Phew…I Made It!

Well that’s my December miniature marathon finished.

I managed to finish my Hussar Officer, well when I say finished….

The kids were great this afternoon, which meant I could work on him and get him done. I have visitors arriving in half an hour so I suppose I had better get sorted 😱.

So here he is in all of his glory

And from the other side…

Just don’t ask me what unit he is from… I picked colours I liked 😉.

Anyway that is me finished painting for another year.

I just want to wish anyone reading this:

health, wealth and happiness for the coming year.

See you all in 2019.

May your brush points stay pointy and your paint keep flowing!

All the very best.




Aaaarggghhh….One Day Left

I was hoping to get him finished before the end of the month.

I did push on a bit and get the horse finished though…

I still managed to do twenty miniatures in the month (I am counting the horse as a miniature 😁👍😁) which isn’t too shabby. I might get some time tomorrow afternoon, but not enough, I would imagine, to get the rider finished.

As I am bereft of the software to slice the 3D prints then I will just have to get back to painting things again 😉.

I did manage to successfully print a ladder today! Probably took five attempts but getting there.

There are still some issues with the extrusion for the top layer though. I test ran another couple of sundials, but got exactly the same issues of weird printing on the top layer. To be fair though, this is day four of my 3D printer career.

5027 Grapeshotte Shilling Expansion Pack

My new toys came today 😁😁😁

I decided a while ago that when I sold a bit more of my unused and unloved ‘stuff’ I would purchase the Grapeshotte Shilling pack.

This is my review of what I think.

Firstly it was well packed, it had extra packing in to keep stuff from moving around in the box. The Bier and Bones pack had the figures in a small box. This had them in bags but sellotaped down to stop damage occurring.

So what do you get in the set….

The two sided Shilling sheet and the 96 page book.

This book is an expansion and you will need one of the other 3rd edition books to play a game.

I had an artillery piece and crew so wanted this book to allow me to use it. However this book is a whole lot more than 96 pages of artillery rules. The actual rules for artillery take up about 12 pages…and the rest.

Extra rules to enhance your Flintloque games. Foul Weather, night fighting, engineers and demolitions. There are some new troop types, obviously gunners and engineers/sappers, not to mention Guard and mounted infantry as well as cavalry on foot.

Chapter 3 looks at more generic weapons for most nations.

The rest of the book looks at both unique weapons for the various races as well as some different troop types or in some case updated ones.

The final chapter covers vehicles, exploring Officers and Faith. Not to mention singers and attaching characters to a section.

Finally you get the various artillery templates to pull out.

The artwork is similar to the other books.

A cartoon style which I really like 👍. Some are ‘cartoony’ and others are more gritty.

Now onto the figures.

The set comes with two artillery pieces (a mortar and a grasshopper gun) as well as 8 crew.

The mortar is made out of resin and the crew white metal.

This is a nice little set, it also comes with a pile of mortar shells and a cartridge holder.

The second lot is the grasshopper gun, or should I say guns…

Apologies for the blurry photograph.

As can be seen this has two guns and crew. The carried gun is separate to the dogs carrying it. I actually have the same sized barrel from an earlier artillery purchase so technically I can have two operational guns.

The white metal figures have very little flash on them and look the part.

The crews can be painted up as Ostarian or as the forces allied to the Ferach.

Now as with the Bier and Bones review I totted up individual costs of everything in the set.

The Shilling pack cost £32.50. To buy everything separately would have cost £44.50. With my blinding mathematical skills I make that a £12 saving.

Even better was I managed to get the order in on the last day of the March to war offer, therefore saving myself postage and gaining another pile of carrots for free.

The scary thing is I have three of them which means three orders in April…luckily I sold a lot off stuff and one order was for my mates birthday present….

Anyway is it worth it…. once again financially…most definitely.

If you are wanting to get into Flintloque then no – go for one of the other Shilling packs instead as they are awesome value too.

If you are wanting to add artillery into your games then most definitely.

There is a bonus for me in that I have purchased various sapper packs as well as religious figures more because I liked the figures than actually had any rules in mind for them. This book has now given me the rules.

Strangely enough, I ordered the undead engineers at the same time as the Shilling pack without realising the book they were coming with had rules for their use.

The one caveat I would give is that the artillery is great, but can be a bit powerful in a skirmish game. However with plenty of terrain it can be a very expensive target. The designer’s notes in the book explain this really well.

To end I will share one of my favourite pictures in the book… as I said at the start I love this style of illustration.

Once I sell a bit more stuff I may just have to get the death in the snow pack. I actually have the rule book as an electronic copy. To be honest I much prefer the hard copy version of things, it will have the added advantage of boosting my undead forces.

Canine Pioneers/Sappers

I got these pretty much finished tonight.

Well when I say finished….

I want a better highlight on the green uniform, the collar and cuffs and the boots (I totally forgot the boots).

