Neglected Miniatures… Starting on the Infantry

Hurrah my bases have arrived from Pendraken… I reckon this lot should keep me going for a while 😁

I based up 6 bases of archers and 9 of hand weapons.

My plan was to have 4 miniatures to a base (I would normally go for 5 or 6 but the fantasy miniatures are a lot bigger than the historical ones). I managed 4 archers and only 3 to the other bases.

I think the 3’s will look okay, but the size of the bases caused me problems. I will work out how to base them… the Amazons had a painted base with flock so I might follow the same route.


Firefries Making a Start

Well I decided to make a start on the Firefries.

This is them after their initial green wash, I wasn’t sure before I started, but to be honest, I like the way they are looking. Various spot colours to add, but to keep them muted I might actually redcoat parts in white and then use the washes to add the extra colours.

These were undercoated white and painted with Army Painter green wash.

When I have painted with washes in the past I have used a darker colour for an undercoat and then give them a light coloured dry brush, then paint with the washes.

This time I wanted a quick effect hence the wash straight over the white.

I will try and crack on with these tomorrow night.

Fleet Rescue – Almost Done

Tonight I decided to paint… to be honest I reverted to my childhood and used my fingers… or finger to be more exact.

I have the security and marine contingent completed now (apart from the bases). These will go with the two pilots to give me a full crew.

I was reading my set of four graphic novels/comics and noted that the unarmoured minis above could also act as police officers.

I dirtied up the ship a bit as the only place it could ever possibly be clean is in space…. but once it hits dirt then it will get grimy fast. I started with a brush and it looked like I had painted it on with a brush so out came the finger 🖕(I used that one as I could hold a paintbrush too).

To be honest I don’t know whether I overdid it or didn’t do enough… but you know what, its where it is and I am not going to repaint it as it has taken me long enough to get the brushes out. It still needs a mat varnish cover to hide the shine in the transfers – speaking if transfers I have a packet full of the things from when GW sold them for their 5th edition Brettonians… I could only find one and it was blue and yellow. I actually wanted black and white 😱.

On the painting front, I followed the advice of Tangibleday and got a nice painting light.

It is an Ottlite. It has a white light and us handy for taking with me wherever I am painting. Not the cheapest thing in the world. But works well and is small enough to carry about.

Next up will be the Firefries, I think, as I want something a bit quick to get me motivated again. Just under two weeks left of this job, but I have an interview for another school on 3rd July.

Finally… we got a second hand fridge on Friday as the one we had was too small for 5 of us. So we got it home to find the dimensions weren’t exact… to cut a long story short, after removing all of the cladding in the passageway and chipping stones from the wall it still didn’t fit! Luckily we managed to get it into the porch. The joys of living in a 200 year old Croft house!

Fleet Rescue… Some Progress

Hello lovely people, long time no see… the job front hasn’t settled down any put in a couple of 11 hour days lately, but tonight I rebelled and left at 17.00. We’ll okay to be honest the only person keeping me there is myself. I am doing things in work rather than bringing things home. My main bugbear is finding supply cover, they are elusive beasts the supply teacher, especially in a secondary department on a small island… (which I found out today has 11000 occupied dwellings) 7 Secondary schools chasing one maths teacher. I have been coming home and basically flopping for the evening, but tonight I decided I would get some painting done.

I started on the rescue vessel, got some paint onto that.

I would like some transfers, so might have to have a shot at the transfer paper and see what I can come up with. I decided to make it bright as it is a rescue boat, one day I might actually get round to finishing the designs for the combat ship.

One another front, my 3D printer hasn’t been on since I started this job. I have got so much to print (the last things were the worm/leech things)

I also got some more bits done on the troopers….

Finally In my slob state in the evenings I have been playing Ark on the console and it suddenly dawned on me I had a nice reference for skin tone….

I can never work out where to place the highlights, but I think the above might help…. not that I will be painting any topless blokes anytime soon.

I am going to try to get back into painting at least 30 minutes a day and getting something on my blog more regularly too.

The bugs I built are now sprayed white as I want them to be bright… question is do I do down the speed paint by using a wash (or layers of washes) or do I go for a proper paint job, or yet again try some of that new GW paint… only time will tell.

Till next time (which hopefully won’t be too long).

Ooh It’s Still light Out There

Just before midnight on an overcast night and this is how dark it is…

The IPad doesn’t do it justice to just how light it still is. We still haven’t hit the longest day yet and it is still possible to read a printed page outdoors in the natural light. Up here they call it the ‘simmer dim’ or to anglicise it.. the ‘summer dim’.

I haven’t been on my blog much which is a bit annoying, the new job is great but I am putting in 10 hours a day at least and tonight I managed to get away at 18.45 after an 08.00 start. So much for teachers starting at 9 and finishing at 3.

I have managed a teeny amount of hobby time, I got a bit more done on my Fleet Rescue Troopers and also managed to put the metal bugs together.

They did not want to be glued, so in the end it was down to the Superglue and bicarbonate…

I am going to try to get them sprayed tomorrow. I was considering painting them mainly in inks, but I shall have a ponder and see what I come up with.

Hopefully I will get caught up with the backlog of followed blogs and get to see what people have been up to.

D-Day 75 years on

It is that time of year when I take a bit of time to contemplate on an awesome period of time I spent with some truly remarkable ladies and gentlemen. These Ladies and gentlemen were members of the Normandy Veteran’s Association.

I was doing my undergraduate dissertation and decided it would be on oral testimonies. So having an interest in WW2 and a local branch of the NVA I decided to put the two together.

