Ludus Gladiatorius Arena III

Working on the dais tonight.

Wooden floor and expensive Persian rugs. The rugs (if full size) would have cost me £3000+ 

Still a load of work to do before Saturday, the time is taken up with waiting for the PVA to dry. I am still waiting on the internal palisade to dry. The carpet on the raised stones is to be draped over, the seat will be covered with cloth and if I have time- cushions.


I decided to add a stone face to the front wall rather than timber.

Gladiators – slow progress 

Slow progress indeed. With working on the arena at home and trying to paint at work (people forget I am allowed a lunch break) with the phone going and people wanting me these are taking forever.

To be honest though, there is really only the metallics to do and the weapon shafts hair and nets washed and highlighted. I don’t think I am going to bother painting in the eyes. Once these are done I have a Hopolomachus, a few lions and a Dimacherius to finish. All before Saturday.

Ludus Gladiatorius – the Arena

As you can tell, Gladiators are my next big thing, well actually they have already been a thing for years. Now as mentioned on a previous post or two Ludus Gladiatorius comes with absolutely everything you need to play the game. But for the Games day I decided to make a simple provincial arena.  

This is being made out of 10mm extruded polystyrene.  For speed I decided to do squares instead of hexagons. 

This will have an internal planked wall (and possibly external) the gates will be under the dais at the back. To be honest for speed I haven’t really bothered with a way in, but this may change 🤣.

Regarding Ludus Gladiatorius. Doug from EM4 replied to my email stating that LG II is sold out and there aren’t that many of LG left either, but that a new version was in the pipeline with ‘lots of goodies’.

I will most certainly be waiting for it to come out, You can never have too many gladiators 👍. 

EM4 has loads of good stuff at really good prices. It is well worth giving them a look for both Painted and unpainted figures.