After building the turnip cart, i had a go at building the Brougham. I had a few problems with this- more user error than the actual model. There was o ne bit that looked a bit different to the instructions, but to be fair it want rocket science to work out what went where. The turnip cart was easy to make, this one really did need some kind of instructions to make sure it all went together properly.

It is a really nice model, I really do like the way it actually has steps to allow the passengers to get in, not to mention 2 little holes, designed I would imagine, for the carriage lights. I do have one minor niggle with it (probably due to Warbases trying to get everything to fit onto one mdf tile) the pole for the horses is too low. Coming from a house where my wife is a carriage driver it is really making my head hurt lol. The horse might get a leg over the pole and that is not good at all. Now do I leave it or do I do something about it. My thoughts were to build it up with milliput and then cut away part of the mdf. To be fair once you get a pair in front of the vehicle it cant really be seen. Looking at the image below you can see the pole coming out between the horses at chest height.

If I were to give it a score out of 10 I would give it about a 9.5. Probably not fair to lose .5 simply because I am being a bit anal!

I am not sure what colour to paint it, probably black or a dark blue.

The Brougham’s were used by individuals as well as by ‘taxi drivers’ They were also known as Growlers due to the sound of the iron shod wheels rumbling over the cobblestones.

The major problem I have is that the Brougham was ‘invented’ in 1834, about 20 years after I was wanting to use it lol!

Warbases Haul

Well as I have been painting so many flintloque minis She actually ran out of mdf bases. I like the ones for magnets. After trying for hours to remember where I got the last lot I remembered. Off to Warbases I went. My 60 mdf bases suddenly grew into a bit of an order including highland cattle, geese, heavy draft horses and lighter carriage horses. I only got the horses as I thought I would make a foray into mdf kits. As I am forever trying to come up with ideas for terrain/accouterments to match the models I purchased a posh carriage and a turnip cart. I also added a set of Lion Rampant and Jugula tokens too.

I really do hope I can work out how to build these as they don’t seem to come with any instructions.