Forgotten Forces Friday

Well I forgot last week.. so here is this week’s….

Well not so much a force but quite forceful… may I introduce Cynthia and Charles Wellbeloved, heir and heiress to the Wellbeloved fortune. These two have taken part in various wargames and role playing games over the years and to be honest the years seem to have taken their toll. As Indiana Jones says… “it’s not the age, it’s the miles”

3D Printing…. A bit of painting.

I decided to start getting some paint onto my miniatures that I have printed.

These are all from Ill Gotten Games. Still a very, very long way to go. I probably would have got further, but I also painted 54 pairs of 10mm elven boots too.

I forgot to show the casualty figures…

These need a bit of work on the top layers. I will have a play around with the slicer settings and see what I can do. The STL files looked fine so it is the slicer that needs the change.

The final bit for this evening are the painted counters…

My initial idea was to paint the numbers a different colour. But as they are very clear anyway I might just save myself a job.

3D Printer another Mausoleum

Yep I decided to print another Mausoleum, this time from a designer called Ecaroth. This took a whopping 10 hours 45 minutes, with an expected 3 hours 45 minutes for the roof. This is the ruined version, there is also an intact version of the same tomb.

I also downloaded some civilian ‘casualties’ from Ill gotten Games.

These are two of the upright civilians, the rest are having a bit of a lie down. They are still on the print bed. Now these all come without bases, so I decided to have another go at producing a base to attach the mini to. This is another great set. They only came out yesterday I think.

These are both on 30mm bases that I made in 3D builder and then merged the. miniature with the base. I made them 3mm thick, but may shave it down a bit.

Interestingly enough there were no whispers on these, all though I did do them individually. The wounded or dead ones were all printed together. I didn’t notice too much stringing before I left them.

I will find out tomorrow. As I was feeling a bit knackered I decided that a very early night was required. This means no elf painting….

3D Printer… Adding Flames to Miniatures

Yep the wispy filament was an absolute sod to get rid of so drastic measures needed to be taken!

I pulled of as much as I could then set to work with a naked flame… I couldn’t be bothered to go and get the paint stripper heat gun. This is actually more controlled on a smaller front I would imagine. The down side was I had to get quite close.

I think the difference is plain to see…


And after…

Still a bit of clean up to do but a whole lot better than spider web central. They look a bit wet as I dunked them in cold water to stop the wobbly weapon syndrome.

On the plate tonight is the count …5th attempt… this time however I am adding in supports… fingers crossed he works this time. I also decided to make him a base… I was quite pleased with my circular base until I started printing it… it may be many things but circular isn’t one of them😱.

Last night I did a bit of research about the spider webbing on the prints. To avoid the print head bumping the models and knocking them off I decided to use the z hop option. This drops the plate a fraction as the print head moves from bit to bit. Seemingly this can cause more webbing than if you don’t use it. There still might be too high a temperature or over extrusion that is causing it. So instead of printing the same minis again I will print an extrusion test piece and play around with that.

Here is the count, he finished just after writing the above…

There was rather a lot of support… I may have gone overboard a bit 🤪🤪🤪

Here are a few of the recent ones undercoated…

I am rather pleased with them. I got half way through painting the mage before I realised he needed cleaning up…. whoops! The baron has a few build lines, I must have forgotten to change the layer height when I sliced him.

So … what next, well I have just started a 9 hour plus print of a ruined mausoleum… we will see how it comes out. I decided to print it at 0.2mm layers as opposed to 0.1. This speeded up the print by over an hour. The base weighs in at a whopping 85 grams… a whole £1.56 worth of PLA. That is if the printer doesn’t do something daft part way through.

I re levelled the bed again before starting on this one and the front and rear of the left hand side were a touch on the high side. Hopefully things will run smoothly overnight.

As the temperature has risen again I think I will take the printer back into the shed… it’s a bugger having to unplug the fridge every time I want a cup of tea 🙄.

I fully intended getting some more done on the elves tonight, but truth be told… I couldn’t be bothered.

Sir Willorcby…All Finished

I managed to crack on tonight and get him done.

As with most things he looks better in real life.

He was a great mini to paint, I do like the Civilians in the Flintloque range. My intention is to get them all, his wife Lady Anna is definitely high on my list if I can find her.

So far I have the Trolkin civilians, Valon as well as the dwarf civilians. Elf ladies and males, most of the Orc civilians, various priests and the odd one or two I have forgotten..

