had one sitting there. It was a simple job of undoing 4 screws switching the bits and screwing the screws back up again.

This is the effect over time on the entry for the filament….

Over time the slightly abrasive filament starts to cut into the entry hole (seen as a dark arch above) the added friction slows down the speed that the filament comes out the other end causing some under extrusion.

The print bed has developed a bit of a wobble. It looks like something needs tightening underneath.

So after all of the shenanigans, it is still playing silly buggers and I have come close to belting it with an axe today. It just won’t print, the only bit on the extruder that I didn’t change was the ridged cog. Everything seems to be working fine but nothing is printing properly. I think I will start again from scratch levelling the bed tomorrow.

I will drop the temperature 5 degrees too, in case it is too hot. I had the bloody thing working fine, so I should be able to do so again.

It has defeated me today, but I shall fight on tomorrow!

Printer Shenanigans II

So today I checked various bits on the printer. I took apart the hot end as well as checked the Bowden tube and the couplers at both end. When I pulled the filament out I noticed this…

There was a definite bulge near the tip. It wasn’t huge but it was definitely there. Something up near the hot end was causing drag leading to a slight backing up of the filament as it heated.

So I set about having a look.

The Bowden tube was sitting up against the hot end so it wasn’t that. I took of the nozzle and discovered the issue (or at least I think it is)…

Top nozzle is brand new out of the box. Bottom one is the one I just took off. I compared the bottom one to others I had removed and this one was the only one with this build up. Now it might be that Some filament got left in there when I pulled it out, but it had the usual whisp on the end like it does whenever I change a spool so I think, fingers crossed, that this is the problem.

i put everything back together and I did a bed level. The machine was restarted and I printed the wardens, or attempted to…

The bed was too low, I then relevveled the bed and guess what, it was too high… third time lucky I hope as I am reprinting them…

And they were too close to the base plate, so close in fact that I couldn’t get them off. Unfortunately they split in half as the top layers came away and left the bit on plate behind… I swore!

I am now trying the square base.

My plan is to print a temperature tower, if I can work out how to do it in Cura. That and a bed levelling guide. The other thing is that the middle of the bed seems higher than the rest so I will move things away from the centre and see if that helps.

As Eric said, it might be an idea to go down the glass and hairspray route.

3D Printer Shennanigans

Tonight I fiddled a bit more with the printer. I checked all of the bits that I could. So to test it I gave it the big square base that it totally cocked up yesterday.

I pulled a fair bit of filament off the roll to allow it to have as little drag as possible and the print came out like this.

Problem is it had a bit of a naff crack in it. I shoved some superglue into it to help out. I have also sliced some rocks and things that I will glue over the crack to help strengthen it. So next thought was much better than this….

So that was a start. I do reckon that this weekend I am going to replace the extruder. Luckily I purchased one about 2 months in to owning the thing and it has sat in its box for ten months!

The other thing I did was to increase the temperature by 10 degrees. I was going to print another one off with the new temperature but being the pillock that I am I forgot to add it to the memory stick!

So instead of redoing it I printed what was on the card…

Townsfolk… from what I remember top row left to right:

Guard, porter, passer by

Barmaid, priest, lady one and two

Blacksmith, traveller and farmer

This lot were printed at 210 and have an infil of 50% (I think) .

They are pretty solid but some still have a slight delamination on the outer layer.

I also decided to print some dwarves, sadly, or not, I ended up starting to print some dungeon dressing, which will be great, but will take 3 hours instead of one..

It looks like I will be playing Hunter Call of the Wild for a bit longer…

3D Printer Issues.

Tonight I tried another square base. It set off really well and by time it finished it was a total bloody mess. Yesterday’s tile looked like this…

Today the base looked normal then at about 2/3 of the way up it went to pot…

You can see the shift line on the left of the right hand fold, the bit to the extreme right is the top of the same piece. There is definite extrusion issues. I probably shouldn’t have been able to snap the piece as easily as I should have.

I swore lots and tested yesterday’s floor and snapped that too…I therefore swore more.

Under extrusion can be for a whole host of reasons. Anywhere from a clogged nozzle to problems with the slicer.

I have unloosened the extruded arm a smidge as this can be one of the issues. I checked the Bowden tube was still in situ and once the new miniatures are printed I will pull out the filament and see if there is a bulge at the bottom. Once cool then I will see if the Bowden tube is burned, meaning it has pulled away from the nozzle.

I see a few more days of swearing coming up!

Some knacker forgot to increase the infil on the miniatures!

They are rather funky though.