Neglected Miniatures… Starting on the Infantry

Hurrah my bases have arrived from Pendraken… I reckon this lot should keep me going for a while 😁

I based up 6 bases of archers and 9 of hand weapons.

My plan was to have 4 miniatures to a base (I would normally go for 5 or 6 but the fantasy miniatures are a lot bigger than the historical ones). I managed 4 archers and only 3 to the other bases.

I think the 3’s will look okay, but the size of the bases caused me problems. I will work out how to base them… the Amazons had a painted base with flock so I might follow the same route.


Tauriel a Wood Elf from Mirkwood

My daughter’s character is now finished.

I am rather pleased with it and she is really pleased with it.

It has come a long way from the bare white plastic… I spent quite a while on this one, probably longer than I would have with one of my own.

Tomorrow the party have to try and rescue an idiot youth from a wily old troll. This task is made all the more difficult due to the fact that two of them are hobbits!

3D Printer Updates…

So the printer has been running quite a bit this afternoon and evening…

I redid the heroes for the game… much better this time round… but then again they took 5 hours plus to print. I still managed to snap the spear off the same one again! I reckon the PLA just isn’t strong enough. I will drill it out and put in a wire spear or something similar.

This is still without the specific miniature profile for the slicer.

The other thing I made was a vat of bubbling something or other.

It isn’t exactly the largest thing to hide behind, but I reckon I could double the size. This size took an hour and a half to print.

I also made a start on printing the game tiles….

Still a very long way to go. I fished my Dark green rattle can out of my shed and have brought it into the house to warm up a bit. I will give all the fields etc a spray with it then get some variation onto them. Part of me wonders about adding flock to them, but I am worried it might look weird. On the upside I can print a tile off and give it a go…..

On the plate now are some 40k style ammo boxes with separate lids… They should be done in not much over an hour.

Weird space plants II

Shock, horror, I actually managed to get this off the build plate without anything snapping or me stabbing myself with a metal scraper 😉

Unfortunately I can’t remember how long it took to print, somewhere around 2 hours thirty or thereabouts.

I was thinking about playing with the scale and printing some bigger and smaller versions, then breaking them up a bit.

3D printing…. Sci-Fi and the Spaghetti Monster

So I decided to print a few different bits and bobs tonight… I decided on a bit of Sci-Fi theme…

A couple of barricades and a big alien plant. The barricades took about an hour each and the plant just under two hours. There is another Alien plant on the build plate just now, this is a different one to the one above and has about another 45 minutes to go. I have some other barricades and a couple of vehicles downloaded. They just need slicing. The issue I am having is that the PLA is running down and as it gets towards the end of the spool then it kinks up as it is tighter.

Looking at the other plant, I haven’t got a clue how I am going to get it off the print bed 😱😱😱

The other thing I printed tonight was the night fiend as the one last night had a bit of bad luck.

Viewing discretion is advised as he doesn’t look a pretty sight!

I am not sure what happened to knock him off his base… it might simply be that he hadn’t stuck properly to it. Either that or the nozzle did something weird and smacked into the wings. Either way I printed another one.

Here he is with his full wing capability.

I decided to support I’ll gotten games through Patreon as it only seemed fair that I have got another two of their games ready to print… not to mention 101 other things they have designed.

A blast from the past… My story

I have decided the 3D printer has its uses :).  As I was emptying a pen drive to download more stuff I came across my story that I wrote about 20 years ago… This was brought about by my Class 5R… I made them write a story start and so to be fair I made my own. they kept asking me for another chapter so off I set… This is the prelude 🙂

Here  I give you….. err I never actually gave it a name…. well the start of my story not all 43,000 words of it 🙂 … 20,00 which are still lost, but I think I still have the handwritten version …..


The sounds of the chanting grew louder, and Marianne knew it was time. Over the past few weeks, the prisoners in her cell had become fewer and fewer. The chanting had been the prelude to their disappearance. She burrowed backwards into the mouldy straw that had been her bed. The chanting suddenly stopped and in the silence, she could hear the sound of footsteps drawing closer. They paused at the door and then a key turned in the lock. She cowered back against the wall.  

A figure dressed in a tall hood and cape entered, ducking under the lintel. “It is time!” he hissed. 

“Please no,” she murmured, “my father is a wealthy man, he will pay you!” The man simply shook his head and chuckled to himself. “What use is money?” he paused and pointed at her, “I have everything that I need!” He lunged forward suddenly and grabbed her wrist, Marianne fought wildly, but within seconds, he had her bound and pushed towards the door. She was dragged down a short passage and into a large circular room lit by many candles. It was obviously some kind of large cellar for stacked against the walls were bales and barrels. Here and there were patches of shadow from where the pillars held the vaulted ceiling. The room was full of people of varying ages, from babes in arms to the old and infirm. They all were staring at the opening as she emerged. 


