Japanese Village III

I managed Further work on the village tonight whilst watching Conan on Netflix. The biggest problem I had was the grey. I mixed it and it ended up blue… being the silly bugger that I am, I forgot I had paining in the shed that was mixed to the required shades of grey. Oh well repaint tomorrow is in order.

The buildings. Instead of doors I went for hangings.the big one still needs the wood painting in.
Bugger, the rocks are blue!

I undercoated a whole lot more today too…

And finally for today my new rules arrived and amazingly I actually found some 6mm Samurai. I was looking for black acrylic paint and I came across these. They must be twenty years old at least!

Japanese Village…Further Work

I really, really couldn’t be bothered tonight, but I forced myself to do a little bit on the village. My Get up and go evidently got up and went. But never mind progress is progress.

My horse went out into his summer grazing today so we can have a lie in in the morning. I really, really need one. I found out a really interesting thing today. If you don’t eat that much then scoff loads of walnuts then your world drops out your bottom. It was a definite case of Imodium or a cork. Luckily we had some of the former in the house.

So I got everything that needed it washed in a sepia wash I made myself. It really has sat too long so I need to redo it. This was my first attempt using washing up liquid which foams if you shake it vigorously. I also undercoated all of the flora and fauna in the pond white. This is to allow the colours to show up better when they get done. Finally I got some red on things that needed to be red.

Hopefully I will feel more like painting tomorrow.

My new toy came today. It is a sonic cleaner. I have a bucketload of painted miniatures that need stripping. I got a cheap one to see how it does. So far nothing seems to have budged, but to be honest I don’t actually know how long it will take. If anyone knows then I am all ears.

Today’s random re-enactment photo is this one…

Lance swirling without a horse!

Japanese Village

Tonight I decided to get some paint onto the farm buildings, not to mention anything else I could think of that needed doing.

Everything is a bit wet still in this photo but at least I got some paint onto things… I still need to blend the deeper part of the pond on the right hand one. Hopefully I will crack on with these. There is no way that I am going to get it done by the end of the weekend. But that was a self imposed deadline so there is no one to worry about apart from me.

Birthday Hamlet

So I started collecting everything together to see how much there is for my mates birthday.

There is still the pond to add into this lot and a small Buddha shrine too. This one will be the small square one with the Buddha on it and steps leading to the statue .

It should keep me going for a while. I am not going to get anything painted tonight as I am too knackered.

So instead here is another random re-enactment photo…

My good lady and I in Boulogne. I must find the video of the battle! Between the French and British… not me and her.

Birthday Buildings

Today has been spent printing more bits and bobs for my mates birthday on Friday. The miniatures haven’t arrived yet so I will need to get these sorted ASAP.

None of these are glued yet!

This will be his small farm. I still have the shrine base to do, but as I am nearly out of filament on this roll then I will need to put a new one on first to print it out.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get the gaps filled on these and get them sprayed on Thursday. I thought I would point out that the gaps are there as I seem to have a bit of a warped bed. Sometimes they appear when I print in different places. It could simply be that the bed has become a little thinner in those places leading to the wonk.

Big Pile of Prints

I spent today cracking on with my mates birthday present. Apart from the Buddha they are all from 3DALIENWORLDS.

I still have a raised area to do for the Buddha and some more roofs for the farm houses. I will do some rice paddies and some more fences to make fields. I will do some more rice stores too. One for him and some more for me.

3DAlienworlds have just posted a list of upcoming files for the Samurai. Very excited! I must be, Facebook informed me that I was a top fan 🤣.

The one thing I am going to do is to print a couple more Nobori banners for my shrine. I was reading somewhere that they were sometimes used to name patrons of the shrine. So a couple would look quite good just before the bridge.

Last check of the printer methinks and then bed. Catch you all tomorrow.

Torii and a Pond

So today I set the printer running to get some terrain done for my mates birthday. I decided to do him a big pond. Thankfully at about the 2hour mark I checked on the print and the front end was starting to lift. Luckily the blue tape was handy and I had enough to fasten it to too. For some reason the front of the print plate seemed to have dropped a bit. Hence the problems. It still looks okay so once I get it onto something flat then I will fill in the gap. Luckily it is where the stones are at the bottom of this image so it is hard to actually see from the top.

I printed out the accessories too and made a smaller torii gate.

My PLA order arrived today too…

It should keep me busy for a while.

I printed off some fences, another well and a Buddha to build a mini shrine for him. I will also do him a couple of farm houses too.

Printing Pond life

Today I sliced all of the bits to go into the pond. I printed the pond at 100% but all of the flora and fauna at 50%. It made some really small things!

I was surprised at how well the fish and turtles etc came out. To be honest the Lilly pads struggled a bit at 50%

I shoved some of them into the smaller pond too…

I am really chuffed at how well they look. I have actually bought some resin so that I can add ‘water’ to these. It is so long since I have done anything like this it will be interesting to give it a go. I am also going to add some to the paddies and if there is anything left then I can make some canal pieces up too.

I had a print failure today. I started printing some building pieces for my mates birthday and for some reason I had a failed print. One of the end pieces came partially adrift and was threatening spaghetti monster everywhere. Now in hindsight,as it had been just under 2 hours, I could have actually kept it going instead of cancelling the print. The piece hadn’t fully come adrift. I could have done a rescue ‘hold it in place’ rescue so that the rest could have printed…. ah well hindsight is a great thing.

Printing a Pond

I decided to do a full sized pond today, but to make it a bit different I took the Teahouse rocks and blended them into the pond in 3D builder.

The 50% one took about an hour and ten minutes. This one took five and three quarters. I did have a bit of printer problems to begin with. First off nothing was printing so I changed the spring on the extruder (well not exactly) I removed my two screws and added the proper bit in. I also re levelled the plate as the front right corner was pretty much out and nothing was printing there at all. So eventually when everything was tip top. I started again and voila, it came out properly.

Where I added the rocks is pretty obvious when I compare the two. I fully intended to stretch one of the axis too, but forgot.

Tomorrow I will print off some reeds and water lilies and possibly a fish or two, but there will definitely be a turtle in there too. These will be done at 50% again so that I don’t have a man sized koi swimming around in the pond.

Today was spent reading stories or rather a story lots of times for a video for the bairns in my nursery. I had an able assistant…

Louis kept messing up and I had to redo it so many times. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Putting the Shrine Together

Tonight I finished the last piece of the shrine and decided to glue it all together.

So this is where I got to. Gaps to fill etc, but it is all glued together now. The base bits are all glued together the things on it are just in position.

The next thing to do is to decide whether or not to put a wall around it or put it into some kind of natural terrain. He idea is that the far bit will always be separated to allow for more flexibility. I tried the teahouse on it and it like kind of funky on there.

I do really like this set. It has combined well with the other ones to make something different.

The other thing I did was to print some nobori for the army. I went for a plain pair, a Mori clan pair with a triple mon and a Hokosawa clan pair with a single mon.

They are probably a bit on the large side for the 15mm. The stand certainly makes them look huge. They don’t look too bad next to a figure without the stand.

I never did get anything painted tonight. The glueing of the shrine took longer than I expected.

I hopefully will get onto the Ashigaru tomorrow.