Graveyard…Making a Start

Well I have indeed made a start….

To be honest, it is a bit further on than this, but this is where it started….

I also made another cart:

As I can only print various bits, then I had to improvise with the top.

3 D printed wheels and chassis and a coffee stirrer top. The one in the background is the initial cart.

3D printing is cancelled until I can get some Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the bed with. Nothing is sticking any more!


A Rock Golem

I made my own rock Golem.

A big thank you to Jeremy over on Black Magic Crafts for the inspiration.

He is quite a big beasty as shown by the photo below. To the top of his head he stands about five inches tall.

Sadly I seem to have lost my photographs of the build.

Basically I cut out the torso and legs as one roughly humanoid shape. I then set to work hacking away with a knife to get a rocky looking shape. Feet were hot glued onto the front if the legs. The head was made out of a random offcut. Eyes and a mouth were cut into it, a couple of handy pebbles became the eyes.

The arms looked just plain wrong the same thickness as the torso so I cut them in half with my hot wire cutter. Small boulders were made using either a knife or hot wire cutter and then stuck to the body with PVA.

Once dried I added sand and grit to various parts of the model, when dried I blasted it with watered down PVA.

Painting was next with a mix of dark grey house paint and PVA. I then added a home made Black was, which was far too potent (too much black ink). Once dried I dry brushed up through lighter shades.

Various bits of foliage were added once the paint had dried.

The one thing I intend to do is paint the eyes a different colour. Next time I would round of the hands a bit more and maybe add a club.

Below you can see him in his natural habitat.

A couple more random photos:

Figure Storage/transport comparison

I have a couple of different figure storage systems….

I thought I would compare the two. These being a Kaiser Rushforth cardboard storage system and a battle foam bag version.

This proved to be more difficult than I thought as it was a bit like comparing oranges and apples. They are both fruit, but not alike at all.

Therefore, we shall go down the ‘what do you get for your money’ approach…

Starting with the KR multi case. The outer is made of a rigid cardboard with foam inserts for the figures. The box lid is held in place by the plastic handle. This one contains spaces for cavalry as well as infantry.

It has space for 36 cavalry and 80 infantry.

The infantry slots are quite tight and the figure with the sword extended doesn’t fit properly. However a quick snip with scissors would allow it.

The depth of the cavalry tray is about 50mm (2 inches) deep. This is my third case, one has all infantry spaces giving me 160 spaces. The second has space for 40 infantry as well as a pluck and store system where you can make your own shapes.

KR Multicases come in a whole range of styles and inserts.

I got this case brand new for £25.99 with free postage. The other two were discounted and came in at £17.00 each with free postage.

The battle foam case is a different thing altogether, although it contains a similar foam insert to the KR one, these are backed with a more rigid foam (seen in the image below). This allows the trays to be removed without sagging. The bag has a solid plastic edge to it giving further protection.

The top layer contains enough slots for 30 figures. These are bigger than the KR ones, but still the extended sword protrudes.

The bottom layer is a pluck and store system, allowing for cavalry or war machines etc. The depth of this layer being 50mm (2 inches) deep.

Where this case differs is that it also has space for rules etc as well as coming with a shoulder strap. There is also a 3 ring folder system for storing cards or poly pockets.

This case is designed for skirmish gaming. Indeed I will use if for my Frostgrave forces, or gladiators.

As for price. I bought this as it was on offer for £20.00 with £12.50 postage which does seem a little on the steep side. The full price case was £52.00. I saved £32.00.

This bag has quite an impressive list of features.

It now comes down to what I think. Both cases work well enough. Personally I prefer the KR one, simply because I can fit more in it. £26.00 isn’t a bad price to hold 160 figures. However to be fair the Battle foam case is waterproof etc and the rules and dice fit in nicely.

As I said at the start you cannot compare the two as they are very different In the future I may get hold of a battle foam cardboard, but at a tenner more than the KR version I may not. The other option is to go for a KR skirmish bag. These are coming in at £32.00 so not a bad price, compared to the battle foam version. Would I pay over £50 to protect my figures. No. Not when I can protect them at half the price. I can carry a cardboard case and a messenger bag to hold everything in.

Bottom line is. “You pays your money and makes your choice.”