Desert House 5…Update

Well the shell is finished…

The roofs are on there temporarily. I will decide on which roofs to add later. The tower needs to have its top and roof added. So how did it get on…..

These bits were supposed to be attached. The window shutters were out too far I would guess and I forgot to extend the door into the doorway to secure that. But apart from that it seems fine.

Now I could give another one a bash, something a bit more complex again, they are cheap enough, bit as Dave pointed out I need to be able to paint everything = some of these bits are going to be tricky!

Problem with doing some more is that there are quite a few already!

I reckon I can squeeze another couple in before I have to stop printing and start painting. I also need to print half a dozen roofs as well as a whole pile of doors and window shutters.


Desert House 5

More of a complex than a house to be honest.

Having had a busy day, what with watching a very interesting dinosaur talk in Lerwick. We booked it a while ago. Typically my youngest came down with chickenpox and couldn’t go. Lucy and I went and had a good time. After a bit of shopping we came home and she asked me to help her build a castle and village on Minecraft, I don’t know why as she is getting much better than me 😱.

So instead of printing anything off I decided to do something a bit different. Instead of a courtyarded building I went for more of a complex.

This is on the printer right now, but this is the view in Cura…

It needs roofs printing as well as the tower top. To save time I embedded a door in the base of the tower. This one is a bit more complex in that it has walls inside walls to make the distances fit, I also did some scaling to make sure doors and windows fitted snuggly as well as increasing the height of the tower. As can be seen the shutters are protruding a bit more than the last one so they should be more visible.

Whereas the last few were printed at a 0.2mm layer height I have decided to go for 0.1mm for this one. This should give me a better print, but also increases the time of printing.

The 0.2 mm version would take 4 hours plus this one is doubling it to just shy of 10 hours. So by 07.00 tomorrow it should be finished.

This is what it looked like earlier…

Not very much to see really.

Tomorrow I will show the fruits of my labour… aka scratch building 21st century style.. Thanks John👍

Update at 23.30….

After 3 hours and 3 minutes we are this far…maybe 10mm high at best 😱

Desert Houses 4

More 3D Printing I am afraid…

Today I had half an hour and had a mess around with 3D builder. I had a go at adding a compound to a small house. I was really pleased with the result.

This took just over 2 hours to complete. The other thing I did was to add the window shutters and doors in the software rather than printing them separately and glueing them on. I had mixed success with this as some were too far forward, but as my wife pointed out it does look like they were sealed up.

The one on the right above was the original house.

The second one looks a bit more complex But in all honesty all I did was join a couple of houses together with a couple of walls. Again I added in the window shutters to the software, I forgot the doors. The bigger one took 3 hours 58 minutes (to be fair it is nearly twice the size of the other one).

I really enjoyed doing this. It also means that the compound walls are secure and won’t need glueing with visible joint lines.

I still need to print roofs for them both, but tomorrow I am going to have a go at something a bit bigger 😉.

Desert Houses 3

Today I printed off my conversion of a house with stairs with an added tower.

It worked ok, but I reckon the tower needs to be a bit bigger. I dropped it down by 50% too. I do reckon it needs to be bigger.

When you compare it with the two story house with domed roof you will see what I mean…

The door is tiny for a start. This can be easily rectified with a bit of card and a printed door but the height seems a bit naff too.

The other issue I have is the lack of texture on it. Not a problem on its own but it looks a bit weird stuck onto a textured building.

As I was printing off some more walls tonight it suddenly dawned on me that I could actually stick them in situ on the buildings in the software and print them as one.

I shall give it a go tomorrow.

Desert Houses 2

Another couple of houses printed today…

One with a domed roof and the other with stairs mirrored on the left.

On the post it notes are the time it took to print them. Today’s printing time a little under 6 hours. I forgot to check how long the walls took but let’s say 2 hours, so for 10 hours print time I have enough for a village. I have some already printed so half way there to my three villages.

Someone said to me the other day that the printers take too long. I can’t argue with the fact that a small domed house took two and a half hours to complete. But if I had purchased them online, it would be at least a week to get here. So my 2.33 doesn’t actually seem that long as I set it going, made sure the first layer was sticking well and voila off I went for some lunch and a bit if diggering.

Tonight the domed house with stairs was printing as I made tea, ate tea and watched some Allo Allo with the kids.

Tomorrow I am going to do a test print to see how they look painted up.

Regarding Allo Allo, I had forgotten how funny the first couple of series were. I have them on DVD. My eldest got some of the jokes but the other two saw funny things but didn’t necessarily understand the humour. Luckily I was able to side swipe the question about the egg whisk and celery!

Desert Houses

Technically this type of house is found throughout the Middle East, but as they are going to be for a desert war campaign I shall use the term.

