Aztecs… Feathers and Statues

I managed a bit more tonight, mainly painted all of the feathers I could find. I went for yellow and after finished painting them I realised that most of the feathers in Codex Mendosa were green!

I will get the ends painted different colours, Black for the peasants and brighter colours for the rest.

I also printed off the final statue,

This is as it came off the print bed. The raft really does work, and you can see the built in support fir the elbows. I will get it sprayed tomorrow.

I want the Aztecs finished tomorrow if at all possible. We shall have to see how I get on!


Aztecs…Further Work

So I managed a bit more on these today, they are nice chunky figures, but there are some bits that are a right pain to get a brush into, well there are when you base them prior to painting 🙄.

I chose colours based on the various codexes. I think it is Codex Mendoza that states the peasant shield was a white field with a blue border (the white needs to be added) so to tie them all in the rest have the same blue on their ‘belt’ . I will crack on with some more tomorrow. I reckon they are going to be quite colourful when they are finished.

I managed to print off the bases for the statues this evening (this reminds me I must collect the other two and then switch off the printer.

I still haven’t decided what colour to do these, natural stone or painted… I am not sure… I will do a bit of looking up and see what there are pictures of.

Rainbow Aztecs

Okay so maybe not quite rainbow coloured, but quite bright non the less.

Not that you can really see from the above. Still a long way to go, but the contrast paint seems to be doing a reasonable job on this scale. I have now got sixteen pots of the stuff. Because I am a pillock I have got two pots of Blood angel red, I will take the unopened one back tomorrow to exchange it for a different colour. One of the other colours I cannot stand. It is a very bright green. The one thing I must do before returning the pot is to write down what I have got so I don’t balls up again.

I also fired up the printer again today and did another couple of statues…

I gave them a blast with a grey rattle can to mainly act as an undercoat, but also to allow them to be photographed easier. The middle one is from last night, the other two are today’s print. I put them on a raft and they printed really well. I put a base of Aztecs near them to let you see the size if them. These were printed at 70% of the original size and they are still quite large. The hands come separately and fit nicely into the wrist socket.

My original idea was to base them in a group, but looking at the size of them I think I will go for individual bases. I will print of some 50mm textured bases tomorrow and get these stuck down. To be honest I will probably print off one more. There is a worn version which I think I will give a go.

I printed off five more Lizardmen today too, but disaster struck and only one is useable, one is missing a weapon, one is missing a base and the other two are basically spaghetti monsters. Next time I print them one at a time👍.

Tomorrow will crack on with the Aztecs as I want them finished ASAP.

Aztecs… and He’s Off

I made a start on these tonight, gave them ten hours or so for the spray to cure a bit more.

I got a bit bored painting skin, but on the upside the contrast paint Aggaros Dunes works well for a darker skin tone.

I Love the miniatures but I really wish I had mixed up the types. For some reason, unbeknown to me, I put them on the bases as they came out of the packets. So each base has identical miniatures on it. I really don’t know whether or not I can be bothered to take them all off. The suit wearers will have different coloured suits so at least there will be some variation.

I wrote types on the bottom which was very organised of me, however I mixed up the Quachic veterans with the apprentice warriors. I just must remember to paint the Quachic veterans in their yellow suits.

I also printed off a couple of statues…

The more mathematically astute of you will note there is only one visible. That is because the sister to this one fell over at the 7 hour mark. I swore! I did learn something though, these will need a raft to help. The elbows come with built is supports, the second one’s support fell over and then in time the main body somehow collapsed as well, probably the spaghetti monster that engulfed it caused it to lift from the bed. The total print time for both was 9 hours 10 minutes.. I printed them at 70% to fit in with the 15mm minis. She is the Goddess of War, a very suitable subject. The STL files have a new version and a crumbling version as well as a damaged on too. My initial intention is to have four of them in matched pairs.

The hands are printed separately, one holds a sword the other is either a fist or an open hand. Once again this came from Terrain4Print free from Thingiverse. I will either tip him through there or become a Patron as I have a lot of his stuff.

Whilst waiting for the print to finish I made a start on the clothing on the warriors. The peasant tunics are pretty much all painted, still a long way to go on the rest.

Tomorrow shall involve more printing as well as more painting.

Scalians… Pretty Much Done

I got the shields stuck on today and slapped some paint on. The rims could do with a bit of a highlight, but other than the bases I reckon I am finished with these.

