One More Sleep…

Well that is it, all the preparation for tomorrow’s convention are almost done.

I almost forgot to put the wash on the road, but luckily remembered in time, it has darkened down nicely, but is still light enough to be seen as a road. I found photos that showed really light roads amongst darker desert and this is what I was aiming for.

So here is the finished village…

I also got my display boards done too…

Regarding the firing rules, I have come up with a change that I think will work. Under twelve inches needs a 5 plus to hit, twelve to twenty four inches needs the 6. Up to thirty six is the 7 then beyond that is an 8 on 2D6. To aid with this I have a piece of dowel 36 inches long, this has been coloured in sections to aid distances for firing. There will be photos of it in action tomorrow.

From what I recall, there are the following:

Rapid Fire,


Pod Racing


My Tanker game

There may be more too.

Whilst I remember, I go through bucket loads of superglue sticking things to bases etc. I decided that enough was enough with the 5g pots (sometimes 3G).

On the left 5g of superglue for £3.95 …. on the right 150ml of superglue for £7 posted.

I reckon it should keep me going for a while.

Tomorrow I shall regale you all with tales of our little convention 🙂

Walls with added Agriculture

Today everything got a second spray with watered down PVA. Once it was dry I added some vegetation of sorts.

I pretty much looked through my tufts to see what might be useful. Don’t ask me what anything is meant to be as I never got round to googling crops in the desert, well okay I just have…

 Crops grown in the desert include watermelons, apples, green onions, cucumbers, corn, hot peppers, melons, bell peppers, radishes, carrots, cabbage, soybeans, pears, tomatoes, squash and spinach.

 Many farmers raise alfalfa as feed for their animals. It uses four times as much water as wheat. But wheat is also wasteful because so much of the plant ends up as straw.

So now I know!

Anyway everything is pretty much ready for Saturday.

I hunted out my palm trees…

The one conundrum I now have is distances.

A player rolls 2D6 and has to get higher than six for ranges up to 48 inches and needs a seven beyond…Now do I half everything as I am playing 15mm. Therefore gun range becomes 24 inches for the six and over 24 becomes the seven. I would keep the movement distances of 2D6 the same.

I think this would work as although range has reduced, it means crews fire at a more effective range. As can be seen below there is no reductions for range apart from the 48 inches.

Therefore 24 inches will work just as well… I hope… I don’t want to go down the inches into centimetres route and thought this would make it easier.

What do people think?.

Walls, Conundrums and a Christmas Card idea

Well tonight I got some more work done on the walls, they were dry brushed lots and then sand was put on the bases.

These will get some colour variations added then will get a spray with watered down PVA… oh and then I will get some vegetation on there too,.

The following is going to be my Bethlehem scene with Mary, Joseph and ickle wickle baby Jesus…

Still the sand to add, the well is just about visible under the shade of the palm tree.

Sadly I don’t have any 15mm middle eastern civilians, plenty of 10’s but no 15’s.

So onto the conundrum…. drum roll please…..

WaT requires a board to mark everything on, whether a tank is loaded, acquired etc. As I said yesterday I was going to print off the Thingiverse one and here it is…

The hexagonal tokens are the universal tool that shows how far a turret can turn for each appropriate dice. 60 degrees rotation per successful dice. Now Cura, the slicing software, gave a time of 5 hrs 30 minutes to print, it was actually closer to seven. My new roll of PLA hasn’t arrived yet and I reckon I can probably get another one out of the remainder of this roll. This type needs a plasticised sheet behind it so it can have things written on it in the blank boxes, which is again more work.

Option 2 is to simply print out the ones from the book and cover them with the laminator…

Option 3 is to basically use what I have already

The problem with this last option is that I made them double sided…

The only issue would be making sure things didn’t get wiped off and having somewhere for the temporary damage dice to go…

To be honest for ease, I will probably go for option two or three. I also just remembered that I need to make a crib sheet for all of the different attributes.

Today I had to go and get all of my crap out of the crashed car. It did look a bit broken, however when I was there I noticed this…

All of the other tyres were inflated and this one has run on its metal rim. It looks like it had a blow out on the back driver side. Either way the car is totally buggered.

Tomorrow I will carry on with the village, hunt out the palm tree bases and generally crack on with things.

