Green Samurai…Finished

So tonight I worked on the Green samurai and got them finished. I also cracked on and got up to the armour stage on the Black samurai. All things being equal I reckon that I should get the whole lot finished by tomorrow night.

The black armoured lot are hiding in the rear.

So this is what we look like now…

The army assembled

Birthday Hamlet

So I started collecting everything together to see how much there is for my mates birthday.

There is still the pond to add into this lot and a small Buddha shrine too. This one will be the small square one with the Buddha on it and steps leading to the statue .

It should keep me going for a while. I am not going to get anything painted tonight as I am too knackered.

So instead here is another random re-enactment photo…

My good lady and I in Boulogne. I must find the video of the battle! Between the French and British… not me and her.

Birthday Buildings

Today has been spent printing more bits and bobs for my mates birthday on Friday. The miniatures haven’t arrived yet so I will need to get these sorted ASAP.

None of these are glued yet!

This will be his small farm. I still have the shrine base to do, but as I am nearly out of filament on this roll then I will need to put a new one on first to print it out.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get the gaps filled on these and get them sprayed on Thursday. I thought I would point out that the gaps are there as I seem to have a bit of a warped bed. Sometimes they appear when I print in different places. It could simply be that the bed has become a little thinner in those places leading to the wonk.

Archers Done and work on the Blades

Well there wasn’t exactly a lot to do on these, but I actually started on the blades, then remembered that I needed to do the bowmen!

All finished, with the two free samples added in too.

As mentioned, I also worked on the blades and got on a fair old way with them too…

I would have got further with them, but I spent a while glueing buildings together. I will show them in another post in a little while.

I watched the Revenant today and quite enjoyed it. there were a couple of bits that stretched my credulity a bit, especially anything to do with being in the water with snow run off. (Sort of spoiler alert)As an ex white water kayaker, I ended up with hypothermia in my modern cold weather gear after going for a single swim. Sorry but anyone in that situation would not have walked away. I liked the start, I thought it pretty accurate as to what I have read about the early trappers and their run ins with the different tribes.

Samurai Bow…Almost Done

Tonight I got a bit of a wiggle on and tried to get the bow finished… I nearly made it! I only really have the arm guards to paint in the appropriate colour. I did consider painting them all the same one, but in the end decided to let them match the body armour.

As can be seen I have also started on the green armoured Samurai foot. They are all in their clothing and armour colour. I did have a bit of a problem working out which green I used on the cavalry. The conclusion I have come to is that they have had two lawyers of the ork flesh green.

I was very excited to find a couple of parcels waiting for me when I came in for lunch.

First up…

My ancient GW ones apart from the shining silver are pretty much shot. If I put them on a shaker for about an hour they might revive, but I thought I would give these a go… so a nice parcel to get.

The second one was extremely disappointing…

This was my resin… and err I don’t think the mixing cups made it!

Thankfully the resin, although squashed was not damaged. I have asked the seller for some more cups as I think the measurements up the side will be most useful. thankfully it was just some plastic cups, it could have been a whole lot worse!

Tomorrow I hope to carry on with the Samurai. The printer is chuntering away with more Samurai terrain so I will need to make a start on that soon.

Big Pile of Prints

I spent today cracking on with my mates birthday present. Apart from the Buddha they are all from 3DALIENWORLDS.

I still have a raised area to do for the Buddha and some more roofs for the farm houses. I will do some rice paddies and some more fences to make fields. I will do some more rice stores too. One for him and some more for me.

3DAlienworlds have just posted a list of upcoming files for the Samurai. Very excited! I must be, Facebook informed me that I was a top fan 🤣.

The one thing I am going to do is to print a couple more Nobori banners for my shrine. I was reading somewhere that they were sometimes used to name patrons of the shrine. So a couple would look quite good just before the bridge.

Last check of the printer methinks and then bed. Catch you all tomorrow.

No Painting and a big pile of Poo!

Today was caravan day. My kids decided another evening and night was to be had in the caravan. So we made burgers on the grill and ate them in the caravan followed by a game of Upwords (which I lost). Before it got too dark to see (and too cold) we plugged the caravan into the house and as I was feeding the cable through the window. I had a peep in the drain inspection pipe and saw water… A sure sign that the septic tank had backed up again.

So in trepidation I opened the lid and sure enough…it had. It wasn’t the worst it has ever been, but it was a very, very close second. An hour later we got it cleared. Luckily I have absolutely no sense of smell!

Anyway after getting cleaned up, we went back into the caravan for a game of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit…and I won 😂.

At 23.00 those that were going into the house did so. Looks like the light nights will be here very soon.

It soon won’t be dark!

Sadly I missed most of the bits calls, but we have an Oyster catcher or two and I think a redshank with a couple of Snipe drumming. Quite a peaceful evening.

Soon we will have 23 hours of daylight and a bit of dusk. It doesn’t get dark at all really.

The down side is we won’t get to see this for a good while…

Not filtered, or fiddled with at all..

The top photo and the one above are taken in exactly the same spot. This was the sky in its green stage… I have it in the red and rainbow stages too. Just can’t find them right now.

Samurai Done

Okay, not all of them but the red lot are finished apart from the bases…

I also worked on the bowmen too, I reckon that they should be finished tomorrow.

Once these are done I have twenty four miniatures to do for the army. Twelve in black and twelve in green. Hopefully by then my parcel for my mates birthday will have arrived so that I can make a start on them.

As I was looking for a kite today I came across this rather ancient photo. This was my first ever day in re-enactment!

Torii and a Pond

So today I set the printer running to get some terrain done for my mates birthday. I decided to do him a big pond. Thankfully at about the 2hour mark I checked on the print and the front end was starting to lift. Luckily the blue tape was handy and I had enough to fasten it to too. For some reason the front of the print plate seemed to have dropped a bit. Hence the problems. It still looks okay so once I get it onto something flat then I will fill in the gap. Luckily it is where the stones are at the bottom of this image so it is hard to actually see from the top.

I printed out the accessories too and made a smaller torii gate.

My PLA order arrived today too…

It should keep me busy for a while.

I printed off some fences, another well and a Buddha to build a mini shrine for him. I will also do him a couple of farm houses too.

Samurai Getting There

Tonight I worked on the Samurai and got a good bit further on.

I suddenly found another base of bow that I had obviously missed. These got started this evening too. I reckon these will be finished tomorrow. I still have another 8 bases with an white undercoat to do but the end of the road is in sight for this army.

My daughter has done another picture today. This time of a wolf peeping from behind a tree. She is really getting into her art.