Elven Update

Shading and highlighting to do but otherwise finished…

I am going to flock the green bits and add stippling to the brown bits to act as mud/earth.

Then onto the next lot…

Bucketloads more to go still in the bag, but progress is being made!

The printer is chuntering away in the shed making me a Starship Troopers objective 😉


Back to the Elves…Again

I cracked on again tonight and tried to get as much done as I could.

I started painting the bases with brown and then though sod it, they are getting covered anyway!

I downloaded so much stuff from Thingiverse today that I reckon I will need a whole kilogram just for the downloads 😂.

All to do with Sci Fi and starship trooperery type stuff… aka proxies 👍

I managed to procure a ST plasma bug, cost £25 but the other stuff I was bidding on went beyond £40 the last time I looked… just checked the Rippler bugs got to £67 and the Tanker made £38.50. I had a top bid of £30, but knew I would be blown out of the water. I did find a cheap plastic toy version of the Tanker bug from the states. I have seen some people doing good stuff with these so managed to get it for £4.95 plus £10 postage. Here’s hoping I don’t get clobbered with silly charges at this end.😱

Back To The Elves…

Change in scale and genre..

25mm sci fi to 10mm fantasy. I decided to get a bit more done on my elves. I am really struggling to get motivated with these, what makes it worse is I think I have the same, if not twice as many to make a start on. I have painted loads more 10mm than this lot and managed fine but these are really causing me grief.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I am doing a Facebook group challenge of 30 minutes a day for 50 days…. surely I can get these finished in that time 😱

A really short post today as I am absolutely cabbaged… long day that I have been worrying about for weeks went off pretty well…

Neglected Miniatures…Un-neglected

I paused long enough in dismantling and reassembling the printer to get some paint slapped on the elves…

Still a fair old way to go but I am getting there again. I have decided that they are all going to have dark grey cloaks. I was thinking that another mass of differing shades of green on the cloaks would be a bit too much. It also groups them together as a unit.

Neglected Miniatures… Starting on the Infantry

Hurrah my bases have arrived from Pendraken… I reckon this lot should keep me going for a while 😁

I based up 6 bases of archers and 9 of hand weapons.

My plan was to have 4 miniatures to a base (I would normally go for 5 or 6 but the fantasy miniatures are a lot bigger than the historical ones). I managed 4 archers and only 3 to the other bases.

I think the 3’s will look okay, but the size of the bases caused me problems. I will work out how to base them… the Amazons had a painted base with flock so I might follow the same route.

Neglected Miniatures Cavalry Done

I am calling these done apart from a bit of tidying up and then the bases finishing. I might give the faces a bit of a wash as they do look a bit pale.

It would have made my life easier if my fine detail brushes hadn’t given up the ghost.

I think they will look a lot better when they get the sand or flock or whatever I decide upon onto the bases.

Because the bases are so raised then I can’t really just paint the bases. Which is a bit of a pain as whatever I put on is going to look massive by comparison.

I eventually ordered 200 40x20mm bases so when they arrive I will blast on with the infantry. As I am on a bit of a roll with 10mm I might crack on with some more Mongols.

I also managed to get a bit of paint onto the Gigantoraptor, these dinosaurs also fall into the neglected miniatures category.

Still another 5 to go out of the neglected dinosaurs. A triceratops, a tyrannosaurus, a parasaurolophus, a stegosaurus and a hatzegopteryx (a massive flying reptile in case you didn’t know). The total bugger is that four of them have earlier ones already painted. It would be good if I could match them in.

Neglected Miniatures…Almost Done…

Well when I say almost done I actually mean the first unit is almost done.

Just the skin and hair to do, along with tidying up and a bit more highlights. Not quite sure where the zoomed in image went, but this one will do. I have stopped hating these now, I still don’t like the barding but, it will have to do 😬

As I had the brown paint out for the bases I gave this chap his first undercoat. I say first as I intend to give him two to hide the printer lines. They can really be seen on the following photograph

To be fair though I reckon I could tweak the printer settings to eradicate these a bit more. This was a test print to see how it went. But I suppose to look at it another way it weighs 4 Grams and at 0.018p per gram then it cost pence… and when looked at from this distance…

The lines are a lot less noticeable. I can tell who he is and that he is armed with a bow. So to be honest I am not going to worry about it that much. I will try another print sometime in the future with the Fat Dragon miniature settings dialled into the printer.

Tomorrow I hope to finish off the cavalry. There will be a short hiatus with the infantry as my 40×20 bases need to arrive.

Neglected Miniatures… Boots and Cloaks

I did a bit of painting this evening…

I managed to get a fair bit done on these tonight, well in the amount of time I had. Still a lot of shading and highlighting to do but I need to do the weapons, flesh tones and hair. Then onto the bases.

The velociraptors got a quick bit of blue, again that needs shading, but the smaller dinosaurs are using up the spare paint on the palette.

Then onto the infantry all 125 of them 😱. That reminds me I must buy some 20x40mm bases.

Neglected Miniatures…Manes and Tails

Only had a little bit of time tonight to do these. Part of the evening was looking for a new, second hand car and the rest was working out some more of my adventure for ‘The One Ring’ RPG.

Still a fair old way to go on these but a teeny bit of progress is indeed progress. They are at the old I really, really hate these stage. Part of it is because of the barding which to me isn’t really an Elvish thing, the other part is because I get to a certain point in most models and hate them. Probably they are still a bit messy. As each layer goes on they will get better and the happier I will get with them.

As I was drawing maps this evening my two youngest also drew maps. My daughter drew this one.

She has also decided to write a story based on the map.

My son also drew a map…

Evil Daddy told them to turn off technology, but they really enjoyed doing it so a win, win situation.

Neglected Miniatures… Making a Start

Well I actually got my butt into gear and found some bases and got the cavalry and mages glued down and primed. Considering that these are 10mm they are amazingly detailed.

These are just primed with some Coat D’arms rust colour. I am still in two minds whether to make the riders a uniform colour or not.

I could do the barding all the same colour then add in a bit of differentiation into the cloaks and tunics.

I will have to wait and see until tomorrow. I had better watch the hobbit again to get some ideas of Mirkwood Elves.