French Tanks…and a MKIII

Well I managed to get some paint onto the tracks of the French tanks tonight. I gave them a couple of coats of Basilicanum (or whatever it is called) Contrast paint…

I also managed to get the metalwork done on the chains on the back of the Char B’s.

I also managed to print my MkIII too. Yesterday I must have turned the knob as I pressed print and ended up with the LRDG set.

I have bothered photographing as it is a black (printed) MKIII, but it does look rather spiffy, on the allied tank front I was looking for the desert yellow for the French tank and came across this….

I will be able to spray the tanks with this, it might not be totally accurate, but it is better than the desert yellow.

Next thing on the tanks is to paint on the markings and possibly a roundel too….

As the dog had stolen my jam doughnut I thought I would add some Markings to them. I was going to do them in red or blue, but I am now thinking I would leave them in white for the second company with first and second platoon. If I want to be accurate (🤣🤣😂🤣) I will need to change the colour of one of the Char B’s to red or blue as there were only three of them per platoon.

On the car front, we are off to pick up a little runabout tomorrow evening, so by Friday we should have wheels again.

I have checked the piggy bank and I could get a DBA Samurai army from Tin Soldier that wouldn’t break the bank….hmmmm what to do!😱

French Armour…and a troublesome MKIII

Well I didn’t get much painted tonight, in fact I only managed to put a wash on the French tanks.

Although it has dulled them down a bit, I think they look better than they did here…

I would have got more done, but I spent a good while just sitting looking at them trying to work out what was wrong. The front left Somua is the same one in both photos. The wash has certainly clobbered the light colour, but I am relatively happy with the result.

I put a light tone on all of the paintwork, this was ‘watered’ down with medium 50/50 but it was too subtle so I went for 75/25. Once this was dry I then hit the joints with a neat dark tone to give them a bit more depth.

Tomorrow I am going to hit the tracks with basilicanum grey Contrast paint. I am not sure how it is going to pan out straight over the sand colour but we shall see.

The one thing I noticed was that the newly Printed Char B turret is totally different to the rest 😱. To be honest I am just going to leave it as it differentiates it from the other Char B’s.

As for the troublesome MK III….

Here it (or possibly they) is/are…

The more astute of you will instantly be able to count up and realise that a there is more than one thing there and that the troublesome tank is missing it’s tracks.

As to why I now have a Chevy and two SAS jeeps is a bit beyond me. It may be the case that I either inadvertently moved the dial up an item when I clicked print, or possibly added these onto the slicer and forgot to change the name before saving… who knows.

It really isn’t a biggy, as I was going to print these sometime anyway. What I will do is reprint the weapons (apart from the Breda) as they were printed on the side, straight onto the bed. This means that one side is flat and the other 3D.

Tomorrow I will print the MK III (I hope)!

My good lady is still hale and hearty, Thank you everyone for their concern.I have managed to blag a lift tomorrow again and hope I can do so on Thursday and Friday too as it is a bloody long way to walk to work.

More Tanks

Tonight I managed to print a MKIII and a MKII as well as remembering to print the turret of the Char B.

I also managed to get some paint onto the French tanks…

I was going to use the airbrush for these, but in the end thought bollocks and got a brush out.

I looked at my paints and had a quick shufti at some French camouflage and then completely made this up.

Still got a fair bit to do, by fair, I mean loads…

Not sure how much I will get done tomorrow as I am reliant on lifts to get home so who knows what time I will return. I would like one more MKIII printed and then I think I will call it a day. Sadly however I found some SAS/LRDG vehicles which I just had to slice… I will be interested to see how they print. Basically I have done a couple of jeeps, a couple of cut down Chevy plus full sized Chevy too, not to mention a pile of armaments from a Bren, through a Breda and onto a Vickers.

hopefully tomorrow is a less stressful day. A big thank you to everyone for the kind comments.