Apologies for the lighting, we moved our house around today, where the table ended up had pretty naff lighting. I will get them all out tomorrow for a photo shoot.

I also hunted out my Tin Soldier Aztecs. It is a DBA force so only 36 miniatures to paint. I am pretending that I haven’t seen the Box full of Black Hat Aztecs or the Tin Soldier Conquistadors that I forgot I had. I will base these up as I normally do. 20 x 40mm for them all 😂. I am playing more HOTT at the minute so they will match in with the Conquistador army I played in at the last HOTT tournament.

The printer whirred and squeaked and yodelled it’s way through som3 more bits today.

I have 5 jaguar heads, 5 pillars as well as the altar and bowl. Total time 7 hours 40 minutes (I remembered to look today). I have downloaded some more stuff from Thingiverse from Terrain4Print. I will slice them tomorrow and set it running again.

Scalians… Temple of the Moon

After 10 hours (I think… totally forgot to check before switching off the printer) I have got my temple finished and it is, in my mind, absolutely superb.

Once again the Black PLA is helping no-one see the detail.

The piece comes from here I-Lovecraft. The stuff on there is lovely, if you have a 3D printer check it out. There are Fantasy, Meso American, Roman and Asian buildings and accessories. My favourite out is Bridgeton – it’s a modular bridge with houses built onto it. Something I think I will save up for.

Anyway back to the Temple I printed.

It comes in 5 main pieces (plus a brazier) there are four floor pieces.

These in turn hold up the Jaguar head.

Based on the hole in this, my bed needs levelling again. I will have to have a think as to whether I want these pieces overgrown and disused or have them full colour. If so it looks like Disney’s El Dorado will be coming out again as I really like the colours of the city.

So what do I think of this piece, firstly I haven’t done it justice on my printer. First off I didn’t use the hi resolution version that was available in the download, secondly I set my printer to a middling quality, I could have set it higher, but with that comes a longer print time 10 hours seemed long enough and I am impatient. I meant to get up early this morning and totally failed to do so! I only set the printer going at 11.00 am so I wanted it before I went to bed. Yesterday I was up to near as damn 2.00 am waiting for the pyramid to print. I think they are pretty awesome. Both are €12.50 in the online shop, but I got mine in the humble bundle so came in at a fraction of the cost. The thousand dollar question is would I buy them full price. Probably yes, depending on finances at the time. The MDF ones shown above were a whole lot cheaper, but and it’s a big but… these are a a whole lot more detailed and I can scale them up or down, not to mention print out two dozen if I wanted to. The temple is pretty much a single centre piece (but the separate heads are really useful to add as Scatter). I would still go for it as I couldn’t get anything as nice in resin or plastic for the same price. There was a nice resin temple for fish tanks in my local pet shop. It was nice, overgrown etc but it was £25 so even mooching about for other things still works out more expensive.

Once I get better at the 3D modelling, these could be distressed and damaged prior to printing which means even more things that can be done for the price.

So all in all, definitely worth the money. Something near to 16 hours print time, but still way faster than anything I could get delivered from the mainland.

So here they both are with a base of Scalians for Scale.

I dropped both of these to 60%. I might do another pyramid but print it full size. I reckon that would be a bit impressive on the table.

My next conundrum is how to base them, if at all. Temples like these would be part of a larger complex. A table of pyramids and temples would be cool, but it would be an absolute nightmare to try and store safely.

I could go for something like my HOTT stronghold here Temple Completed I did this on a smaller courtyard… like I say something to ponder. Tomorrow I intend to finish of painting the Scalians, print off some more bits and bobs – including some 25% sized jaguar heads to make some form of pathway to the temple and then make a start on my Tin Soldier Aztecs.

Scalians… Something a Little Different

What with one thing and another today then I never got anything painted. Technically I went into work today to clear out my desk before starting the new job and ended up chatting to colleagues who I haven’t seen for about 10 weeks so… I will need to go in and sort out my desk another time. I then went out this evening with some of my colleagues for our regular catch up meal, just back in to get this written up.

Modelling wise my day wasn’t wasted. I got thinking of the Scalian Forces and how they would need themed terrain. So off I went to look on Thingiverse. It was then that I remembered my humble bundle I bought way back in March. Something was making me think that there were Jungly things in the pack. I fired up the computer and had a look.