A couple more images of Sir Willorcby…

The basing materials is from Luke’s APS. I decided to give it a bash and I am pleased with it. It does what it says on the tin… PVA then dunk or sprinkle the base with the contents and voila all done and dusted. I went for the Patchy Plains, but I think I may get some of the other base ready pots for the various different theatres…

Tomorrow I may Crack on with the heroes of the rifles…

Sir Willorcby… an Orc Gentleman

I got a smidge more done tonight…

Sir Willorcby is one of a pair, now no longer available… sadly lady Anna didn’t arrive with him as he came from eBay.

I am still on the hunt for the good lady, but she hasn’t appeared yet.

Regarding his Lordship…. he has a strange appendage that may be a belt buckle or perhaps a strange necktie… I will contact Alternative Armies to see if they can remember.

Finklestein Dwarves

I managed to get these three fine fellows finished.

They are awesome figures and a joy to paint.

I don’t know why, but this one reminds me of a retired naval captain

The other two are both wearing the same coats, Maybe a couple of hunters…brothers? Or am I going to deeply into this lol!

And this one has to be my favourite of all three. I like him so much you can see him twice 😉

Tomorrow I will try and get these chaps further forward.

I have to workout the colours of their packs and blankets. I will use Prussian troops to decide on the necessary colours.

Krautian Dwarves II

And one is finished…

I did a bit more on them all but decided to crack on and finish at least one of them.

The rest of them still have a long way to go.

I am quite pleased with the Blue highlights on most of them apart from second on the right, it looks a bit weird. I will try and remember to sort it out tomorrow, as he is the one that had only one unpainted epaulette I don’t rate my chances of remembering to tone down a highlight.

The highlight on the black isn’t showing up very well in these photos. I didn’t want it to be in your face, but maybe this isn’t in your face enough. I went for a blue-grey colour which can be seen on the boots of the second from the left.

As I said yesterday, I really like these figures, and if truth be known I prefer the civilians over the uniformed ones. But to be honest it might be that the one I finished was really quick to paint up!

I think that, although I really like the dwarves, I won’t be getting many more as I have so much other Flintloque stuff to paint up that I would never get to them.

Off the top of my head I have the following:


30 infantry and 6 cavalry


30 infantry plus 2 sets of Sharke’s rifles


30 infantry and 12 cavalry

Not to mention various random specials, individuals and a box of dark elves I haven’t got a clue what to do with. I have a niggling feeling that I am missing stuff from the above lists.

I suppose I could flog off some of the above especially the orcs. I already have one of the rifles sets painted so I really don’t need any more. I have 25 orc Militia which, to be honest, I only bought so that I could get a couple of figures that were no longer available.

And finally….

I succumbed again!

My excuse, I keep trying to convince myself, is that they are for my little boy. These are now starting to get a bit more pricey. £7.99 for three figures and a pot of gun metal paint. Now if I was desperate to collect space Marines then the value would be much better.

I will probably get the next issue to get the half dozen pox walkers and then call it a day unless something awesome appears.

Sleepy Hollow… The Full Cast

After mixing about half a ton of concrete yesterday, today was a rest day!

I managed to finish the remains of the Sleepy Hollow set.

Here we have the remaining figures. Two agricultural workers and a blacksmith. A couple in their night clothes a member of the militia and a couple of gentlemen of a nondescript employment.

As with the rest these were a joy to paint.

The following photograph shows the full set.

They will join my French and Indian Wars boxes. I will make a start on the rest of my forces soon.

I am honestly not sure what to do with the extra militia I started painting with the Sleepy Hollow minis.

These match in with the Essex minis, but as can be seen from the photo above, not the Blue Moon ones. The joys of the different meaning of 15mm. I suppose I will have to live with the fact that som3 people are short and others tall 🤔

Today’s painting was supported by an appropriate film!

I bought this online, and having watched it today, it suddenly dawned on me that I had never ever seen the start.

I will have to make some suitable terrain to go with this set. I have some 15mm MDF buildings from 4ground. I did try to purchase some snake fencing and other bits and bobs but their Paypal seemed down and they haven’t answered a number of emails.

I am going to make various fields etc to break up the battlefield, interspersed with a large number of deciduous woodland bases.

The Gentlemen of Sleepy Hollow

I managed to get some paint onto these.

Sadly I didn’t get them finished☹️. Too tired tonight! And tomorrow I am on the boat south.

Anyway I present the gentlemen.

If I have one real complaint about these it is the faces, some look really good and others look like they have been hit with a shovel. Ichabod looks particularly weird. This coming from someone who has no skill in this area at all. As the others look really good I would suggest it is a problem with the casting rather than the initial modelling skill.

So once I get back I will finish the ones above then move onto these.

That will mean the whole Sleepy Hollow set will be painted.

After that onto the Militia in the background and thence onto the new stuff still in th3 packet.