Civilians all done

All painted (well apart from a wash on the butt of the blunderbuss)

Onto this lot next. An Orc chaplain who seems to be doing his best to ‘save’ Pluncorc and MacMean. No doubt hellfire and dammnation will be included.



A trio of civilians with the washes still wet.  I do like this set, I originally didn’t get the dwarf woodsman as I wasn’t going to have any dwarves. This may change as I really like the dwarf civilians set. The bloodhound with the blunderbuss is awesome. For some reason I think he is going to be a gamekeeper or something like that. I did consider him to be Ernst Von Krum’s gentleman’s gentleman. We will see how he looks when finished. The other two in this trio are fab. One armed with a knife, the other unarmed.. he reminds me of a coachman in his heavy coat. Time to make a coach methinks. I started one for Mordheim, but I think it bought the farm 🤔☹️.