Sadly my Samurai army will probably have to wait a couple of months, but at least I can ask for it for Christmas, on the other side of the coin, it means I can tackle the lead/plastic mountain and crack on with the shit loads I have part finished or not even started.

Off the top of my head:

Perry’s Hundred Years’ War French Infantry,

15mm FiW minis (cant actually remember what)

Flintloque cavalry, elf currasiers, dog Hussars and Witchlands Light Cavalry, not to mention various infantry sets

Finish my 15mm undead horde

Not to forget a shit load more 10mm stuff from Mongols, through fantasy and into the Sudan.

I really should start selling stuff I am never ever going to use

And actually play with some of the stuff I have painted!


At last it is finished!

Some pillock evidently had it on super fine or something, but this took just under 5 hours to print. It is understandable as the MKIII took just under two hours at its resolution 0.15 I think, the Churchill was 0.1.

The one difference between this and all of the other tanks is that the turret on this one was printed horizontally. All the rest have been printed vertically with the rear on the base plate.

I reckon I will print another one (and only one) of these, but will do it at a lower resolution to speed things up a bit.

Tomorrow I carry on printing, but will also begin painting – I must remember to print the Char B turret first!

I wish I could remember what version of the Churchill this is VII or VIII is ringing a bell.

Anyway so much for an early night! With the power issued on the printer then I didn’t want to leave it running overnight.

More Tanks tomorrow… Char B turret followed by a MKII and then one or two MKIII’s depending on the time.

Axis Tank Update

By Axis please read German, Although it is the desert war, I haven’t got round to printing any Italian tanks yet.

So here we have two MkIII with long barrelled 50’s

Two 38T’s, a MKII and a 222

Two early Stug with short guns and a later Stug with the long barrel.

Already printed are two MkIII, two 38T’s and a MkIV, not to mention a Tiger and a panther. I am hopeful going to manage to do at least another couple of MKIII’s and another MKII. I will try and get some Italian armour for completeness and possibly a couple if Early Marder for open topped tank destroyers.

As you can see, the allied armour has had another spray, this time in white. I decided to redo them as I found a bottle of Iraqi sand paint. This is (in my mind) closer to the allied tank colours from the desert. Once the spray has cured I will get the airbrush out and blast them with the appropriate base colours.

A Churchill is being printed at the moment. Sadly I couldn’t find an early version. Compared to the other things printed this is huge.

Once the Games day is out of the way I will have a blast at Azazel’s Orctober with these.

It is a bit of a mix of metal and plastic LOTR stuff I have lying around.

I also want to buy the 15mm Samurai from Tin Soldier, but all of a sudden I got an email about these:

I am so going to have to get some!

Right off to check on the printer then time for more Cold and Flu plus!

Tanks… Off He Goes Again… Maybe

Well the nice people from Creality came back to me again, asking for more photos and advice on what to do next. I unscrewed the power unit from frame and then the plastic cover from the power unit.laid it down and switched on the socket to check the voltage and voila… power to the whole machine.


Checked all connections and they seemed fine.

Put everything back together again and the power went off again…


Fiddled with the wires…power came back on again….


Started printing something and all of a sudden loss of power again…

Boooh! (I said something like that)

Fiddled with a connector and the power came back on again…

I restarted the print and watched the connector… as soon as it moved, power went off. I therefore got a glass jar and blue tacked the connector to it.

It worked well, right up to the point the tension of the wires popped the blue tack off.

More blue tack later I managed to print a 38T. You can see the extra blue tack in the background.

This one took 2 hours 3 minutes to print…

I am printing another one now to see how it goes. I have contacted Creality again to let them know where things lie now. It looks like either a loose connection or a fractured wire, so I am keeping a close eye on things.

The other thing I managed to do was to spray the Allied tanks… apologies for the purists amongst you, I grabbed my Army Painter Desert Yellow and blasted them with it.

