Panzer II

I managed the panzer 2 earlier. This is different from all of the others in that the tracks are separate to the hull and turret.

I have a couple of problems with this print. Firstly, the tracks don’t match. I seem to have printed a D and an F track! It gets worse…. one is the right track and the other is the left… so all in all a total bugger up! The problem now, is that I can’t change anything without the slicer on the laptop… So my MKII’s will have to wait until repairs are made.

I also printed off a 50% scaled house with stairs. I can now compare like for like.

First up the 60% one…

And now the 50% version…

I reckon I will stick with the 50% versions as to me they look better.

My plan is to print a few and make some hamlets, which can be joined to make a larger village.

And finally another Somua… I was so sad about the MKII

This shows it still with the support in situ…

I will get on with doing a test paint of one of the houses.


Aww Isn’t it Cute

I managed to print off the British MKVI

I still have a Panzer MKII to test print as well. I have also managed to find an M3 Grant that I can print. This one is 1/56 scale so will need reducing.

On the 3D printer front: I did purchase the village set from Terrain4Print. $10 for a pile of files is pretty good price. I will test print some of them as soon as I can.


Somua ah ah

Print the tank and drink your tea…..

Somua ah ah print the tank and make coffee…

sorry was listening to Black Lace there….

Anyway tis’ done.

Here he is the little rascal, all printed and ready to go.

I moved positions on the build plate and he worked fine. I did manage to rip the back of the turret off when I was removing the support struts…which was quite a pain in the backside. You can just about see the line. I now have two Char B and the Somua.

I would like some of the little Renault FT tanks if I can find some.

I would have printed up another Somua or a Panzer MKII or even a British MKVI Light tank (or was it a MKIV) but decided to print up a small desert house. It is 2 hours into a 3 hour print. I have also got a two story one but that will take over 5 hours to print.

I managed to get some more paint onto the dwarves…

Still a long way to go but getting there.

I actually haven’t opened the submarine game box all evening. How about that for self control😖

Printing Tanks II

So tonight I decided to get the Somua S35 completed.

A nice French Medium tank…

Nice flowing lines etc….

Sadly I returned to this!

To be fair there are some nice flowing lines in there too…it must have popped off the bed the second I left the room. Interestingly enough. I tried again, instant failure. I decided to give another Matilda a go…

Worked fine, I went for another Char B… last time I looked at it an hour in, all systems were go.

The one that failed was front left, the ones that succeeded rear left. It could be that the front left has lost the level or that it is a bit greasy. Either way I will give it a wash and a re level tomorrow.

As can be seen from the photo above the Char B came out spot on! Below is how it came off the plate.

As with some of the other tanks the 37mm gun was a little fragile and snapped off.

So tomorrow we try the Somua again (possibly in a different place 🤔).

Printing Tanks

A Matilda to start with….

A picture of how it came off the plate.

You can really see the support network to help it print properly. I have always printed it vertically before (like the turret). This is the first time on the tracks and to be honest, there is less chance of it getting knocked over, the down side is a lot more waste.

Here you can see the stuff that has been pulled away from both bits…weight wise not really very much, it just adds to the time required.

And finally… here she is all trimmed up and ready for a run into the paint shop.

I am printing off a CharB just now with a Somua to follow.

To be honest I don’t know what theatre of operations or date to go for. At the cost of these I can print of a fair few different ones and see what catches my fancy.

I did consider the desert war. The advantages are that I have some palm trees etc as well as some 6mm buildings. I also have a terrain mat and some desert style hills.

I reckon I can print some 15mm buildings and off I go!

More 3D Printing

I promise I will stop sometime!

My MKIII and panzer 38t’s

I also printed a water barrel cart.

It has only one wheel as, although I printed two, I hadn’t realised the wheels are stuck together to make a thicker one. It’s a 10 minute job tomorrow so not a worry really. I would have printed an extra pair tonight but I am part way through printing a 15mm Panther.

Pete asked me how much does the printer cost to run, I had heard about the price of a lightbulb, but in reality I honestly don’t know. I tried doing a bit of research, but the internet is so bad tonight, Pages wouldn’t load. One I did manage to see was $370 dollars per year if he ran it 24 hours a day. Others were saying 2 cents per hour. So I think the consensus is pretty much… not that much. Mine has a heated bed normally sitting at 60 degrees, it has 2 fans in the print head and three small electric motors. Plus a fan on the board (similar to a computer fan).

Another site I found worked on an electricity tester and ran a 5 hour print with the total cost of £0.04.

Whatever the actual real cost is2 cents an hour or just under a penny an hour it still is great fun.

My Panther is now half way through…

Further 3D Fun

Today was a day if 3D ups and downs…

First the ups…

A nice little Stuart light tank.

I also printed of a Lego clone warrior for my little boy, some eggs for my daughter to paint like real ones. My wife wanted something printed as she was feeling left out.

Then the weirdness started. It wouldn’t print her stuff properly, I checked the bed level and the extruder, eventually I noticed that the nozzle kept getting covered in plastic that kept coming back.

Eventually I dismantled the hot end and found this…

The black stuff between the heat block and the metallic red heat sink should not be there. So this all had to be cleaned off and sorted. I added a new nozzle as the first had probably had it. It had worked itself loose too.

I also changed the Bowden tube, the white thing leading into the heat sink. I also changed the coupler, only to find the tube wouldn’t go through it!

I printed a new bit of an upgrade and am now printing a sarcophagus which I thought was going to be a quick one… I reckon it has another hour or two yet….

I also printed a nice little barrel

Tomorrow I must get back to my graveyard bits and bobs…

And The Mystery 3D Print was…

Pete correctly guessed….

I just printed a 1/100 scale MkIV tank on my printer… I am still grinning like a Cheshire Cat…I started of with a bare plate then 3 hours 19 minutes later I have a tank.

Like Wow! It’s an effing tank! That was printed by me in my house on a printer…. The turret turns and everything. I was going to print one with the plates on the hull and I uploaded the wrong file….

As you can tell I am a little bit excited 🤪🤪🤪

Next up a Panther methinks, or maybe a Tiger or a Hetzer or a Jagdpanzer IV…..

Did I mention I was excited 😉

At this moment I am being a kind father and printing some eggs for my daughter who wants to paint some accurate bird eggs.

Forgotten Forces Friday

Another Week, another box…almost a song from Evita….

Well as my ‘What a Tanker’ rules arrived I thought I would seek out some tanks, I decided not to bother with the 6mm stuff and hunted for the 15’s

An ambush about to be sprung… I reckon the fleeing women should give a clue 😉. One day I may finish the houses…..

These were done for skirmish gaming hence the individual basing on the infantry.

Then onto the unpainted!

I am still in a dither about what size to go. Never mind the period.

Roughly a 15mm Tank costs £6 plus, 10mm tanks cost roughly half that. I could start with these and see how I get on, it would give me 3 tanks a side, but no options for changing tanks as the campaign progresses. The cheapest and quickest option is to go down this route…

I could have as many as a I want then, but it doesn’t feel or look the same.

Big thinks are now being Thunk…