With the laptop replaced I managed to slice a pile more buildings. I printed off the domed one as well as a pile of walls. These are from Terrain4Print. I liked the free one so purchased the rest.

It was the second attempt at the particular dwelling however, it would seem that about 5 minutes after I left it to it, the Bowden tube coupler (the bit that feeds the filament from the extruder to the hot end) had decided to unscrew itself so the filament ended up as a nice coil all over the back of the printer. I had to dump a metre at least as it had fractured and I didn’t want to take the risk of it shearing off in the tube. The rest went back on the spool and back through the machine.

The walls come in two lengths with one of the longer ones having an arched gateway in it. The little diddly wall in the middle is just one of the shorter ones reduced in size the slicer program.

The weird gate is actually the infill to help the printer, I could probably have got away with it (the house doorway and windows weren’t supported) but I decided to be careful as there were a number on the raft. This is it in situ and removed. It has left a bit of a mess when I ripped it out, but nothing 10 seconds with a knife won’t shift.

I will build some compounds like the following as well as individual buildings. These are just placed in situ, but it kind of gives the idea.

I will print off some more houses tomorrow and see where I get up to. I have got a tower from another designer. It is a bugger as I really don’t think it will work without support. My plan is to split it at the upper floor level and print it in two pieces then glue them back together again. Another idea is to combine it with larger building above. I will have a play around tomorrow to see what I can come up with.

Panzer II

I managed the panzer 2 earlier. This is different from all of the others in that the tracks are separate to the hull and turret.

I have a couple of problems with this print. Firstly, the tracks don’t match. I seem to have printed a D and an F track! It gets worse…. one is the right track and the other is the left… so all in all a total bugger up! The problem now, is that I can’t change anything without the slicer on the laptop… So my MKII’s will have to wait until repairs are made.

I also printed off a 50% scaled house with stairs. I can now compare like for like.

First up the 60% one…

And now the 50% version…

I reckon I will stick with the 50% versions as to me they look better.

My plan is to print a few and make some hamlets, which can be joined to make a larger village.

And finally another Somua… I was so sad about the MKII

This shows it still with the support in situ…

I will get on with doing a test paint of one of the houses.

Desert Dwelling Update.

The two story house just finished, but as I said in the previous post the ground floor is the same.

Here we have a comparison of the two. 50% and 60% of the full size.

I am going to go with the 50% size as I think it will look the best.

Here we have the two story version…

Unfortunately I printed the wrong size upper roof. I say unfortunately as although printing a new one should be Easy Peasy, it sadly is not as one of my dear, dear children have totally destroyed the laptop screen. Therefore we will have to somehow get it to Unst and then see if he can fix it before he can somehow get it back to us!

I can now only print the things on my micro SD card. Bugger!

Desert Dwelling II

Well I down sized a building to 50% full size and it came out thus:

This is a different one to the first, but is another from the ones purchased from Terrain4Print.

If we look at the first print it looks like this…

It is quite big compared to the MKIII.

And then side by side…

To be honest I think the smaller of the two still looks fine, whereas the first one printed looks a bit on the big side.

I am printing off a two story house, but the base is the same as the one with the stairs.

Once it is done I will do a further comparison shot between the two. Let me know what you think so far.

North African Buildings

I decided to have a go printing some buildings.Both of these came from Thingiverse.

The one on the left is from Jonnybrokenbones, I have this one and a two story one from him too.

The one on the right is a free sample from a set by Terrain4Print:

Now what can we say about them. Both of the took about two and a half hours.

The one from Jonny is a nice simple design with a roof that drops in. It doesn’t have a door (it is from the other house) I just stood one up against the hole to see what it looked like. It has a full base too. This one is designed for 15mm miniatures.

The other one by Terrain 4 Print was a reduced sized from 28mm. I dropped it down to 60% size. This one is a hollow shell with a complete separate roof just below the exposed beams.

It comes with separate doors and window shutters. In the free one it comes with a domed roof too. This one is really well detailed. It can’t be seen that well in the basic black PLA, but the render has ‘fallen off’ in a few places. The roof is also textured.

I checked up on the bought version…Basically 6 different buildings and a couple of separate walls (however if they are mirrored then it takes it up to 12).

Now if I were a total skinflint I could make 4 ‘free’ buildings from this set, plus another few free ones from Thingiverse. But you know what, of the two I really do like the one from Terrain4Print. A lot of work has gone into the design of these buildings and it only seems fair that I help out the designer. I will purchase the set of six and tip the other designer from Thingiverse.

I want these for a desert themed board for ‘What a Tanker’ If you look at the pic below you can see how big the buildings are compared to both a tank and a 15mm figure.

I reckon I will reduce the size down a bit more to 50% as the buildings look just a bit too big still.