Gaming, Not Painting

No painting tonight but we did get a bit of gaming in. The characters are attached to a trade caravan and are attempting to find the murderer of a ranger.

Here we have the caravan. All but the horses and a single figure are printed.

The attack of the wolves caused a bit of consternation with an elf fighting alongside a dwarf before it became fashionable in Middle Earth.

Okay the dwarf had gone into a beserk rage and had charged the nearest wolves, he happened to see them before he saw the elf. Luckily the dice was on the side of the elf as the dwarf charged off rather than turning his attention to Tauriel.

But will they catch the killer before they get to Bree, that is the question.


The Eye of Sauron is Watching You

Funniest night I have had running an RPG tonight.

The party of four having braved the Midgewater marshes, managed to successfully locate the lost barrow. After that it all went rapidly down hill. ”Twas a simple task!” Climb down a rope have a mooch about, see what all the fuss is about. Climb back out….Problems…. in the ‘One Ring’ RPG an eye of Sauron on the D12 is a bad omen. Firstly it gives one zero points for that dice and secondly it increases the knowledge of the whereabouts of the party to Sauron who will direct his power to thwart them. This can be a warband of orcs or the ‘world’ turns against them. Think Cahadras in the Lord of the Rings. The Threshold in the area they were in was eighteen…They started the session with six. Less than an hour later they were up to fourteen.

The big problem was, firstly they had to climb down a rope into the barrow. The graceful elf of Mirkwood went first. She threw her four dice (3D6 and her D12) she needed a mere 12 due to her athleticism… the eye of Sauron and a grand total of four points. Down she fell… winding herself in the process. the hobbit Hoban rushed to her aid, got another eye and fell in too… luckily he landed on something soft … the elf. The ranger managed to get in without any problems at all.

Hoban then fell through a weakened floor to a flooded lower level, nearly drowned but was fortunate enough to be rescued by the party and also managed to accidentally grab some treasure on the way out.

If you thought getting in was bad, getting out was worse. Never have I seen so many failed roles, every failure involved an eye.

A cursed rope was blamed…it was a nice normal rope to begin with but it must have somehow become tainted as they couldn’t get out of the barrow. After eventually escaping they met some baddies, beat them, rescued a major NPC and threw a lot more eyes…. the weather turned against them and the normal rule of needing was overruled meaning an 18 was required. So wet, bleeding and footsore they struggled back to Bree.

All in all a hoot of a night.

A Bit of Painting

I threw open my painting box and cracked on with my printed miniatures.

Still a bit to do on some of them but the front two are almost finished. The very pale yellow is going to be a darker yellow. I just wanted to make sure that it would cover ok. I also have a mage in a rather nice purple robe as well as a couple of thieves ready to go. When these ones are done I will get on with the rest of the miniatures for the game.

Sadly as I was working on these my Elves got ignored for another night.

I still can’t get my head around the fact that these all started off as a long string of plastic… a bit of computer magic and voila… miniatures.

I am going to give an arachnid from Starship Troopers a go sometime soon, but for today the printer has stood silent… an unusual thing.

Forgotten Forces Friday

Well it’s another FFF day.

This time this will tie in with the neglected models in February’s Community Challenge. This lot are a Pendraken Warband Army pack. I chose Wood Elves as I like Wood Elves.

There are about 125 infantry, 12 cavalry and a command group as well as a group of mages. I decided that I wouldn’t use them for Warband, but would base them up for HOTT or something similar this will match in with my other Forces.

They are nice miniatures, as can be seen from the mages and their pet squirrel below.

So my plan, if I leave the 3D printer alone for long enough, is to get as many of these based and painted as possible by the end of February.

I also evidently got a command group for my Barbarians so I can add those to my list too.

I only hope I have enough of the smaller base sizes!