Hairy Aztecs

I eventually got round to going out to the shed to get my pot of GW Abbadon Black… I swore, but more of that in a minute. I needed the black to paint the hair and obsidian shards of the warriors which I managed to do tonight.

There is certainly less white showing on these now. I need to put the pupils in on the suit wearers helmets and the gold/jade accouterments. The arrows on the archers and the slings on the slingers, but there isn’t really that much left to do apart from the bases. sadly I didn’t get them finished, but it was a self imposed deadline so it isn’t really a biggy.

As for the black… I can honestly say I detest with a vengeance the GW paint pots, I really liked their old pots as they sealed nicely and the paint stayed wet…. to prove a point, I am still using the hex pots and the round ones from before that.

Anyway out to the shed I skipped to get my pot of black and it had fallen over….

The nice black shape is the paint from within the pot, nice and dry, luckily it was in its own little compartment so it only affected the black pot. No matter how careful you are, the seal just won’t stay clean, yeah I know I could attack the pot with a baby wipe after each session to clean it up, last time I did that I was cleaning paint off the furniture as well as the pot. The above is my second or possibly third pot of Abbadon black, the Sunburst yellow is my first and only one. To be fair the temperatures in the shed were hitting 30 C so perhaps the liquid expanded a bit and cracked the seal, I had a brown in a similar state (but much less escaped).

Talking of paint… As I had run out of (or near as dammit run out of) white spray paint I popped into my auto shop to get some more, a snip at £4.99 for 500ml. Gw is £10.49 for 400ml so a bargain in anyone’s money. It was then that the chap said it was buy two get one free, so for under a tenner I got three spray cans to keep me out of mischief for a while.

These cans work really well, if the temperature is down I warm them up a bit first, but to be honestI have been using them for a year and have had no problems. I get four colours, white, black, grey and a red colour.

Hopefully the first day in the new job won’t be too bonkers and I will get the Aztecs finished tomorrow. I picked up sixteen Scalian cavalry today and they be next on the list. Probably the Conquistadors after that.


Aztecs, Conquistadors and a box of woe

Well as a I was cracking on with the Aztecs I thought I would have a mooch at what was left in the Aztec box…

The word ‘Bum’ or possibly something more expletive ushered from my lips…

So there are about 60 conquistadors to paint and roughly 20 packets of 8 miniatures so another 160 Aztecs. Problem with the Aztecs is that they are tiny compared to the Tin soldier ones… I got these before the Tin soldier ones as the local club were going to run a Conquistador campaign which never got off the ground. To be honest I think I will get rid of them as they will never get done, not helped by the fact that I am negotiating getting 16 Scalian Cavalry tomorrow.

I didn’t get a whole lot done on the Aztecs this evening apart from painting designs on the shields. Some of them are copied from the codices and others are made from my head!

I also repainted the peasant shields a grey colour.

I was going to paint all the embellishments on the suits gold, however on reading up a bit more they preferred jade to gold so I may change my mind… first I have to find out what shade of green jade is!

Aztecs… Rainbow Hues

I sadly didn’t get these finished today, but I did make some progress on them. After buying some green, I decided to leave the feathers yellow. Still a very long way to go, but getting there. Still need to do the various shield designs amongst other things.

I took my unopened pot of red back and swapped it for the green, I also got the really bright blue and for some reason known only to myself a pot of orange. What makes it worse is that it is exactly (or near as dammit) as the orange I mixed for the Cuachic veterans – you can see them 4th row back – spot the difference in the shades of orange!

I am thinking about doing the shield rims in an off white colour as I do quite like the contrast with the field colour. The advantage is that I can then use a contrast colour to change it as required.

I will see how far I get tomorrow.

On the job front I can now officially resign from my current position and take up the role of head teacher (principal) as my disclosure documents arrived today. I am officially squeaky clean, well apart from my one and only speeding ticket.

Aztecs… Feathers and Statues

I managed a bit more tonight, mainly painted all of the feathers I could find. I went for yellow and after finished painting them I realised that most of the feathers in Codex Mendosa were green!

I will get the ends painted different colours, Black for the peasants and brighter colours for the rest.

I also printed off the final statue,

This is as it came off the print bed. The raft really does work, and you can see the built in support fir the elbows. I will get it sprayed tomorrow.

I want the Aztecs finished tomorrow if at all possible. We shall have to see how I get on!

Aztecs…Further Work

So I managed a bit more on these today, they are nice chunky figures, but there are some bits that are a right pain to get a brush into, well there are when you base them prior to painting 🙄.

I chose colours based on the various codexes. I think it is Codex Mendoza that states the peasant shield was a white field with a blue border (the white needs to be added) so to tie them all in the rest have the same blue on their ‘belt’ . I will crack on with some more tomorrow. I reckon they are going to be quite colourful when they are finished.

I managed to print off the bases for the statues this evening (this reminds me I must collect the other two and then switch off the printer.

