Very Little Done

So, as I said yesterday, I was off gallivanting today. My original plan was to get things sprayed this morning ready to paint tomorrow. Unfortunately my good lady had a migraine that affected her vision and stability meaning that I was on horse and taxi duty this morning. The upshot of this was that nothing got sprayed.

They are built, but not white. Hopefully I will get them done tomorrow.

I did manage to throw a bit of Contrast on these, so at least I managed to get something done today.

Big Beasty Finished…Almost

So tonight I decided to try and get this finished. It was mainly the metalwork and collar decoration.

John suggested a darker colour for the collar so I went with the Tin Bitz. I thought it looked good, so a lot of the metalwork was done with this and Dwarf Bronze. Some gold was used on the dangling decorations.

I still need to do something with the teeth as they pretty much blend in with the yellow. Apart from that and the base I am calling this pretty much done (may do some highlighting). I just have to work out with what.

Next up will be the skink rider so that I can get it finished.

Big Beasty with Straps

I didn’t get much done tonight, but I did get the straps started…

I still have to decide what colour to do the collar. There will be some gold, but I think a solid gold one will look a bit naff.

I should be able to get some more done tomorrow night.

Multi-coloured Big Beasty II

I did a little bit more work on the big lizard today. I could have done a lot more but I spent a bit too long playing in the console.

This morning I spent far too long playing Hunter Call of the Wild. I have pretty much finished all of the mission arks bar two I think.

It is such a gorgeous looking world, I just keep going back to it. Like this morning (in game) I was in Yukon and watched the sun rise over the landscape. Almost forgot to shoot anything 😂.

This is just a random in game shot, I forgot to save the screenshot I took to somewhere useful.

Anyway after that, I got a bit of painting done…

So, this is where she stands now. I would have got even further forward except that my son reminded me that I had promised that I would reinstall one of my older games and he duly went and got it then ordered me to play something so that he. Old watch.

He chose Horizon Zero Dawn, so I went from hunting moose and bison this morning to hunting watchers and strides this evening.

Horizon Zero Dawn has to be up there in my top 10 games. Probably somewhere in the top 5 to be honest. It was so different from anything I had played before. I am starting from scratch again so it may mean a few nights of cursing as I don’t have the full skill tree like before 😂.

So tomorrow, I hope to crack on with the lizard and try and get it finished.

On a total aside, I have ordered some new ground cover from Geek gaming as I wanted something different from my usual Patchy plains as it doesn’t really shout fantasy rainforest.

Multi Coloured Big Beasty

Today I did indeed manage to get some more done on the Theropod. Not as much as I would have liked, but some progress is still progress.

I decided to add a contrast stripe between the blue and yellow. It was originally going to be just red, but I decided to leave a white border and kind of liked it. Bottom line is…if I don’t like it I can repaint it. It still looks weird with all the other white showing, but once that has gone then I can make my decision as to keep it or not.

The black lines on the sail are for a bit of extra shading in the recesses. It is going to be dark blue, so I wanted them to be a darker in the recesses.

There are still some bits around the claws that need filling in. I decided to go for he claws, my original idea was a bone colour, but black seemed more suitable, plus this chap has them too!

He was going to be a mount for my hero, but he does seem a little underwhelming. I think I might have something a bit bigger and in a better pose. I will have to check.

I also managed to fire up the printer again today….

Here we have a double width demon gate and some Dwarven statues… I also managed to print some levers as well as some more packing crates.

I might see if I can find a suitable scary Beasty as a mount, if not Sleich will work out a bucket load cheaper…. Gw version £50.00 (to be fair with a rider) … I already have the rider, saddle and reins. I just need something to ride.

Beasty with some Colour

I pretty much managed to spend all of today up, with a slight need for a lie down in the middle of the day.

So it looks like I am on the mend.

I managed to get this sprayed yesterday (or it might have been this morning) but anyway I started throwing paint onto it.

There is a mountain of tidying up to do, as well as some camouflage, but at least it is started. As you might have guessed, I didn’t do anything on the Wargs. The Good news is that my good lady has officially told me that I mustn’t over exert myself. So tomorrow shall be a lazy day painting miniatures. Huzzah!

Big Lizard Beasty and the Greenstuff

Today was another home day. I managed most of the day on the sofa today. I did however manage to get the Greenstuff onto the base and into most of the cracks.

When this is dry, I will get it sprayed tomorrow.

I also managed to fire the printer up. I couldn’t be arsed to change cards so I went for something that was on the one in the machine.

This is the large dwarven door. It is the same width as the 3×3 tiles.

Now I am not sure why there is a small crack in the right had base but I will either just shove some superglue in or splat a bit of Greenstuff in there.

In my bed rest time I have been watching ‘The Vietnam War’ on Netflix. I am really enjoying enjoying it. I was well into gaming that period in the 80’s. Read and watched everything I could find at the time and I still found this interesting.

Big Lizard Beastie

So today, sad to say, was another day pretty much in bed. I managed 40 minutes up and then felt pretty crap and crawled back into here and stayed put.

During the times when I was feeling less wobbly I started on the big Theropod thing.

I put the rider of Rohan in to give it a sense of scale.

I wasn’t exactly quick with this – it took nine hours to finish. To be fair I had to stop every so often.

Tomorrow I will get some Greenstuff onto the base to help strengthen the joint between the miniature and what it is glued to.

The one thing I did find, was that after I finished it, it seems to have no eyes…

The other thing I also need to do with the Greenstuff is to fill in some small gaps like the one on the snout.

Hopefully I will get it undercoated tomorrow.

Unclean, Unclean

Well I have just been out to paint a cross on the door as people in here are dropping like flies. Feeling a bit wobbly myself ☹️

Anyway I did manage to get some paint onto the Wargs and riders.

I remembered to do the bases edges brown this time as well as getting some bits and pieces painted on the riders too.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow night and I don’t come down with what the rest of them in here have/have had.

Trying out the New Paint

With my good lady still feeling poorly (flu) I have been on horse and family taxi duty. Today whilst my daughter was in film club, I decided to have a look and see which Contrast paints might be handy. I used these to give me some ideas…

So I made a bit of a small list over a cup of tea and a rather dry scone then went hunting for the paints I felt Might be useful.

My mini list was thus.

Creed camo

Cygor brown

Darkoath flesh

Dark angels green

Apothecary white

Lo and behold, I found them all (which is extremely rare).

So I had a bit of a play with them this evening.

I will have a further play with them tomorrow…