Apologies for the naff photo, but it was moving quite quick and the iPad couldn’t keep up. I found two pyramids, a jaguar temple of the moon and various scatter pieces too.

The other thing I found were some 3D printable Lizardmen. I took a guess at reducing the size to 70% and I ended up with this size.

You can’t really see him properly as he is black PLA but he does fit in nicely with the general figure. He will be joined by a few more to make a unit of larger lizard warriors akin to Kroxigor in Warhammer.

I also printed off some carved disks. Because I printed them flat the detail isn’t as good as it could be had I done them vertically. Problem with a circle is that it needs a whole lot of support to go vertical.

So no painting done but still something to show at the end of the day. The lizard is from Fat Dragon Games and for the life of me I cannot remember the maker of the terrain stuff. Lizard took 45 minutes to print, whilst the pyramid is just over 6 hours.

The jaguar temple is going to be nearer 10 hours. I will set it away tomorrow morning and see what appears at the end of the day.

A Paler Shade of White

More work on the pilots this evening…

Only did about 30 minutes this evening as I had been off tromping round a field for a couple of hours putting up electric fencing. The horses are off to their summer paddock on Sunday so we were getting it ready to go.

These will get a bit more done tomorrow. I forgot to bring in the blue wash to add shadow to the grey areas around the head.

Worm Infestation

They just keep on coming! Ok maybe I should stop hitting print, but they are strangely satisfying.

I have decided on a red colour scheme for these… I did cock up the layer height on my first print. I bet you can’t tell which one it was!

The nice thing about the 3D printable files is that one can up and down. The dodgy print one is 100 %. The middle one of the double ones is the 100% one too.

Another package came in the post today…

I was a bit concerned that I was going to be building a whole pile more figures but nope, they came ready built and based 👍

They aren’t too bad size wise to the EM4 miniatures. These are pretty much the light infantry version…

And these the heavy infantry version (with two weird mutant things)

These are going to be painted up as Fleet Rescue (whatever colour they are).

Big day tomorrow, job interview for a deputy headship of one of our high schools, therefore early night tonight…

I will try and get the light infantry and the new stuff sprayed tomorrow evening.

Washes, Highlights and Another Big Bug

This sounds like a hairdressers advert, well apart from the big bug, unless that is some form of bouffant hairstyle.

Tonight I managed some highlights on the robots…

As with most things they look a lot better in real life. I spent ages highlighting edges and flat panels, not that you can tell, there is now a huge contrast between the dark recesses and the raised areas.

I also bunged a light wash on the elves, yeah I am back on with them…

Trooper Ted is keeping an eye on them 🙄

And finally the big bug, where does that fit in… my latest purchase, all the way from Virginia Beach in Virginia in the USA.

It’s a Tanker bug, complete with shooty bits. Press the button on its back and the spring loaded mechanism fires the ‘plasma’ out of its mouth.

So why all the way from the states and why a toy from the ’90s… simple reason really. I got this chappy for a fiver with £12 postage. Compare that to the £35 used and £60 in box you can see why. And the States, it was the only place I could find one at the time. Typically once the purchase had been made then a few popped up in the Uk on EBay. I did do a bit of research and as the cost was below £30 then I would pay no import duty… looks like it was right.

Although the bug itself was funky, along with bubble wrap was a bit of a newspaper, which was just as interesting as I have never seen a newspaper from the states before… the one weird thing (to me that is) is it is really long and thin.

Compare it to the mighty tome that is…The Shetland Times …a mighty paper of editorial prowess and cutting edge reporting….

As you can see, starlings can destroy your car… secondary pupils at the New Anderson High school need road safety lessons and as our brand (shiny) new high school appeared about 100th out of 339 schools in some league table everyone threw a wobbly about how the rankings are flawed. It is really funny how rankings are flawed when they show a poor result, I have yet to see anyone, anywhere go ‘huzzah we are top, but there again the rankings are totally flawed so we reckon we should be nearer the middle!’

To be fair we don’t have official league tables in Scotland and it was a single performance indicator that was used to gain the data.

Ohh yeah, some schools are getting about 9 weeks off this year due to building work taking place…

Ohh yeah and someone was appalled that the paper had printed the ‘f’ word in full in this parochial family newspaper… on that note, I had better f*** off and get some things done before bed… tomorrow is Friday… I might still be able to find something that is forgotten… probably more 10mm elves….