I still haven’t decided what colour to do these, natural stone or painted… I am not sure… I will do a bit of looking up and see what there are pictures of.

Rainbow Aztecs

Okay so maybe not quite rainbow coloured, but quite bright non the less.

Not that you can really see from the above. Still a long way to go, but the contrast paint seems to be doing a reasonable job on this scale. I have now got sixteen pots of the stuff. Because I am a pillock I have got two pots of Blood angel red, I will take the unopened one back tomorrow to exchange it for a different colour. One of the other colours I cannot stand. It is a very bright green. The one thing I must do before returning the pot is to write down what I have got so I don’t balls up again.

I also fired up the printer again today and did another couple of statues…

I gave them a blast with a grey rattle can to mainly act as an undercoat, but also to allow them to be photographed easier. The middle one is from last night, the other two are today’s print. I put them on a raft and they printed really well. I put a base of Aztecs near them to let you see the size if them. These were printed at 70% of the original size and they are still quite large. The hands come separately and fit nicely into the wrist socket.

My original idea was to base them in a group, but looking at the size of them I think I will go for individual bases. I will print of some 50mm textured bases tomorrow and get these stuck down. To be honest I will probably print off one more. There is a worn version which I think I will give a go.

I printed off five more Lizardmen today too, but disaster struck and only one is useable, one is missing a weapon, one is missing a base and the other two are basically spaghetti monsters. Next time I print them one at a time👍.

Tomorrow will crack on with the Aztecs as I want them finished ASAP.

Aztecs… and He’s Off

I made a start on these tonight, gave them ten hours or so for the spray to cure a bit more.

I got a bit bored painting skin, but on the upside the contrast paint Aggaros Dunes works well for a darker skin tone.

I Love the miniatures but I really wish I had mixed up the types. For some reason, unbeknown to me, I put them on the bases as they came out of the packets. So each base has identical miniatures on it. I really don’t know whether or not I can be bothered to take them all off. The suit wearers will have different coloured suits so at least there will be some variation.

I wrote types on the bottom which was very organised of me, however I mixed up the Quachic veterans with the apprentice warriors. I just must remember to paint the Quachic veterans in their yellow suits.

I also printed off a couple of statues…

The more mathematically astute of you will note there is only one visible. That is because the sister to this one fell over at the 7 hour mark. I swore! I did learn something though, these will need a raft to help. The elbows come with built is supports, the second one’s support fell over and then in time the main body somehow collapsed as well, probably the spaghetti monster that engulfed it caused it to lift from the bed. The total print time for both was 9 hours 10 minutes.. I printed them at 70% to fit in with the 15mm minis. She is the Goddess of War, a very suitable subject. The STL files have a new version and a crumbling version as well as a damaged on too. My initial intention is to have four of them in matched pairs.

The hands are printed separately, one holds a sword the other is either a fist or an open hand. Once again this came from Terrain4Print free from Thingiverse. I will either tip him through there or become a Patron as I have a lot of his stuff.

Whilst waiting for the print to finish I made a start on the clothing on the warriors. The peasant tunics are pretty much all painted, still a long way to go on the rest.

Tomorrow shall involve more printing as well as more painting.

Aztecs… And so it Begins

So this morning I got the DBA Aztec Army based.

There are four peasant bases on the left (two missile and two hand to hand), next are a mixed base (back) veterans (centre) and apprentice (front). Next few back to front are the priests, eagle and jaguar knights and on the right are four bases of Arrow knights. This is a bit weird having so many of the arrow knights, last time I heard, there was no actual proof of existence.

I will get them sprayed later and make a start on the painting.

Scalians… Pretty Much Done

I got the shields stuck on today and slapped some paint on. The rims could do with a bit of a highlight, but other than the bases I reckon I am finished with these.

Apologies for the lighting, we moved our house around today, where the table ended up had pretty naff lighting. I will get them all out tomorrow for a photo shoot.

I also hunted out my Tin Soldier Aztecs. It is a DBA force so only 36 miniatures to paint. I am pretending that I haven’t seen the Box full of Black Hat Aztecs or the Tin Soldier Conquistadors that I forgot I had. I will base these up as I normally do. 20 x 40mm for them all 😂. I am playing more HOTT at the minute so they will match in with the Conquistador army I played in at the last HOTT tournament.

The printer whirred and squeaked and yodelled it’s way through som3 more bits today.

I have 5 jaguar heads, 5 pillars as well as the altar and bowl. Total time 7 hours 40 minutes (I remembered to look today). I have downloaded some more stuff from Thingiverse from Terrain4Print. I will slice them tomorrow and set it running again.

Scalians…Almost There

I managed a fair bit today, only really the shields and cross guards on the swords to do.

I even painted the bases and I really, really detest basing things. Tomorrow I will paint the edges too before I get any kind of flock down.

I was a little concerned that the grey would stick out like a sore thumb beside the green ones, but to be honest I don’t think they are too bad. One thing I need to do is do a bit of highlighting on the fur on the big beastie saddle.