Ostarian Colours – Coloured

My ultra thin Sharpies are used…..

I eventually got round to playing around with a regimental and colonel’s colours.

It took a bit of trial and effort to get the correct combination. some looked wrong, other colours just disappeared next to the black as seen below. I am using Sharpies to colour them as this speeds up the job no end.

What I might do once they are finished is to copy them and see what they look like on a colour printer.


Ostarian Colours

I decided that my dogs needed some colours too….


This was the test piece, the sharpies I was using were a little blunt. I will have to get myself some superfine ones.

I will have to purchase some standard bearers to add the colours to 🙂

The one thing I am beginning to wonder about is whether these are a little large for the figures. If needs be I can do what I did with the ghoul which was to glue a piece of plastic straw to increase the length (The original banner top had snapped off).

My artistic skills are ok, but I felt that I wouldn’t be able to do the eagle justice so instead I used some creative commons clip art for the designs as well as border art on Publisher.

Even More Colours


I am really getting into doing these, made more flags and painted nothing over the last couple of days, I think it is because they are so easy to do.

They look better curled and flapping than on the piece of paper. Obviously all of my chaps are holding flags in at the very least a strong breeze.

On the next one I might try to get a drooping flag. I am not sure whether it is possible due to the nature of the paper.