Little Steps

Only managed a smidge of hobby time tonight…

The light in the kitchen is now dire since I moved things around in here.

Luckily I moved one if the lights around just now and providing I kneel on the floor then I can take some photos in light…

Teddy bear Trooper is getting there as are my CHAS proxies

Hopefully I will get these three finished tomorrow and get on with my elves, my poor forgotten (again) elves!


Odds and Squads All Done

Well that is this lot all done,.

First up the Heresy Miniatures Inspectors.

These were painted up for my mate and to be honest I am rather pleased with them. They are for his secret project so I can’t say much more about it 😉.

Next up are the cultists…

I decided on a blue and red robe for this lot, my original idea was to have a dark red robe, but as I was severely lacking in dark red so I went blue instead. These still need varnishing but the ground cover has been sealed (something I often forget to do).

Finally for this month is my weird hand monster. There are only 4 needed for the game but at some point I might add some more, that is if I can remember what colour I used for the skin! 🙄

Again, like the cultists these need varnishing to protect them a bit.

I still have a few figures to paint to complete the full game. I need a couple of heroes finishing as well as the winged beastie then the game is ready to play.

One thing on a totally different track altogether was to start thinking about the desert village, I am getting a laptop back tomorrow the other was destroyed, well it was £120 to fix it or get an upgrade for £200. So more houses can be printed.

This is a sketch plan for one of the villages I am considering…

As you can tell, drawing plans is not my forte…

The houses in the foreground are two joined together by a courtyard. My plan is to have 6 to 9 houses in three villages. These will also have palm groves and the like to add further cover.

Regarding tanks I am going to go for some mkII’s as well as some Marder 2 and some Italian tanks too, then More British tanks including some M3’s.

Odds and Squads III

Almost there on this lot….

Cultists all but finished…

I might try a bit more highlighting on the red as you can’t really tell I did any!

Inspectors…just need basing up as tonight I varnished them…

There are a couple of cock ups on them which need sorting, the blue splodge on the green cup being a case in point. The lady also has a ring that needs some paint on it. Hopefully my mate will like them.

And finally the weird hand warriors…a bit of highlighting on them but otherwise nearly all done, well apart from the basing.

As for basing of the printed miniatures. They are on a flagstone style base, but to be honest I think I am just going to use the standard flock I have been using recently.

Odd Squad

With one thing and another I only managed a bit on the cultists today…

It was mainly a bit of tidying up and getting some paint on the armoured one. I would have liked to have got more done but sadly today was a bit busy with going to the cinema to Watch Alita Battle Angel, which I thought was rather fab, even with a bit in the middle where I went ???

I then attempted to buy the weekly shop, it’s a bugger when the boat is off and panic buying sets in. No veg, no fruit and no bread. I managed to get the things for tea, my wife said she fancied bacon egg and chips the other day, luckily the shop had those bits in.

Tonight I was forced by my son to watch the Last Airbender with him. Perhaps if I was 8 I would have enjoyed it, but it was a chore. It was so bad I really fancied going off to paint some more 10mm elves.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get these finished and the inspectors based up.

Odds and Squads II

Managed a bit of painting tonight whilst watching Enemy at the Gates. With musical accompaniment by the Minions…

A surreal mix of soundtracks coming from the other room…

Anyway the squads….

First up the inspectors from Heresy Miniatures…

Second up are the printed Cultists downloaded from Ill Gotten Games…

And finally a small ‘squad’ of Hand Monster things again from Ill Gotten Games…

The inspectors are pretty much done apart from the bases. The other two sets still have a bit of work to go…

And Finally… my daughter’s dwarf is ready for basing….

Off to see Alita Battle Angel tomorrow afternoon, but should still manage a bit of painting.

Painted Dwarves

I have decided to call these two finished…

I feel they definitely look different from the originals.

I also took a photo of the rear…

I added a crossbow to one and a coil of rope to the other.

Being evil parents that we are, we forced the kids of technology to do something creative, Lucy wanted to paint a figure, and so did James so off we went.

Lucy started her rabbits last year and decided to crack on and try and get them finished. James chose a chaos marine to practice on.

Lucy has started using washes and dry brushing. She was also really good at tidying up bits she had overpainted. Still a bit to go, but they were both very pleased with their results. Lucy has now asked for me to print her a dwarf too as that is what she wants to paint next. So tomorrow we return to the shed and get some painting done.

The other thing was my good mate from the North if England phoned up to say he had been watching Bolt Action YouTube vids and wished I was still down there so we could get a game in. It must be 25 years since we had last played a war game together.

More Dwarves

Well, I finished my first three dwarves and took them outside for a photo shoot…

I then decided to print a couple more to see if I could make them look a bit different.

I think I achieved my goal of changing their look. The beard and fur was made from Greenstuff the plastic bits and bobs are from the original Mordheim plastic sprue.

I added a bit to the back too…

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to Work a They Go…

Okay not very original when discussing dwarves.

These three are from Ill Gotten Games from the pre Kick starter tester we were given. I intend to have seven for completeness… well okay maybe not seven…

I decided to do the third one at 0.06mm layer the one on the left is at 0.15, the middle one is 0.1. I forgot to record the time but the highest quality was an hour and 40 minutes. The middle was somewhere round the hour.To be honest for the print time difference between the higher quality and the mid quality there isn’t much real difference. I will fiddle around a bit more to see if I can make it better.

I also painted lots of bits and pieces on various figures. I would have photographed them, but it didn’t seem much point.

The rest of my evening was spent trying to find costume parts for my two youngest for bloody World Book Day!

A Bit of Painting

I threw open my painting box and cracked on with my printed miniatures.

Still a bit to do on some of them but the front two are almost finished. The very pale yellow is going to be a darker yellow. I just wanted to make sure that it would cover ok. I also have a mage in a rather nice purple robe as well as a couple of thieves ready to go. When these ones are done I will get on with the rest of the miniatures for the game.

Sadly as I was working on these my Elves got ignored for another night.

I still can’t get my head around the fact that these all started off as a long string of plastic… a bit of computer magic and voila… miniatures.

I am going to give an arachnid from Starship Troopers a go sometime soon, but for today the printer has stood silent… an unusual thing.

3D Printing…. A bit of painting.

I decided to start getting some paint onto my miniatures that I have printed.

These are all from Ill Gotten Games. Still a very, very long way to go. I probably would have got further, but I also painted 54 pairs of 10mm elven boots too.

I forgot to show the casualty figures…

These need a bit of work on the top layers. I will have a play around with the slicer settings and see what I can do. The STL files looked fine so it is the slicer that needs the change.

The final bit for this evening are the painted counters…

My initial idea was to paint the numbers a different colour. But as they are very clear anyway I might just save myself a job.