Zombie Dogs Go Wild

The Dogs escaped!

Well okay I tried to get some better photographs of them in natural light.

I enjoyed painting these and managed to get them done over three nights. I am definitely improving regarding the painting, but still not where I want to be… to be honest I am not sure where that is, but some people are amazing artists on the same figures, so perhaps closer to them.

A couple more shots from different angles…

I am not sure what to paint next, possibly the dwarves. These need glueing to their bases, as do the werewolves, but maybe I shall keep on with the undead theme. It’s not as if I don’t have a bit of choice with the unpainted undead pile.


Zombie Dogs Further Work

I cracked on with these tonight…

The peach collars and cuffs was originally meant to be a base coat for a bright orange, which when mixed with white came out this colour. The thing is, it has grown on me, so much so I painted the lolling tongues a darker colour to distinguish them from the peach.

Really just the weapons and some highlights and they will be done, well apart from the bases and the varnishing.

I might splash out and get these chaps a standard bearer. But then again the mountain of lead I have to paint may mean it takes a while.

I have decided that I am going to try, really try to avoid anything else that requires painting. This is for a couple of reasons… first being cost. I am wanting to buy some new re-enactment kit, every penny counts when kit is involved.

Second is a more pragmatic reason. I have so much unpainted stuff sitting around, that I actually don’t have the time to paint it all. Everything from 10mm up to the 28’s. Not to mention from ancient through to sci fi.

I reckon I could paint a 28mm figure a day and I wouldn’t be finished by Christmas.