Japanese Village III

I managed Further work on the village tonight whilst watching Conan on Netflix. The biggest problem I had was the grey. I mixed it and it ended up blue… being the silly bugger that I am, I forgot I had paining in the shed that was mixed to the required shades of grey. Oh well repaint tomorrow is in order.

The buildings. Instead of doors I went for hangings.the big one still needs the wood painting in.
Bugger, the rocks are blue!

I undercoated a whole lot more today too…

And finally for today my new rules arrived and amazingly I actually found some 6mm Samurai. I was looking for black acrylic paint and I came across these. They must be twenty years old at least!

Japanese Village…Further Work

I really, really couldn’t be bothered tonight, but I forced myself to do a little bit on the village. My Get up and go evidently got up and went. But never mind progress is progress.

My horse went out into his summer grazing today so we can have a lie in in the morning. I really, really need one. I found out a really interesting thing today. If you don’t eat that much then scoff loads of walnuts then your world drops out your bottom. It was a definite case of Imodium or a cork. Luckily we had some of the former in the house.

So I got everything that needed it washed in a sepia wash I made myself. It really has sat too long so I need to redo it. This was my first attempt using washing up liquid which foams if you shake it vigorously. I also undercoated all of the flora and fauna in the pond white. This is to allow the colours to show up better when they get done. Finally I got some red on things that needed to be red.

Hopefully I will feel more like painting tomorrow.

My new toy came today. It is a sonic cleaner. I have a bucketload of painted miniatures that need stripping. I got a cheap one to see how it does. So far nothing seems to have budged, but to be honest I don’t actually know how long it will take. If anyone knows then I am all ears.

Today’s random re-enactment photo is this one…

Lance swirling without a horse!

Japanese Village

Tonight I decided to get some paint onto the farm buildings, not to mention anything else I could think of that needed doing.

Everything is a bit wet still in this photo but at least I got some paint onto things… I still need to blend the deeper part of the pond on the right hand one. Hopefully I will crack on with these. There is no way that I am going to get it done by the end of the weekend. But that was a self imposed deadline so there is no one to worry about apart from me.

Sengoku Monster Hunter…Little Progress

Very, very little done today as I didn’t finish doing my videos for the kids until 21.00. So whilst the rest of the family watched the rest of Back to the Future 2 I got a bit done.

Here we have three Kappa, a red kneed spider and Emm a bull headed spider.

In case you don’t know a kappa is an evil creature that likes nothing better than drowning innocent victims. They have turtle shells on their backs as befits a creature at home in water. As for the bull headed spider, I have absolutely no idea at all. I will have to look it up.

Sengoku Monster Hunter III

Some more work done on the beasties tonight…

So we have three tengu crow warriors, two centipede demons, two snake demons, an umbrella ghost, and a paper lantern ghost… not to forget a giant spider and a flat snake.

I will carry on with these tomorrow then get on with the goblins and some of the other miniatures. I doubt I will get everything finished by the weekend, but if I get time on Saturday and Sunday during the day as well as t(e evening then I should manage.

Today is my 295th post in a row. Not bad going really and for that I shall choose another random Re-enactment photo…

Trying for the Mr. Darcy look

Sengoku Monster Hunter II

Tonight I did a bit more on the ones I started yesterday. The ONI in some pictures I have seen have quite fancy trousers so I went for it and tried to add some patterned material.

The rest of the ones I started yesterday are just about done apart from the blades weapons. The armoured samurai is going to have different coloured armour. The two orange things to the right are centipede demons…

I also got some Greenstuff onto the houses. This means I can get them sprayed tomorrow…

Today’s random re-enactment photo is this one…

Training with practice swords, what you can’t see is the other person trying to cut me off on the left.

Off the Printer

My daughter’s mask (or part of it) is finished.

It fits really well

There is still the lower jaw to do but the main bit is finished. It only took 60 hours over four sessions to print. I had to cut it into four and drop the size down to 90% to make it fit on the print bed.

I did have a. It of a problem with one of the rear pieces as it fell off before the end of the print (which I had forgotten about) and as such it doesn’t meet in part of it.

The gap is clearly visible on this photo. I will fix it with some Greenstuff. Hopefully the lower jaw isn’t too hard to print!

Sengoku Monster Hunter

Yesterday my parcel arrived, so I spent a bit of time glueing everything together that needed glued.

Glueing in progress

To speed things up I used pennies and two pences instead of sending away for (or printing) similar sized ones.

Sadly the snake necked lady, err had a little accident, and now is in three bits. Torso, neck and head. I will do something with Greenstuff to fix things. I sprayed everything white and made a good start on some of them.

Still a long way to go, but I want them done by next weekend so I am going to have to get busy this week. I will have to get Greenstuff into the terrain as well as print the base for the Shrine as well as get it all painted. so all in all, a lot of busyness will be required.

Biggest problem I think I will have is the Tin Soldier Miniatures (as well as the Battle Valour ones) are quite big. These ones are a whole lot smaller so the buildings may look out of scale. If the worst comes to the worst I can always reprint at 40% or whatever looks right.

Wish me luck, I am probably going to need it.

As Pete was painting Cuirassiers and has done the lancers, I thought I would share another random re-enactment photo

Not sure where my plume went! I would like to point out that we were on a hill and he was higher up it than me. I think he was from Eastern Europe from what I remember…

Samurai Army Complete

Well I now have to add… sort of.. unfortunately some pillock who shall remain nameless suddenly remembered after taking the photos that the sashimono on the Infantry were without their mon. Part of me thinks sod it, part of me thinks get them painted and a further part makes me think …buy some water slide transfers. Sadly the easy options are sort of out. First if I don’t paint them they may look a bit weird and secondly there is a lot of wisps of filament on the flat bits so any water slide transfers will be a right sod to get painted… but anyway here we go. Mon, bases and Banners withstanding. The army is done…

I am onto my next Samurai miniatures already. My mates Birthday present arrived. I want everything paint3d by next weekend so got straight on with them today.

Black Samurai Finished

That is everything done for this army. It has taken me a bit longer than I thought it would I started on April 4th and eventually got them finished May 22nd…slow by my standards 😂

Last unit done

Okay so I just noticed I forgot to paint the bearded faces! I will get them sorted tomorrow.