Neglected Miniatures Cavalry Done

I am calling these done apart from a bit of tidying up and then the bases finishing. I might give the faces a bit of a wash as they do look a bit pale.

It would have made my life easier if my fine detail brushes hadn’t given up the ghost.

I think they will look a lot better when they get the sand or flock or whatever I decide upon onto the bases.

Because the bases are so raised then I can’t really just paint the bases. Which is a bit of a pain as whatever I put on is going to look massive by comparison.

I eventually ordered 200 40x20mm bases so when they arrive I will blast on with the infantry. As I am on a bit of a roll with 10mm I might crack on with some more Mongols.

I also managed to get a bit of paint onto the Gigantoraptor, these dinosaurs also fall into the neglected miniatures category.

Still another 5 to go out of the neglected dinosaurs. A triceratops, a tyrannosaurus, a parasaurolophus, a stegosaurus and a hatzegopteryx (a massive flying reptile in case you didn’t know). The total bugger is that four of them have earlier ones already painted. It would be good if I could match them in.

Neglected Miniatures…A Bit of Progress

I managed a smidge on the cavalry tonight…

I decided to do them all the same colour for the horses and the barding. The next question is what colour for the mane and tail.

As I was messing about with grey paint I decided to paint a pair of Troodon. A quick couple of minutes to get them done.

I will get some flock onto the base tomorrow.

I would have got some more done, but my good lady and I decided to watch ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’.

It really was amazing, I had seen some of the footage before, but obviously not in colour. I will watch it again soon.

Forgotten Forces Friday

Flaming Harriets… how can it be Friday again?

Anyway these forgotten forces were not found in the shed or the house for that matter. I had loaned them to a colleague who taught science in the primary schools and shared my office. He retires today and returned them. To be honest I had totally forgotten all about them!

So here we go…..

These will join the rest of my Magister dinosaurs.

Parasaurolophus (my favourite dinosaur)

T Rex


Triceratops (second favourite)



Velociraptors to the left

Troodon to the right.

These need a proper undercoat and then painted up!

This is some of the rest. The human hunters are for a little game we play… hunt the specific dinosaur, tag it and wait for retrieval!

And finally a bonus set of ‘warriors’

Snowball Wars by Okum Arts. These come out every winter for a grudge match…it normally starts out 2 on 2 but usually ends up three against me!