Conquistadors Officially Finished

Sort of….

Still a bit of contrasting flock and bushes to add and then a quick varnish.

And from the side…

I decided to paint up the skulls, some are the remains of the Triffid’s last meal and the rest were placed on the temple.

Still don’t know if there will be room in the tournament due to the size of the room and me having to have the kids. But either way at least I got something else painted.

Tonight’s painting was brought to you by:

Motivating myself to paint some Dark Future Vehicles…

And finally I shall leave this with you all.


Tenochtitlan in Further Technicolor

I managed a bit more on the temples this evening…

The smaller ones had a terracotta colour added to the top.

I was going to add blood flowing down one set of stairs on the tall one but I have shelved that plan as I don’t want to spoil it.

I also did a few more leaves to go on the Lurker bases.

This is how I did the creeper. The leaves in this instance came from a small ball squashed between finger and thumb.

The one on the right is designed to go on the snake’s base.

Tonight’s work was brought to you by…

Whilst deleting photos I came across this chap.

By time I got the IPad out he had stopped cawing, it was a great photo opportunity, which I missed because I had just fastened it into my bag!

Tenochtitlan in Technicolor II

First layer of the lighter colour on…

The steps are being left the darker colour as numerous people tromping up and down them would very quickly knock any colour off.

The smaller ones still need the step sides painted as well as another coat or two to make them less patchy.

I fully intended to get more done tonight, but firstly everything aches apart from maybe my ears, as today was office move day, it was meant to be Monday, but others decided that today was better!

Started at 09.00 and got to this level at 16.30. A fridge is a total swine to get up stairs as well as downstairs even with a trolley. What make it worse is that our fridge came upstairs and theirs went downstairs, we suggested we leave them where they were, but sadly the owners wanted their own Fridge!

The reason for the move…. well our two Social Work departments needed to work closer together, so they moved offices to be closer together, sadly not from another part of Shetland or even a different part of town… err no they moved offices in the same building. One floor down and about 20 metres closer, to be fair some of them did move about 40 metres so therefore they are about 10 metres closer. I despair sometimes I really do!

Apologies for the rant!

Second reason was that the kids went to the local Halloween party and finally I was so achey I had a hot bath to try and sort some of the muscles out.

Hopefully I will get the cracked on with tomorrow.

Tenochtitlan in Technicolor

Well a desert yellow to begin with…

I wanted to seal the MDF so blasted it with my Army Painter spray can. It will become a lighter colour by far. I will also add some red and blue to the levels near the top of the tall pyramid.

I will get round to painting them tomorrow. I am just going to use craft paints on the bulk of them and then get a Matt varnish over the top

The other thing I managed to do was to stick the tank to a square base, I know I had a crappy day at work today, but tonight I realised how crappy.

Tonight I stuck a circular thing onto a square base and tried to work out which way the base and the tank went!

Regarding the tournament, only eight people can attend as it is in the smallest room in the building, this may mean I cannot attend due to having to have the kids that day. My Eldest wants to take part too. Unfortunately my wife is working the same day ☹️.

We shall have to see.

Tomorrow is, as they say, another day!

HOTT Conquistadors IV

The horde elements are painted, just the bases to do…

They are ‘nice and bright’. I do wish however that I had only put four miniatures on each base rather than the five.

I suppose they are meant to be a horde, so perhaps it will grow on me. Compared to the three minis per base of the Conquistadors then it doesn’t seem too bad 🤔.

I also managed a bit on my Lurker MKII

And finally…. nightmare scenario…

My Foundry Canvas ‘C’ is almost used up!

Eeek! It’s only about six years old….probably more than that. How dare it almost run out. Every single thing painted white in that time has been painted in this.

I am actually going to have to go and buy another white!