Undead Hussars…Almost Done

I managed to get some more done on these tonight.

I decided that one needed to be an officer, so one of the two with a sword got silver metalwork to show the difference.

A bit of tidying up and horse metalwork to do, along with the bases.

But this is what they look like so far….

I am going to try and get them all finished tomorrow.

Sadly my hounds didn’t turn up today, so not sure what I will paint next.

Hussars…First one Finished

Huzzah! Progress has been made on the Hussars (sorry couldn’t help myself…overdosed on cold and flu plus).

But tonight before tea I managed to get some work done on both the horses and one of the riders.

The horses are pretty much all done apart from the metalwork on the bridles.

This handsome chippy is just about done too…

Still the base to do, but on the whole I am happy with how he looks. The rest of the riders only have their cloaks done so a fair old bit to do to get them finished.

As am still feeling ropey I am typing this from my bed. Me in bed by 20.00 hours totally unheard of 😂.

Hopefully I can get some more done in these tomorrow as I can enter them in a painting competition at the club. Not really one for competitions but I am trying to show willing as a new club member. Not to mention the fact that the Predator hounds should be here tomorrow.

Undead Hussars…Further Work

Tonight I was feeling a bit under the weather and thought I would just about manage to tidy up on the white, however I got a bit further than expected.

I got a lot more done on them than I thought I would.

I painted up the lancer to test the colours. He will have white lace, as well as dark leather gloves. The saddle will be dark brown with a grey sheepskin. Metalwork will be the same copper colour as the rest.

Hopefully I will get more done tomorrow .

I had a visitor in school today…took over my office in fact.

Undead Hussars…Starting on the Mounts

I really didn’t get as much done as I wanted this evening. I painted bits white on both the horses and riders re glued a lance arm that was starting to get wobbly and then painted the bone and manes on the mounts…

I had a dry run with the riders in situ, and although one was a very tight fit, they all went on and stayed on…

Having had a look at one of the horses, I reckon it is a recast, if not there was a problem with quality control, it wasn’t that it had flash on, something I don’t see that often with Alternative Armies, but the fact is that one half of the horses skull was a bit in front of and slightly higher than the other. Now that they have the bone colour on, it is not as visible. I was going to photograph it, but now can’t be sure whether I imagined it or not

Tomorrow I will crack on with these and see how far I get.

Supposedly tomorrow I am getting a visit from a senior manager in the education service, as he has already cancelled twice then we will have to see if this is the case or not.

Undead Hussars… Greenstuff and Paint

Tonight when I hauled these in from the shed, two things became obvious (or more obvious). Firstly the small hole on the unprimed model, looked small, but on the primed one it looked like a chasm. Secondly, the riders were not going to stay sat on their horses with only a tiny bit of metal touching metal. Therefore I hauled out my Greenstuff and filled the hole as well as giving a big lump for the rider to sit firmly in place. I poked holes in it to paint it up a bit like a sheepskin. Why a wraith, would need a comfy bum is anyone’s guess, but at least he won’t fall of his horse😉.

The other thing I did, was to give them a quick test paint with one of the two reds I have. I really liked this colour when it went on so that was that 😉.

I did a quick test of the bone, which looks okay, so once the Greenstuff is dry, I will get it painted white. I still haven’t decided on the colour of the shabraque the rest of the bits are a black uniform jacket, red cloak and breeches. I might just go black and see how it goes.

Undead Guard Hussars – Making a Start

Tonight I didn’t get anything done on the Weyland Yutani commandos, I decided to make a start on the Sepulcherov Guard Hussars. These five miniatures are from the Flintloque range from Alternative Armies.

I only ended up with two lances, rather than the usual three. I have had them a while and cannot remember why this is. These have a two part caped cloak that means that they don’t sit on the saddle properly as the cloak sits on the blanket roll on the cantle. The arms come separate to the bodies so a bit of extra gluing took place to ensure more than one spot was connected for strength.

The skeletal horses are meant to have wings, but I have decided to leave them off as they are glued at the base of each and I can see them getting knocked off in transit, even with the white metal peg in a hole.