DAK… Further Progress

So tonight I painted numbers and crosses on the AFV’s…

I managed to paint the numbers in white without problems, but then had total hand wobbles going over things with a super fine Sharpie. No matter, they are almost done. Still tools etc to paint, but otherwise I am leaving them as is.

Believe it or not, the army painter wash ‘glued’ the turrets in position and it took a lot of force to budge them. I actually thought that one of the 38T’s wasn’t going to move at all.

I also printed a dodge truck, this time I sprayed it with support still in place, just so you can see how they come off the print plate…

I really do need to get the top layers sorted out. I can increase the top layers in Cura and really should experiment a bit more. I could also sand it as well… so lots of experiments need to be had.

This is how it looks with the supports removed…

This was printed on its wheels so it needed support the full length of it. I could have printed it on its rear, but it would still need support in various places. On the wheels means that most of the support is underneath where it can’t really be seen.

As the kilogram of black filament is nearing the end then I ordered another roll, this time I went for a light grey, should make photographing things a bit easier.

The other thing I managed today was to increase the height of my wall…

I pushed it to the back of the base, this means that tanks on the tabletop have a hull down appearance. The one inside the wall doesn’t have as much cover. Which are dealt with in the rules.

My one major criticism with the wall is that the boulders are massive. Now to be fair my rockery is made up of similar sized boulders, and indeed, when I was laying my broadband cable there were some rocks that the digger couldn’t shift. Scale size I do have some pebbles that would look about the right size but they would be an absolute sod to stack up.

Tomorrow I intend to paint the equipment on the tanks, then if fine get some varnish onto everything

I am, shock horror, going to the wargames club again… two weeks running (must nearly be a record). I will also be getting new toys as I bought a pack of the Battle Valour Ninja to see how they fit in with the Tin Soldier ones… fingers crossed .🤞

DAK … Making a Start

So after a night off yesterday I got back into things again tonight…

That is all tracks and wheels done on the German tanks.

It is quite interesting that some had a white undercoat and a couple of layers of paint and some had a black undercoat and about six layers of paint. I bet you can’t tell which is which.

It’s a bit late in the day to worry about it now. This is the first real time they have been next to each other. Tomorrow they will get a wash and some numbers and that will be them pretty much done. The kubelwagen will get the silver and blue Contrast paint for the windows. Once all of the tanks are painted I will give them a few coats of varnish to help them last a bit longer.

Still a fair bit to go… I have found a 3D printed baseboard on Thingiverse which I might print out. I am running out of both time and filament so I might be reduced to printing them on paper.

I will order some PLA this evening and hope for the best.

I was having an early night tonight, but sadly started watching YouTube

These guys and gals made me laugh out loud. If you have played any kind of computer game you will understand how funny these are.

Allied Tanks… A Night Off

Well sort of a night off… I didn’t get in until 22.30 tonight and was going to have a night off as I had been off to see my Eldest as Pugsley in the school production of the Adams Family. Although I was a proud dad and was amazed at her singing voice ( she never really sings in the house) it was a great night out and would have been If I had been a regular punter.

Anyway when I got back I thought I had better do something on the tanks…

Yeah I know the triangles are a bit thick in places, if I have time and can be bothered then I will go back and redo them.

I know I didn’t need the red triangle on them, but it makes them a bit more interesting and that is my story.

Allied Tanks… Little Progress

Well Tonight was busy, busy, busy so I really didn’t have time to do much on the tanks, but at least I managed something.

I managed to paint the tools on each and the hawsers on the Churchill

The other thing I managed was to paint the windscreens and windows on the Tilly and staff car…

I decided to do a little experiment. I painted them bright silver as an undercoat and when it was dry I went over it with a blue Contrast paint. The darker bit was a second layer, this will tone down when it dries. To be honest I am quite chuffed with the results.

I must apologise to anyone who heard a Geordie bloke swearing rather a lot this evening. It had dawned on me yesterday that I would need more dice for my tank game at the weekend. So, although I live on Shetland, I thought I would give Amazon a go and see if they could get it to me pretty quickly. They said it would be here by the 10th. That caused me a momentary wobble as the 10th would be too late as I needed….it….by…. the ….. oh Bollocks, by the 19th. For some reason I had got it into my head that the Games day was this weekend coming, in fact it is the weekend after, what is more, I made the poster to advertise it. I have been panicking all last week that I was running out of time and that somehow I had lost a week in my self imposed timetable. So I am now quite relieved that I have a bit longer to go.