I am really happy with how they came out. I did a bit of humming and hawing about uniform colours tried to find something useful online about Austrian uniform colours. They pretty much seemed to be white with various exceptions – (in fact they wore blue or Pike grey coats…I found out after painting them).Therefore I went green with yellow. I did toy with the idea of a brown coat, but with them being dogs I felt everything might blend in.

The first two up for a closer look are:

Then onto these two…

It was I added the above that I realised that I had forgotten the rolled greatcoat on the one carrying the barrel. Monster brown was the first paint that came out of the box so he has a brown greatcoat.

Interestingly enough I had a swine of a job getting the yellow to cover the green. I suddenly remembered something in GW’s how to paint miniatures. Basically make a pastel shade to go over a dark one… I gave it a try and it worked fine.

I am quite pleased with my painting progress over the weekend.

Since Friday night I have painted everything I undercoated on Thursday.

I think I will move onto the reanimator and crew next. Then that way I have painted everything I got for Christmas.

After that who knows🤔🤔🤔.

Medics, Engineers and a Very Posh Lady

I managed to get a pile of figures undercoated this evening.

First up is the medical team. Two surgeons a stretcher bearer team and an auxiliary.

This set also contains a gentleman surgeon as seen last week and a rather nice ex soldier with a wooden leg (not to mention a wounded elf on a stretcher).

Next up is a group of canine engineers.

This is another nice set. The first would make a rather nice assassin with a bomb and pistol. The second is carrying a plank, the third a barrel, while the last is obviously digging up his bone. He, like me, has a concentrating tongue – it sticks out when we are concentrating.

Madame Pompaboom is next.

This rather hatchet faced lady and manservant is a rather fun set. With her ladyship’s hair being so high it requires him to hold it up. She almost conceals a bomb in her towering hairstyle. Her head and hair are a separate casting. I couldn’t work out where her face had gone. Being the pillock that I am, I was trying to put it on upside down. I thought the fuse on the bomb went into the hole on her neck 😱😱😱.

I am thinking white and gold for the dress…

I did manage to finish one of them.

I really like this figure. He comes with the field hospital. However, I think I will use him as an ex soldier.

All in all another eclectic mix of very nice figures.

Ostarian Colours – Coloured

My ultra thin Sharpies are used…..

I eventually got round to playing around with a regimental and colonel’s colours.

It took a bit of trial and effort to get the correct combination. some looked wrong, other colours just disappeared next to the black as seen below. I am using Sharpies to colour them as this speeds up the job no end.

What I might do once they are finished is to copy them and see what they look like on a colour printer.


Ladies at the Ball

I managed to get the ladies almost finished.

Reminds me of Cinderella…. two in posh frocks and one in ragged clothes.

The iridescent colours look good on the models but don’t seem to work on the photograph.

I also managed to finish off my Jäger


Nearly there with the Jäger.

Basically only the hat plate and ironwork to do plus the base.

I also based up some of the figures the kids got me for Christmas. I am doing the Ferach ladies next. These are now undercoated white to get some more vibrant colours. I might even give the iridescent colours a go on the ballgown.

Christmas Jägerhund

Well it is Christmas Day for another 10 minutes.

To be honest it has been a good one, if a bit wierd without the in laws here for lunch. My kids have had a super day. I was very fortunate to receive a whole host of Flintloque for my presents.

I received a re-animator for my undead, a field hospital for the Ferach, some Ostarian Jäger from my good lady, then some dismounted Ferach Guard cavalry, Elven ladies, dwarf civilians and Towern Marske for my Trollkin.

I also received a book on Bree (for my One Ring roleplaying campaign) from my friends. I would put a photo up, but I cannot be bothered to go and get it.

Lots of goodies…

I have relaxed my paint what I got first as these were presents. So I randomly chose a packet from the box and the Jägerhund came out first.

they are nice sculpts, with the minimum amount of flash… basically I could only find any on the cartridge box, there might b3 some more but it is lost in the clothing.

I was originally going to paint them green, but decided instead to go for the grey with green trimmed uniforms. Although I like painting them how I want, I do actually like the actual colours of their historical counterparts.

Hopefully I will get these finished tomorrow.

Well Christmas Day is over here for another day, I hope everyone has had a relaxed one. Here is to 2018.

Ostarian Colours

I decided that my dogs needed some colours too….


This was the test piece, the sharpies I was using were a little blunt. I will have to get myself some superfine ones.

I will have to purchase some standard bearers to add the colours to 🙂

The one thing I am beginning to wonder about is whether these are a little large for the figures. If needs be I can do what I did with the ghoul which was to glue a piece of plastic straw to increase the length (The original banner top had snapped off).

My artistic skills are ok, but I felt that I wouldn’t be able to do the eagle justice so instead I used some creative commons clip art for the designs as well as border art on Publisher.