This is another Cardstock building from Dave Graffam. I still have to edge it in a grey Sharpie. Sitting elsewhere is another one with a different stone pattern on the outside and bleached wood on the inside. It also has a chimney 🙂

I was about to go out and get MDF ruins and indeed bought a Black Ops mdf building as a starter. however I have come tho the conclusion.

Firstly the card is a whole lot cheaper. I got the above for $3.95, However it has multiple layers so the cost of 3.95 can get me at least 4 different models. Basically it gives me this amount of variation:

  • Stone walls
  • Wood walls (exterior and/or interior)
  • Stone corners
  • Stone foundation
  • Brick walls
  • Plaster walls
  • Beams
  • Several window and door positions
  • Flagstone floor
  • Stone floor
  • Wood floor
  • 4 layers of debris
  • 2 chimney positions (or none at all)

Now to be fair, I have to factor in print costs, which I am frankly not sure about. But I have found a quote from Ryman for 86p per colour sheet on 160gsm card. So for the building above £3.44 multiplied by 4 will give me a total cost of £17.66 including purchase of the pdf.

Now my dark ops mdf ruin is £16.00 plus £3.50 postage. I still have to build and paint it.

An equivalent sized ruin from Dave is 5 sheets with roughly the same purchase cost.

The MDF is a lot more sturdy, but both it and the card can warp if they get damp, and both don’t do very well if they are dropped and stood on ….I know from experience.

I have however cardstock buildings that are over 10 years old.

Dark ops mdf is really good as they design their pieces to avoid any of the gaps in the walls and roofs where the bits fit together. And to be honest their walls are a bit better in scale.

This is one of my earlier ones:

Three sheets of card from what I remember.

Dave Graffam Ruined Building

Dave Graffam Model’s Rock!

I have had a pile of Dave’s card models for a while, so as I bought Frostgrave I thought it would be good to do up some more of the buildings. These will also work really well for my Flintloque games too.

I got mine from RPG Now, but the site below is Dave’s own



I ran a piece of acetate through my printer to get the leaded windows.

To be honest I messed up this kit a fair bit. I forgot to join the two walls together before I stuck them down, this meant that I have had to glue the boxes down onto the wall to support the the corner not to mention adding one to the wall.  I will put one on the other wall to support the joint to the base too, because being the pillock that I am I cut of the base supports too!

All in all this is a really nice kit. I would advise actually reading the instructions which are very comprehensive, unlike me. I had forgotten to print them off and though how hard can it be – thereupon lies the problem :). I  have a number of others to build so I will hopefully learn from my mistakes.

I can make my own ruined buildings out of blue foam etc, but with this costing  $2.95 it doesn’t really seem worth it. I got another three ruined buildings in this purchase, one each with a number of skins so I can have quite a few buildings from the 4 sets.

I have a couple of these with accessible interiors as well as a number of others…