After the gloom of her cell, the main room was so bright as to hurt her eyes; the cloying smell of incense made her light-headed. As she entered, the chanting started again. She turned to flee but was quickly overpowered by many hands. She was dragged kicking and screaming towards a roughly hewn stone in the middle of the room. She was draped over it; her hands and feet tied to iron rings on the floor. The stone dug into her shoulders and hips and the rope cut into her wrists and ankles. As she struggled she could feel the wetness of either sweat or blood at her bonds but her terror made her unable to scream any more. She stared wild-eyed at the figure that towered above her.  

He raised both hands and the chanting subsided. He started to speak, She couldn’t understand the words, but she knew that, as the speaker’s words grew louder and more rapid, that her time was nearly at an end. He bent down, picked up a cruel-bladed dagger, and brandished it. The congregation screamed their delight, and the chanting began again. The robed figure suddenly inverted the dagger and held it in both hands. He raised them and prepared to strike. The chanting grew to a crescendo. Marianne eventually found her voice and screamed for her very life. Her prayers and begging were lost in the noise of the chanting.  

The high priest looked down; his blasphemous yelling suddenly stopped. The congregation noticing something was amiss slowly subsided into a murmuring confused group. Marianne opened her eyes to see the dagger fall from his hands and clatter on the floor. She followed his gaze to where an arrow point protruded from his chest, the dark robes masking the blood. He swayed, lurched forward and collapsed across her legs.  


At that same moment, the door burst open and armed men rushed into the room. There was little mercy. The congregation though many were shocked by the suddenness of the attack, few had a chance to draw their weapons, and those that did were hacked to the ground. Here and there, one of the rescue party went down fighting, but in a few short minutes, the floor of the room was awash with the blood of both the evil and the righteous. As more armed warriors entered the fray, the fight went out of defenders, they dropped to their knees and begged for mercy. Few received it, those that survived were mainly the women and the young, and here and there a man was dragged upright by his captors. The room seemed to be eerily silent with only the moans of the dying and the whimpering of the captured; where moments before it had been filled with the noise of battle, and before that the chanting of prayer.  

Marianne suddenly felt the pressure on her hands and feet released and she sat upright, she looked about her at the moaning, heaving mass on the floor and with a panicked kicking pushed the priest off her legs. A young man in soiled and bloodied armour was suddenly at her side. “It’s over now Marianne,” he gently said, “you can go home to your family.” She grabbed for him, hugging him so tightly that his armour bruised her flesh. She shook uncontrollably and tears once again streaked her face. 

 As she was helped gently to her feet, a tall man stepped into the charnel house, he looked distastefully at his surroundings, then at sight of the young girl his face softened and he hurried towards her. As he clambered over the dead and dying his foot slipped on the blood. He fell heavily, and as he struggled to rise a young woman surged out of the corpses, she leapt towards him a dagger aimed at his heart. With a scream she collapsed at his feet, an arrow buried up to the fletching in her chest. Two warriors rushed to his side and helped him stand, shaking, to his feet. The girl also rushed to him. “Father!” She cried. 

“My dear Marianne,” he Sobbed, “I thought I had lost you forever!” They clung to each other for many minutes weeping. Then he drew himself up, “I owe you my thanks Scarloc – twice!” he shouted. His Warriors looked to the shadows and gripped their blades more tightly.   

Out of the darkness, a lone figure emerged. He carried a bow and his cloak seemed to merge with the background. As he stepped into the light he threw back his hood, his fair hair cascaded around his shoulders, but there was no denying the Elven ears that protruded through his golden locks. As he moved further into the light the watchers noted his elegant grace. His cloak opened to reveal mail and leather armour and at his waist hung a long straight sword; he wore tight leggings and high leather boots. His face was striped with soot to help him blend into the shadows. 

He bowed slightly as he spoke. “My Lord Thibault you have already repaid my kindness, by removing this scum from the face of the world!” He straightened and pointed to the cowering prisoners. “I am but one Elf and our enemies grow daily. It is my hope that all of the lords of this area will fight the new foe, rather than squabble among themselves.” He pointed at the man. “You my lord have sided with the good and pure, I fear however that many more have sided with the darkness!” 

