Wooooo Woooooo

A quick speedy paint of a ghost…

This is a Reaper Bones one, very soft flexible plastic but these things seem to take paint well.

Is it a male or female ghost, who can tell. It goes woooh wooh and scares people. I will need it for next week’s RPG session where the players will meet a shade from Angmar.

I will probably put it onto a larger base to help with stability, but the bases are in the bottom shed and I am in the kitchen.

Rather than the usual basing material of base ready I go for, this time I went for a less rocky flock. This is the flock myself and my daughter made. It is running out so small bases like this are handy.


Friday’s Forgotten Forces

Well another Friday has arrived and it was another freezing cold foray into the shed to depress myself at how much untouched stuff is in there.

Today we have Skelingtons, as my kids used to call them

Command units, cavalry and spears…

Next up missile troops and zombies (and half a chariot)…

And finally the swords…

I must have started on these a year and a half ago at least. I got them as another force to play HOTT with my daughter and they kind of got forgotten about. They are now in the big shed where I do my painting so hopefully they will get finished sometime soon… 🤞

These came from Alternative armies from their 15mm HOT fantasy list.

These have a nice skeletal bagpiper as part of the command group… question is how does he play it without any lungs… to be fair I am being a little trite… I am willing to accept reanimated corpses shuffling about, but not magical bagpipes. It is simply one of those things that niggle me 🤔

Whatever happened to ‘Forgotten Forces Friday’ Wednesday

Yeah, with being off work and then with the run up to New Year I forgo all about FFF.

So to make amends and to allow me to return these to their box in the shed I give you Sci Fi Zombies.

These fine chaps were part of a role play game for Necropolis. They were a mix of GW plastic zombies and catachan jungle fighters.

A great setting by my mate Wiggy. It is a military Sci Fi system set on the Planet Salus and is the final place where mankind has a hold. The Rephaim ( the dead ones) are an alien race of undead beings whose sole aim is to exterminate all life on Salus.

The players take on the role of a soldier of the Sacri Ordines of the third Reformation Church and are instrumental in the crusade to hold back the undead.

I really enjoyed playing this, it isn’t, however, a game where you should get too attached to your character. What with the undead and the corporations trying to undermine the church and each other, then it is a pretty deadly campaign setting.

My character was a knight Scout of the Ordo Templi Novi (Templars). Somehow I survived even though I had taken the sacred vow ‘Non Receptus, Non Concedere’ no retreat, no surrender.

A good write up of the setting can be found here.


Undead Engineers… All Done

I managed to finish these off tonight…

They painted up really well, the only one I had a bit of a problem with was the one in the bearskin with the axe musket. I just couldn’t work out whether his features were spooky or shot.

The other one with the musket is not actually from the engineers set, he is from the original Deadloque set. He was lying around in a box with a few armed with pitchforks he was volunteered into the engineers on a whim!

I reckon I have time before the end of the month to get one or two more minis painted.

I will start with this one and see how far I get with him.

The tally this month is nineteen finished miniatures. Seventeen from Alternative Armies, one hobbit and half a plastic zombie from GW.

I have just had a thought… does the cavalry mini count as one or two???

Undead Engineers…A Bit More Progress

I managed to get motivated enough to slap some paint on these fine fellows…

Still a fair way to go, but closer than yesterday 😁

As tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I really doubt I will get anything done.

If I don’t manage to get online tomorrow, I just want to wish everyone a happy Christmas. If you don’t celebrate it, then I wish you a peaceful and contented couple of days.

Undead Engineers…little progress

The title says it all …. so little done this evening.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow night… maybe the run up to Christmas isn’t the best time to try and get stuff painted. I was hoping to get twenty miniatures painted by Christmas Day (15 have already been done)… mwa ha ha!

Somehow I don’t think that I am going to make my self imposed deadline, therefore I am going to aim for the end of the month.

On the upside, these chappies don’t have many belts or straps to worry about, this should hopefully speed things up a bit 🤔

A Ghostly Bride

A speedy paint job tonight

This young lady came free with my Alternative Armies order. I ordered bits and bobs to finish my 15mm HOTT army and she was in the box. Part of this month’s Azazel’s community challenge was to paint heroes.

So she is my heroine (or anti heroine) for the dark Tzar…

As she is a ghost, she was probably the easiest mini I have ever painted… light white undercoat, a couple of thin coats of white to try and keep the grey tint.

This was followed by a watered down green wash. When dry I used a red wash on the petals and a green wash on the stems.

A quick base of Patchy plains and voila…all done.

I used Greenstuff to reach from the base edge to the top of the mini base which was quite high.

I also made a start on this fine fellow

And after him….

This lot:

Kryptofski Ghoul Officer,

I managed to get a bit more paint on him tonight.

Still some work to go, but I am now at the ‘there is something still wrong with him’ point, it might be that he isn’t on a proper base. Or it might just be that the colours are wrong. He has been really easy to paint and to be honest hasn’t taken that long to get to this point.

He was actually meant to be for Azazel’s December Community painting challenge…. errrr but he ended up in November….Luckily I have some other heroic or Anti heroic types that can be painted up.

I decided on a tanned leather coloured coat as opposed to the rotting flesh colour I had done on the previous ones.

The flayed face looks particularly disturbing on the colpack

I will crack on with him tomorrow… and may make a start on something else.

I have a doggy (Ostarian) Hussar that will be an ADC, there is also my Orc gentleman, but most likely Rogipoos will be the one to go for….

No Painting tonight…

Gale force 10 winds, torrential rain…. is causing the lights to act like a disco.

The kids are traumatised as their Minecraft world, they have spent weeks on has become corrupted as the PS4 flickered on and off.

I thought I would show some images of the ghoul forces… these were painted up for my friend for his birthday.

The squad in all of their glory, the faces aren’t visible on the colpack.

A close up of the colours…

The officer is wearing his elfskin coat otherwise his uniform would be green and red too.

Graveyard Gamble

I am pretty new to this Kickstarter Malarkey,

so I was very pleased to see a parcel waiting for me on the kitchen table when I got in tonight.

What seems like an age ago I backed a Kickstarter by Hammerlot Games. They were producing some resin gravestones, and as I have a rather large undead force for the Witchlands I reckoned I would give it a shot.

This was my pledge… I reckoned 40 plus gravestones would be enough.

To be honest 10 would have been enough, but they were so lovely!

Hammerlot were wanting 1000 Euro’s they managed a whopping 14,000 plus, which is very impressive. As you can see from the above the delivery date was July, and I got them in November… am I bothered, not at all. The company were up front at all times and kept everyone up to date by regular updates and to be honest I think a little team of 4 people would be hard pressed to deal with such an increase in demand, they also moved production to a new location (see I said they kept us up to date).

I am really impressed with the quality.

These are the two sets of twenty gravestones…

Following are the stretch goals…

They really are awesome. A close up of the gravestones…

They are all different, no two are the same.

A close up of some of the others…

I really do like how the handles of the tools are made out of bone.

So was my Kickstarter gamble worth it, most definitely. I am looking forward to getting them painted and onto the table…

They will work well with my Witchland’s forces

A ghoul officer orders an undead engineer squad to lift up a tomb lid…I grabbed the unpainted lot as I couldn’t be bothered to dig out the painted mob…

This gives some idea of the painted types…