Undead Engineers… All Done

I managed to finish these off tonight…

They painted up really well, the only one I had a bit of a problem with was the one in the bearskin with the axe musket. I just couldn’t work out whether his features were spooky or shot.

The other one with the musket is not actually from the engineers set, he is from the original Deadloque set. He was lying around in a box with a few armed with pitchforks he was volunteered into the engineers on a whim!

I reckon I have time before the end of the month to get one or two more minis painted.

I will start with this one and see how far I get with him.

The tally this month is nineteen finished miniatures. Seventeen from Alternative Armies, one hobbit and half a plastic zombie from GW.

I have just had a thought… does the cavalry mini count as one or two???


Undead Engineers…A Bit More Progress

I managed to get motivated enough to slap some paint on these fine fellows…

Still a fair way to go, but closer than yesterday 😁

As tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I really doubt I will get anything done.

If I don’t manage to get online tomorrow, I just want to wish everyone a happy Christmas. If you don’t celebrate it, then I wish you a peaceful and contented couple of days.

Undead Engineers…little progress

The title says it all …. so little done this evening.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow night… maybe the run up to Christmas isn’t the best time to try and get stuff painted. I was hoping to get twenty miniatures painted by Christmas Day (15 have already been done)… mwa ha ha!

Somehow I don’t think that I am going to make my self imposed deadline, therefore I am going to aim for the end of the month.

On the upside, these chappies don’t have many belts or straps to worry about, this should hopefully speed things up a bit 🤔

Undead Engineers

I was having a mooch amongst my gravestone sets and found the Undead engineers.

I managed to get them glued to their bases and then get a Bay brown undercoat. I will hopefully get some paint onto them tomorrow evening.

The following photo shows the fun and games that can be had leaving the island!

Taken by Sandy Macmillan’s Facebook page.

Kryptofski Ghoul Officer,

I managed to get a bit more paint on him tonight.

Still some work to go, but I am now at the ‘there is something still wrong with him’ point, it might be that he isn’t on a proper base. Or it might just be that the colours are wrong. He has been really easy to paint and to be honest hasn’t taken that long to get to this point.

He was actually meant to be for Azazel’s December Community painting challenge…. errrr but he ended up in November….Luckily I have some other heroic or Anti heroic types that can be painted up.

I decided on a tanned leather coloured coat as opposed to the rotting flesh colour I had done on the previous ones.

The flayed face looks particularly disturbing on the colpack

I will crack on with him tomorrow… and may make a start on something else.

I have a doggy (Ostarian) Hussar that will be an ADC, there is also my Orc gentleman, but most likely Rogipoos will be the one to go for….

Werewolves finished…

Sort of.

Still the basing to do but I am calling these done. A varnish is required but that can wait. I lightened up the green and the red so at least you can see where I have been this time.

If I were to do these again I would have sorted out the fur a bit better. These were all the same shade of grey, but with different coloured washes to change them a bit. I think I was a bit too rough and ready with the overpainting.

So what do I think of them… Great figures to swell the ranks of the Dark Tzar.

Next I think I will paint up the dwarves from the Schilling pack, either that or the winged hussars…. choices, choices… well that is a minimum choice, I have Ostarian cavalry, Ferach infantry and cavalry, orcs and more nasties from the Witchlands. That is what I can think of off the top of my head!

Witchland Werewolves

Nearly there with these…

Birthday tea and people packing meant I didn’t get as far on as I would have liked. To be honest they are nearly there… a bright silver edge to the swords and bayonets and another layer of the brighter green and red as the layers I put on earlier are all but gone.

This is the command group for the werewolves…

One of these days, I am actually going to have to properly base everything painted. That will be a dark day… I find painting relaxing and basing stressful.

Finally I went and purchased a couple of the next Conquest magazines. To be honest I will probably never use the miniatures but my little boy enjoys painting things from time to time. It saves me trying to find something for him to paint.

Three figures, six dice and a pot of paint, not to mention a cardboard battle mat for £4.99 isn’t a bad deal.

I only wish they would fasten the top down better…as I put the other one in my basket the top flew off and the contents flew all over the co-op. The people in the queue by the magazine stand helped me get everything back. It really is amazing how far a six sided dice can go on a tiled floor!

Return to the Witchlands Again

A smidge more tonight

Not that you can really tell 😱

Bits and pieces such as teeth, base coat on the musket woodwork and the gold and face on the vampire Officer.

Before I got these out of their box I was convinced that they were much further on than they actually were. Still a fair bit to go highlights on the uniform etc, claws and the bits that were chipped to heck when someone knocked them off the top shelf. Metalwork on the weapons needs doing too.

I knocked up a poster for this years games day. Quick and easy and hopefully bright enough to spot. I have still to do the leaflets to hand out on the day.

Return to the Witchlands

I decided to get some more paint onto my werewolves…

I would have got more done but thunder was rumbling around the surrounding area and the lights kept going off.

I thought I had better get back on with them before I carried on with the French Indian Wars stuff.

Whilst painting I noticed the following…

I mean what could possibly go wrong! Luckily I decided to eat my yoghurt before the inevitable happened.

I will probably crack on with these tomorrow night.

Werewolves…slow progress

Very slow progress

Subtle highlights on the green uniform and white breeches. Base coat of red down and white strapping painted in.

You can just about see the green highlights here.

Still a longish way to go. My paint brush looks like it is eventually giving up the ghost 😟. It wasn’t a Windsor and Newton super expensive one, but a cheap one that actually had a bit if a bend at the end. I found it really easy to use, but tonight sadly it started splitting down the middle as I ran it over the figures.

I reckon another couple of evenings and I will have these done.

On the upside, I found a regimental colours to fit the flag pole.

I may do another one, I have some with a full moon on, but they are the larger size version. The other option is to extend the length of the pole.