I spent a couple of afternoon sessions with them which I will always remember with a great fondness as they took a kid into their midst and told me their tales, some had us roaring and laughing and others had us all in tears, the memory of the latter has me snivelling a bit as I type this.

Let us take a gentleman called Geordie to his friends, a nickname no doubt from his location of Newcastle (my neck of the woods as a youth).

His tale unfolded like this.

” I had to land on a beach called Mike Green, so I looked over the side as I came in and saw smoke everywhere, This navy guy shouts good luck lads and drops the ramp. Some bugger started shooting at us so I lowped (leapt) over the side hit the water and waded ashore. I legged it up the beach and hoyed myself down and started shooting at Germans. All of a sudden this medic appears and shouts ‘Howay son you goin’ home!’ ‘Bugger off said I, I am shootin German’s!’ He then said that with bullets whistling around his ears knelt up to prove the point. The medic pushed him back down and said look at your leg you daft bugger. He looked down and could see his thigh bone. As he had gone over the side he had caught himself a whallop on a metal tank trap. As he said himself, after seeing his leg he felt a little queer and agreed that off the beach was a good idea. At this point another veteran pipes up.. have you got a hole in your leg? Well Bugger me – so do I. At which point both gentlemen dropped their trousers and compared their war wounds. The second gentleman was “shot at by some bugger with a 37mm AT gun” that missed him, ricocheted off a cobblestone and came straight up his leg. These two had known each other for years and had never shared the information.

Another one promised his mother that he wouldn’t get shot so spent his first night in France asleep in a metal dustbin.

One mentioned a cock up of them almost landing on Omaha, but an admiralty barge came out full of wounded and ordered them to bugger off, turn about and head to their own bloody beach. He said he looked over the side and saw all this muck and shite flying into the air and thought ‘oh my god, what is going to happen here!’

Another gentleman landed with the paratroopers at Ranville. They met up at Pegasus bridge and was there to watch Lovett’s commando’s marching along the river, piper out front and all in their soft hats. The German’s started shooting at them and they tried to give cover fire. At 14.30 the first tanks reached them. They had been ordered to take and hold the crossroads a couple of miles beyond the town. His CO requested they stay as Jerry were preparing for a counterattack. The tanks refused and pushed on. He said there were three loud bangs in the distance and three columns of smoke. As he said himself ‘ A German Anti tank gun got them, knocked the three out and we couldn’t do a bloody thing to help them at all. Hopeless!’ Same gentleman explained that they were all in Stirling Bombers to jump out of as a way to confuse the enemy.

Another was somewhat miffed that his unit had been attached to the Canadians and had fought alongside them for the duration of the campaign and that The Canadian’s got all the credit.

The one thing that stuck in my mind was that there was no animosity towards the enemy even to people who had lost close friends. As one veteran of the 49th Division said of the Germans. ‘They were good…. bloody good fighters and we had a lot of respect for them as soldiers.’

A well known photo next…

Evidently the guy on the left of the photo facing the camera is a Shetlander… how bizarre is that.

Finally a photo of a photocopy of a photo…one of my relations in France.

Fleet Rescue.. minute smidge Done

The new job has been somewhat hectic and tiring for that matter. It has been all go, week two of six has commenced. This being a bit zonked has caused a bit of a lull in the hobbying.

However I have managed a smidge of painting, the troopers now have faces and visors as well as armour.

I also managed to get some more bugs. You will only find these in the animated series of the Roughnecks and definitely not in the film or book for that matter.

These were another find on eBay. Still sealed, but based on the lack of colour that they have been sat in the sunlight for a good while. It was rather a nice rainbow tonight, the stream is the one where the otter visits. It normally scent marks under the bridge.

I need to get the trail cameras set up again and see what they can capture.

Fleet Rescue…Just About Done

Managed a bit of painting time tonight…

These are just about finished, to be honest I think I will repaint the bone coloured weapon strap, I wanted a contrast and managed to get one 😱.

I also managed to make a start on another five. I will count these as Fleet rescue too, hence the blue uniforms.

Work has been challenging, but in a good way, it is all go, but I feel good about things.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow.

Troopers, Unicorns and Werewolves

I managed some more work on my Troopers/mercenaries/security…

These are nearly finished, really just the sidearm and weapon strap on the middle one.

We also managed a game of unstable unicorns and then One Night a Werewolf

I started my secondment today, 6 weeks as acting deputy head in one of our high schools. Today was mainly sorting out supply cover for next week. It is a good experience for me .

Worms and Busyness

Today has been hectic to say the least…

My good lady is under the weather and therefore I became taxi today. Firstly to pick up a giant animal run, this involved emptying the trailer of crap, swearing at the trailer as the jockey wheel was rusted down, so WD40 and a hammer later I was on my merry way. Back in, a quick turnaround and back out for my daughter’s riding lesson… back from there to turn around to take her to a birthday party. As she was having fun I was fighting my way around Tesco.

I managed to get my troopers sprayed a second time and made some progress on a couple of the larger worms and the ‘fleet rescue/ security’ troopers.

I was just thinking about going to bed when my youngest threw up all over the kitchen floor! 🤮

Who’s the Tourist?

Due to an Air Traffic controller strike I am still in Edinburgh… went shopping, went out for tea with a couple of colleagues, then back to the hotel for an early night as I need to be up at 04.30 to get the flight back home.

So tonight we have some touristy pictures 😱

I also made a little friend..

This was just after he scampered up my leg!

And finally… what is with the hotel carpet in the corridors?