I can now relax a bit, and as I am off next week it will give me a lot more time to crack on with things.

Allied Tanks… Further Work

Well by further work I mean I applied a light tone wash…

They have certainly dulled down a bit from yesterday

I might dry brush them a bit tomorrow to get them back to a lighter tan.

I didn’t get much done today as this morning We put in a stove in the kitchen and this afternoon I dropped my kids off and, shock horror, actually went to a wargames club! Yes I did indeed… probably the first time in 2019.

I took my submarine game and Martin and I had a bash at it, we survived…just and limped back into Kiel. Our Score was a D, but at least we sank stuff and survived!

There are at least three (possibly four) gaming clubs up here. Thule which I was one of the founder members in 2007. This meets on a Thursday, but as I game with a mate who works different shift patterns sometimes the only day we can do is a Thursday ( plus I haven’t been there since about a July) not to mention where I work now and with my wife needing to be in various places on a Thursday I just haven’t managed to get this year at all. The ‘Shetland wargames’ Club meets on a Sunday and does mainly GW stuff, but over the years I have noticed them starting to do some historical stuff. The other two clubs are mainly Dungeons and Dragons Role play games. So I am going to give the Sunday club a go and see how I get on.

Well I bit the bullet and ordered a DBA Samurai army from Tin Soldier. This will get me started at least, it’s not the large one I wanted but it is less than half the price of the bigger one.

On the Up side, Battle Valour Games are now doing 15mm Samurai, and Martin, who I gamed with today is the uk supplier. I will purchase a sample pack to see how they compare size wise to Tin Soldier. Hopefully they will be a similar size to the Scalians which fit in well with Tin Soldier.

Tomorrow I will try and get some more painting done.

Allied Tanks

Well I am off with the British/commonwealth tanks and vehicles.

I fully intended to do a slate colour over the base colour then promptly forgot and chose green! Luckily General orders are my friend here.

1941 –  G.O.1272 now calls for a basic colour of Light Stone No.61 or  Portland Stone No.64, according to supplies with one disruptive colour over at the discretion of Commands i.e. Palestine , Malta , Trans-Jordan etc.  This cancels GO 297 of 1940 and GO 795 of 1941.   At first this may have been Slate in patterns similar to Caunter but later possibly Slate No. 34, Silver Grey No. 28 and Black have been noted in apparently random patterns

1942.  Over Light Stone 61 the single colour disruptive was still in force although many units did not employ it whilst others used a variety of schemes, designs and colours, some with black and/or white outlining.

I painted the tracks on the tank and the tyres on the wheeled vehicles with the same colour as the French armour.

These still need a wash putting on them to get some shading in… and then getting all the gubbins painted.

Tomorrow I will carry on with these and try and get them finished by the evening. Then onto the German armour.

I have suddenly thought that I need some walls etc to act as line of sight blockers/ cover. I have buildings and palm trees, but could really do with some small walled fields – the problem is I am running out of time.

Tanks of Different Colours

Well okay, having two different colours is different right?

Hopefully they are now different enough to be distinguishable on the table now. Waiting for the paint to cure before cracking on with them. The Allied Stuff is more than likely to light a colour, but with a wash on it will darken up a fair bit.

Every time I look at the allied tanks I think I don’t have enough, then remember that I have all the French stuff too.

I did have a bit of a hiccup getting these done! All of a sudden the airbrush stopped pushing paint out. I was a bit miffed as I had just filled the cup and had to dump it!

After much swearing, prodding and fiddling it started again, so everything ended up getting a few coats over the white. No doubt tomorrow I will find the one with only one set of tracks and wheels painted.

As I had the ivory out, I though I might as well blast the brick sections on the houses.

A bit of clean up is required, but it was a heck of a lot faster than with a brush. I will give them all a wash of something brownish too to make them pop a bit more, that and paint all of the wood.

And finally we come to sheep, yes sheep… the woolly Bahh bahh things.

I was stood this morning waiting for my lift and I noticed something peculiar in the field of rams. They seemed to have ‘paired’ up. When one moved off then a second would follow. What made it a bit more weird is that they had paired thus…

One black face and one white face in each grouping. In this photo you can see the black faced ram following the white one. They kept like this in these pairs all the time I was there. Probably a total coincidence but weird nonetheless.

I did feel sorry for the one in the distance as he didn’t have any friends!

It wasn’t a bad morning this morning…

Definitely Autumnal….