More Troopers

I had asked Doug over at EM4 if there were any if the metal arms for the plastic troopers. Sadly there were none and were not likely to be going to be any either. But a little while ago he emailed me to apologise that his other company Moonraker Miniatures had some left. I thought this was jolly decent of him as I wouldn’t be spending hundreds of pounds on a couple of packets of arms.

So the order arrived today.

I have built one set up using the command sprue arm set and the Ganger heavy weapons set. The later are for gangers as the name implies and not really for the troopers. A couple fitted so these became heavy weapons and the rest became a medic, an officer and a comms trooper.

Not knowing really what I was getting in this set, I also ordered some metal miniatures

From left to right, heavy weapons, sniper/scout, comms and an obvious officer type. My initial idea is that in the RPG as the players specialise then they can choose a new miniature if they want.

I will attempt to get these painted up sometime soon.

As I was driving to pick up some horse feed I drove past some more of Lerwick’s defences….

The photos taken of the bunkers etc were on the skyline. The original road block is about 60m in front of my car.

If the weather is good this weekend I will mosey along to the battery and get some photos.


Mobile Infantry III

Well I got a bit more done on these little chaps…

It was mainly highlighting on the grey uniforms – not that you can tell from the photo…

The other bit of news is…

They now have a way to get down to a planet 😁

This took a very long time to print, but I got there in the end!

I have also had a mess around with 3D Builder and have made an extended 16 seater. According to Cura it will take 18 + hours to print. I added all the bits together in one ship apart from the roof and the rear hatch.

I also had a mess around making a lighter recon craft using the two engine pods and the nose cone. If I remember tomorrow I will get some shots of the STL files.

Back to work tomorrow…

Mobile Infantry II

I managed a bit more on these chaps today…

Still a fair way to go but getting there.

I also carried on printing their ride:

This is in various bits that are glued together. The sides will have panels, the left hand side being printed now. Something went wrong with the interior bit, it separated. It could be a printer glitch or a slicer glitch. The nose didn’t have the same problem so I am in the dark.

This is the interior of the craft. You can see the flaw line on the right hand side. It is just about noticeable on the left hand side.

This is more work by Terrain4Print, again from Thingiverse, so cost at zero to purchase it. I will see what his Patreon costs are as I think he deserves something for his hard work.

I haven’t downloaded it yet, but there is a crashed version of this too. Once this is built I may do a second one and use 3D builder to splice on some weapon pods.

Happy with the way it is going so far. I am running out of this spool, hopefully I will have enough to get the wings and rear hatch done.

Tomorrow I am off gallivanting again. This time to have a look at the WW2 defences of Lerwick. We have some of the best preserved outside of France. This includes a bunker design that is only ever found in France…

I will endeavour to take photographs…

Mobile Infantry….Sort Of!

Well believe it or not my order from EM4 arrived today, which for the isles is very speedy indeed. Ordered on Monday night at 21.45..dispatched on Tuesday and with me by Thursday… So well done EM4

So what did I get for my money….

The boxes came flat packed which is a nice touch, I never even considered getting any boxes at all. The back shows what you get..

Now bear in mind that these cost me £10.20 plus VAT and postage so they are really good for the money. There is a mould line but to be honest most plastic stuff does anyway, some worse than others.

I made a one up as a test subject:

20 seconds had him built. He isn’t glued yet but that can wait. He is a shiny grey plastic that is quite hard . I will get him prepped and sprayed and see how he paints up.

Compared to a bug….

He is quite small but bugs are meant to be scary so he will do. I ordered 4 boxes of these to allow me to have a whole squad with the long arms, and some fleet types with pistols. I might raid my Catachan Troopers box to see if there is anything useful in there, but as these are smaller then I doubt it.

So what do I think…

Are they Mobile Infantry… nope – they are proxies and for the money I paid for them then to be honest I don’t really care. This lot plus postage and VAT is cheaper than some of the postage alone on EBay.

If I get some actual MI miniatures will I still use these, yes I probably will as they will be ideal as security guards or non Federation Forces.

Were they worth the money… yes indeed, I challenge anyone to find a set of brand new 25mm miniatures cheaper. There might indeed be somewhere out there but I certainly haven’t found them yet.

These will be painted up as the ‘light’ mobile infantry on the films rather than the CAP troopers from the animated series or indeed the newer CGI films.

I also downloaded a ‘suitable’ drop ship on Thingiverse for these to land in, not to mention sci fi buildings, bunkers and various vehicles and scatter pieces.

Odds and Squads II

Managed a bit of painting tonight whilst watching Enemy at the Gates. With musical accompaniment by the Minions…

A surreal mix of soundtracks coming from the other room…

Anyway the squads….

First up the inspectors from Heresy Miniatures…

Second up are the printed Cultists downloaded from Ill Gotten Games…

And finally a small ‘squad’ of Hand Monster things again from Ill Gotten Games…

The inspectors are pretty much done apart from the bases. The other two sets still have a bit of work to go…

And Finally… my daughter’s dwarf is ready for basing….

Off to see Alita Battle Angel tomorrow afternoon, but should still manage a bit of painting.


Technically it should be BUUUGGGS…

but I only made one!

This thing is bloody massive. I reckon I need to drop it down to about 25% smaller at least and see how it looks. If you were wondering…the white stuff is baking powder. It causes a reaction with the superglue and sets instantly.

I had some de-lamination problems with the legs especially at the ball joints. Therefore I quasi posed it and then glued everything rigid. I printed the arms on a raft and had no problems with them so that might be the way forward if I do decide to do another one.

The one thing I forgot to mention and that is that this is a poseable bug (well it would be f I hadn’t superglued everything in place). It was designed by JOOXOE31 and again downloaded from Thingiverse.

I didn’t get any painting done this evening because of building this beastie, and various family related shenanigans… (including a stint of Ghost recon with my son. Who hasn’t quite grasped the tactical disadvantage of standing on a roof in full view of his father armed with a sniper rifle.) I also had a go at my hunting game and met the worlds first bullet proof Elk! Tracked him for 4 kilometres before I managed to bag him in the end.

Off playing Vikings in a school tomorrow so not too stressful a day 😁.

3D Printer… Request from a Small Boy

My youngest wanted something printing and this is what he chose…

The printer decided not to bed some things down properly hence the gaps and Greenstuff. It is still a very nice mech. Each part is printed in two halves and then stuck together. This is a ‘House Vermeni Highborn Command Pod’ that came off Thingiverse.

Weirdly enough this was designed by Dutchmogul in 2013. My son picked this one out of all of the options available on Thingiverse. We intend to paint it tomorrow.

In total it took about eight and a half hours to print (including the 70mm base).

I was just looking at it again and it might make a nice proxy of M4A1 Grizzly (heavy suits for the mobile infantry in Starship troopers)…

I really must watch the series and CGI films again. Not to mention actually play my game I bought as well as the RPG!

Today has been a serious lack of motivation day modelling wise. By time I played with the kids, read them story fed the cat (yes evidently I am the only one that can possibly feed him) and the mooched about a bit building the mech it was 10pm and I really couldn’t be bothered to start on any form of painting.

I might try something tomorrow 🤞