Painting Walls

Tonight I decided that my printed Japanese Walls had sat long enough, so I sat down to give them a lick of paint. As I had the paint out anyway I set about the houses too.

These were painted in Artist’s Acrylics, still a fair old bit to go, but. They are definitely beyond thee grey undercoat. I will get washes. On them as well as paint in all of the timbers on the buildings.

I am rather pleased with the way they they have turned out so far.

What’s in the Box?

So a small, but heavy parcel arrived this morning…

I wonder what has come from Baccus?

So inside the box were a whole host of 6mm Samurai miniatures…

So what do we have?

Enough forces to keep me busy for a while, Cavalry, Yumi and Teppo armed Ashigaru, as well as pavaises to hide behind. Yari armed samurai and Ashigaru as well as mounted generals (not shown) and a seated general with his retainers (and the odd head or three) inside Maku screens. They do look really nice.

I think I am going to base them for the Banzai ruleset, which also means they will match in with the ones already done in 6mm. They state that the miniatures must be on a base that is twice the depth of the base so basically a 20 x 40 or 30 x 60 etc.

On a totally different note, we had our One Ring Campaign tonight and the participants liked their miniatures. Highlight of the evening was when the hobbit took down a bear almost single handed!

Longest Print… Ever

Well I think it is… I decided to print a Twylite samurai castle that came with the samurai buildings already printed. So I ran it through Cura and sliced it. Total print time 26 hours 51 minutes

It is a lovely model, with one major flaw… I made it too big. I bumped the size up to 140%. I know castles are big, but this seems very big. It’s not really a problem as it can go with my 10mm Forces if needs be.

Another flaw is that the stairs don’t actually go anywhere. They meet a blank wall. I am sure that I can make something and stick it on. Next question…what colour to paint it 🤔.

If truth be told I am lucky to have it at all. I popped in at the 18 hour mark and found this dangling from the side…

It is actually the base of the layer above the first roof line. I haven’t got a clue what happened, but the layer that was being printed was a bit of a mess. So I snipped off as much of the spaghetti as I could with the only thing handy, a pair of kiddy scissors! Structural integrity will be compromised to some extent, but at least I got a completed print.

Now part of me quite fancies printing this again at 100%. Print time should be faster, possibly 40% quicker.

I deliberately haven’t painted this evening as I have spent a lot of today hammering and sawing and my arms are buggered, on the upside I managed over 10,000 steps 😂.

More of the same tomorrow. Hopefully the bloody midges won’t be out, they were a nightmare today.

Small Japanese Town

Today I set the Ender away and printed myself half a dozen new houses to go in the town.

I must remember to add the roof to the gates!

The buildings are from Twylite games and the walls are from my favourite maker of Japanese things 3DAlienWorlds. I dropped the size to about 18% or so and I don’t think they look too bad.

I would have undercoated them but it has been up to 40mph winds today so no spraying for me. Weather is better tomorrow so hopefully they will get done soon.

We will see how the resin and filament compare when they are painted. The resin weighs at least twice the weight of the filament.

Village Walls

So the walls finished overnight only one failure and to be honest I don’t actually know what it is 😂. I had to do some speedy repairs to save the bottom left gate. Luckily two layers of the blue tape pretty much matched the base that had pinged.

The other problem I had was stringing. Before I went to bed I bumped the temperature up about 10 degrees. I think it was too much. I used to do this over the colder months, so just automatically did it last night.

When I did the test print I had no stringing, so I reckon the change in temperature was the problem. Easy enough solved with a lighter…

I have been busy constructing the sitootery again today. It was meant to be heavy rain, but thankfully we had a couple of twenty minute drizzling and that was it. Strong winds are forecast tomorrow so I might not get any more done.

Next on the printer are the paddy fields…

Teeny Tiny Walls

I took my print off today and have enough bits to make my small town. I will need to print some more houses as six do not a town make!