These Wraith cavalry are dressed in red cloaks, black tunics with white lace, red trousers, black shoes, and a black shako with a red top. Their gloves are white and horse furniture is black.

So they should work well with the Contrast paint (my gloves are more likely going to be a different colour. This is the beauty of an imagiNation style force. I can actually decide to do them whatever colour I like.

They will join their comrades in arms in terms of the lancers…


Only taken me two years to give them some back up….Funnily enough I was mooching through back back post and in September 2018 I said I would possibly start on the Hussars.

Evidently I painted some Krautian dwarves instead…


So anyway after glueing them all together I took them out to the shed for a spray… forgot my mask… naughty, naughty – one really can’t hold one’s breath long enough!

Anyway here they are curing…

There was a bit of a space so Aragorn as Ellessar sneaked in for a change of undercoat colour.

You can see the holes the wings go into on the front two mounts…the other niggle with these is that the base size they are on is a lot smaller than the other cavalry.

Tomorrow I will hopefully paint the bases and then make a start on these, errr, chaps.

Wooooo Woooooo

A quick speedy paint of a ghost…

This is a Reaper Bones one, very soft flexible plastic but these things seem to take paint well.

Is it a male or female ghost, who can tell. It goes woooh wooh and scares people. I will need it for next week’s RPG session where the players will meet a shade from Angmar.

I will probably put it onto a larger base to help with stability, but the bases are in the bottom shed and I am in the kitchen.

Rather than the usual basing material of base ready I go for, this time I went for a less rocky flock. This is the flock myself and my daughter made. It is running out so small bases like this are handy.

Friday’s Forgotten Forces

Well another Friday has arrived and it was another freezing cold foray into the shed to depress myself at how much untouched stuff is in there.

Today we have Skelingtons, as my kids used to call them

Command units, cavalry and spears…

Next up missile troops and zombies (and half a chariot)…

And finally the swords…

I must have started on these a year and a half ago at least. I got them as another force to play HOTT with my daughter and they kind of got forgotten about. They are now in the big shed where I do my painting so hopefully they will get finished sometime soon… 🤞

These came from Alternative armies from their 15mm HOT fantasy list.

These have a nice skeletal bagpiper as part of the command group… question is how does he play it without any lungs… to be fair I am being a little trite… I am willing to accept reanimated corpses shuffling about, but not magical bagpipes. It is simply one of those things that niggle me 🤔

Whatever happened to ‘Forgotten Forces Friday’ Wednesday

Yeah, with being off work and then with the run up to New Year I forgo all about FFF.

So to make amends and to allow me to return these to their box in the shed I give you Sci Fi Zombies.

These fine chaps were part of a role play game for Necropolis. They were a mix of GW plastic zombies and catachan jungle fighters.

A great setting by my mate Wiggy. It is a military Sci Fi system set on the Planet Salus and is the final place where mankind has a hold. The Rephaim ( the dead ones) are an alien race of undead beings whose sole aim is to exterminate all life on Salus.

The players take on the role of a soldier of the Sacri Ordines of the third Reformation Church and are instrumental in the crusade to hold back the undead.

I really enjoyed playing this, it isn’t, however, a game where you should get too attached to your character. What with the undead and the corporations trying to undermine the church and each other, then it is a pretty deadly campaign setting.

My character was a knight Scout of the Ordo Templi Novi (Templars). Somehow I survived even though I had taken the sacred vow ‘Non Receptus, Non Concedere’ no retreat, no surrender.

A good write up of the setting can be found here.


Undead Engineers… All Done

I managed to finish these off tonight…

They painted up really well, the only one I had a bit of a problem with was the one in the bearskin with the axe musket. I just couldn’t work out whether his features were spooky or shot.

The other one with the musket is not actually from the engineers set, he is from the original Deadloque set. He was lying around in a box with a few armed with pitchforks he was volunteered into the engineers on a whim!

I reckon I have time before the end of the month to get one or two more minis painted.

I will start with this one and see how far I get with him.

The tally this month is nineteen finished miniatures. Seventeen from Alternative Armies, one hobbit and half a plastic zombie from GW.

I have just had a thought… does the cavalry mini count as one or two???