Originally I had only done the French tanks as I reckoned they had ‘interesting’ camouflage patterns and I could get away with it, then I thought bollocks, I only have a couple of weeks to paint them all and I don’t have a British paint colour, so they got a blast too.

I must remember to print off a new turret for the Char B now that things are limping along.

I am going to get the short barrelled Stug III sliced tonight ready for printing tomorrow… not to mention any other Axis tanks I can think of.

More Tanks… or Technically ‘More Tank’

The printer has been chugging away for three hours and four minutes this evening producing the first of the Stug III.

I am not sure what happened, but the barrel has had a bit of a wobble and has a melted lump near the middle. It seems solid enough though.

As can be seen from the photo above, I decided to give the statues a coat of dark grey. Once this layer is dry I will dry brush up through lighter shades of grey.

I didn’t get much more done as I have caught a lurgey from the kids in school. My voice has gone and I am alternating between coughing my guts up and sneezing. All in all feeling sorry for myself.

So to cheer me up please direct me to a picture of the back end of a Stug as I am not sure what is support that needs removing and what is AFV that needs to stay.

Tomorrow I will print off more AFV’s

More Tanks…Update

Hurrah, the laptop is back and tonight has been spent slicing tanks.

Somewhere I have a set of pre sliced tanks but I cannot find them…

Sliced up and ready for printing are the following:

MkIII with a long 50mm



Early Stug with and without schurtzen

I still need to slice a MkIV

I also sliced a Churchill… sadly it is a MKIII, I couldn’t find a MK1… well I could, but it was 1/72 instead of 1/100. I decided against the A10 etc as who in their right mind would want to play with one.

Just for fun, I also sliced a kubelwagen, an Austin 10 staff car and an Austin 7 Tilly. The latter is printing now.

So the allied force looks like this…

This will be split into two equal sets, one for me and one for the prize. I will print either two or four Churchill’s (I haven’t decided yet – they take over three hours each to print).

As for the Axis so far:

Yeah the Tiger would splat the allied tanks on its own, but it is for me. I might do a me against all comers with a Tiger, which might be fun…

The Panther is obviously in the wrong timeframe, but so far two MkIII’s a MkIV and two 38T’s (the MKII is a bit confused as I have a track from a C and a D on it… at least you can’t see both sides at the same time.

The buildings are mostly glued together too.

I have another half dozen that need roofs. I will have to get them printed off too. The scale is off with them, the seem more 1/72 than 1/100. In hindsight I should have reduced the size a bit more, but too late now.

The Tilly has just finished printing and here she is…

I will see what other non tracked vehicles are available, I really want a 222 as they are my all time favourite AFV.

Right I can go to bed now that the print has finished. It took a total of 1 hour 24 minutes to complete.

More Tanks… Again….

So today involved some more tanks and giving them a spray of white undercoat so that I can use the airbrush to get some colour on. So I now have six Matilda, three Char B and four Somua (technically I have four and a bit Char B, but I need to print another turret before it is finished).

Things took slightly longer as the Somua in the middle had a bit of an accident. As I was stripping away the support I managed to pull both tracks off as well as the back off the turret. This is probably due to damp getting into the PLA causing it not to stick as well. I just need to find out what colours I have and what colours I need before I can get these painted.

I also ended up listening to this…

I remember doing a lot of Vietnam wargaming, primarily with Esci 20mm plastics and using Bodycount rules.

I then bought some 1/200 scale kit at a convention then kind of went off it again until, funnily enough, joining the Shetland club. I ran an RPG based on an Alpha team in the highlands of Vietnam. We had a hoot. Five players… a four man Alpha team and a Kit Carson scout. As all of my stuff had gone, I went for cardboard troops and flats for vehicles.

I still have the card figures…

Hopefully my good lady will bring the laptop back with her soon so that I can start on some more Germans. The other thing I will need to print are some more roofs for the buildings. Hopefully I have some suitable desert colours for the allies.