I bumped the gate up to about 200% and left the walls at 140 and they seem much better (I had originally shrunk them down to 15% in 3D builder but they looked too small so I increased the small size by the above amounts).I can make the compound for the temple separate from the town as I have extra walls knocking about.

I also shrunk the wooden fences down to fit the 6mm scale too these were a bit trickier to print, luckily I did a test run of all the different bits, before the mammoth 13 hour print (3D printing certainly isn’t a fast affair).

Unfortunately the gate posts couldn’t take the strain at the top and both came off. I improvised with a bit of plastic rod…

These wooden fences were the ones I built in 3D builder to allow me to print them pre constructed for my 15mm village… I never thought I would be printing them for 6mm too.

So where do I go from here. First up some rice paddies. I am actually just going to print the 4’s that I did for the 15mm village (without the rice) I will give it a go with static crass as the crops and avoid the resin pour stage. I really do need a better system of making the static grass, that does not involve forking out £55 for a WWS one. I will have a play around with my cheap (tea strainer) one and see what I can come up with.

I also intend to see if I can build some of the 3DAlienWorlds farmhouses in 3D Builder and then shrink them down too. The ones I have really only work as town houses and not ones you would find in a rural setting. To be honest I could just buy the ones on 2D6 world’s, they aren’t that expensive but to buy enough for a couple of hampers then I am looking at over £30. Interestingly enough they have just brought out the stone walls in resin. But 3DAlienWorlds ones are spot on for me and I can also print as many as I like for pennies, plus it gives me a bit of a challenge 😂.

Monks and the Walls

Tonight I finished the monks, added some of the tufts I made, rather than add the ones I bought as they are totally different. They are nice and irregular shaped, but wouldn’t match in with the ones before.

Here are the monks amongst the hills

The other thing I did was to work on some of the 3DAlienWorlds walls. Rather than print then build I decided to build in 3D builder and then print them. This was a bit fiddly. Once the tops and bottoms were merged I Shrank them down to about 16% and printed them. This is them in the foreground.

Now I felt that they were a bit small so I bumped them up to 130%… Seen at the back of the photo

As these are a bit tricky to see, I put them side by side.

Personally I prefer the larger one, but wondered what other people thought. The Files are saved so it isn’t a problem to bump them up,. Part of me thinks make them a bit larger again as a man on a horse would never get out of that gate 😂

Monks Nearly Finished

Tonight I worked on finishing the Monks. I still need to get the bases flocked but otherwise I think they are done. No doubt as soon as I look at the photo I will realise that I missed something!

I also cracked on with the individual samurai. They are going to take a while I would imagine

Pete asked how the road wars miniatures compare to Irregular. Well I don’t have any of the Irregular vehicles but I can compare the miniatures…

Tomorrow I will try and get some more done on the Samurai, before my Baccus ones arrive!

Teeny Tiny Monks and the Village

Today I was working on the monks and I got a phone call from a friend and colleague who moved away and was sitting on his own down country so they didn’t get as far forward as they could have done. But that’s okay, I would rather talk to him than finish these.

A bit of work tomorrow should see them finished, that is if I can move. I was mixing concrete by hand today and I have discovered muscles I never knew I had.

I put the buildings I have together so far…

This is what I aspire to …

This blog is set up for Sengoku Jidai in 6mm so naturally I am following it. Some amazing terrain and minis not to forget some really interesting posts too.

Teeny Tiny Monks

Tonight I Set about getting some paint onto the 6mm monks.

What with the resin printing and not baring able to be bothered then these got put onto the back burner a bit. There is still a long way to go with them, but at least I have made a start. The majority are in saffron robes, but I have thrown some grey and red in there too to add a bit of variety. I also added some Caucasian paint to the bearers at the back as they have now become my peasant bearers for my samurai army. I will probably cut off the armed man at the front and replace them with a samurai or Ashigaru miniature instead.

My Baccus order should be getting cast this week sometime. I am 20 orders beyond the last update so unless there are some massive orders in then I should be getting it next week.