Thibault gestured for one of his warriors, “Take my daughter out of here.” he commanded. He waited until she had left the room then his face hardened as he turned towards the prisoners. “Make no mistakes!” He hissed “You will die, but how depends on you!” A young man laughed and spat at his captors. His laughter turned to a whimper as a blade was thrust into his abdomen, he pitched onto the floor writhing and shaking. He coughed, and blood bubbled at his lips and joined that of his brethren. He screamed, coughed once more, twitched for a moment, and then lay still, his unseeing eyes staring at the ceiling. The rest of the prisoners began a clamouring, screaming chorus of pleas for mercy. The grim-faced lord turned his back and walked from the room. As he left, Thibault simply uttered the words “Burn it down!”


3D Printing… Undercoat

Well tonight I shoved a base coat of grey onto all the miniatures I had in the kitchen with me and I must say I am really pleased with the results (the miniatures that is and not my ability to slap grey paint onto plastic models).

It really has shown how good they look. The black shiny plastic didn’t make it easy to see the details. I would argue that from this picture you can’t really tell that I printed them at home. If you look closely you can see extrusion issues

This can probably be sorted, it might be over or under extrusion. The extruder might need calibrating or alternatively I could have filed it off! At this distance the printer lines are a lot more visible but as it cost nowt apart from about 7 pence worth of PLA and time on the printer. In fact all of the figures above cost just over 75 pence worth of PLA. I have worked it out thus…. 1 kilogram of PLA cost me £18.00 . Therefore 1 gram costs 0.018p…. I think my maths is sound there… multiply that by the 42 grams for the weight of all of the figures… giving a total of… 0.756 or in other words just over 75p

Somebody please correct me if my maths is wrong! 😱

The printer is merrily printing of a night fiend… something I had forgotten to print for the game. As an experiment I am printing him extra fine.

Tomorrow I am going to have a bash at some Necromunda esque barricades and Alien plants. My first roll of PLA is running down so I don’t want to print anything large until the new roll goes on. As it stands I haven’t really sussed out how far ‘not much’ will go 🤔

3D Printing… Game All Printed

I printed off the last components from the game tonight…

My four dread folk were printed over last night.

Unfortunately they were stuck down really well into the base plate, so much so that I pulled one’s legs off! Luckily he superglued back together quite easily, but I did strengthen the legs with superglue and bicarbonate.

Can you see which one?

I also got the last of the tokens finished. The boon tokens were easy enough to print and took 35 minutes a set (I needed 4 sets).

The final things I printed tonight were the cultist bodies and then the the separate arms.

The arms worked well too and as they can be put in various positions I kind of got four different looking figures…

Tomorrow I will get everything out and make sure I have missed nothing out.

Although these came free from Thingiverse from Dutchmogul and credit must be given to him. He from a company called Ill gotten games ( I will certainly be looking at some of their civilian miniatures.

These again are good value working out about a quid a miniature STL file.

Wood Elf

My daughter has joined our gaming group and is playing a wood elf character in our One Ring campaign. Being a kind father that I am I purchased a miniature for her and am now painting it.

Still a very long way to go, but I am getting there slowly.

We did have a lot of fun on Hero Forge making up characters but at $10 for the download and $20 for a physical version we went for the cheaper option of £3.25 for a reaper bones mini.

3D Printer… Tokens

So Sunday in the kitchen has taken place with the background chuntering of the Printer.

I got the first 14 tokens printed this afternoon. These took 2hours 48 minutes to complete.

These came out fine apart from the front four. These for some reason warped.

You can see the shadow caused by the warping on the photo above. I am not sure why they warped as the only one that isn’t a repeat is number 5. Therefore it is either an issue with bed adhesion (as in it’s not clean enough) or perhaps some issue with the way they were sliced.

I noticed as the first few levels went down that a few of them looked a bit weird – one edge was really thin and the other a bit thicker. I can’t actually remember how many of these weird ones there were, but I would like to have a guess at 4!

The next two sets of tokens were the square ones, these funnily enough came out totally flat. I did give the build plate a blast with isopropyl alcohol to clean it off just in case. These took 1 hour 51 minutes. The build plate wasn’t even cool before I set it off with the circular possession counters. These took a mere hour to complete.

Next on the SD card was actually a miniature. Now I played with the slicer profile a smidge. I moved the wall number from 2 to 3. This does seem to have smoothed things out a bit…

There is a definite difference between the new (Manflayer) on the left and the rogue on the right. There were other differences in the miniature profile from Fat Dragon, but I can’t remember what they were. The model above is pretty similar to the view in the slicing software. I don’t think the amount of detail will improve a huge amount. This is in no way a criticism as I might be proved wrong. The Manflayer took just under an hour and a half to complete.

I am now in the process (or the printer is) in doing a set of 10 event counters.

I will probably show these tomorrow. Once they are done I will get a group of four dread folk printed.

I will then be left with 4 cultists with separate arms, 1 night fiend and 20 boon counters then all of the components will be complete. I intend to get everything painted too.